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Taylor Swift Was A Dancing DIVA At The Grammys?! Avoided Carrie Underwood & Ex John Mayer!

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Girl may have been joyfully dancing her tiny bum off during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, but it seems Taylor Swift made it VERY clear that she did NOT want to be dancing in the vicinity of Carrie Underwood OR her ex-boyfriend John Mayer!

The country cupcake — who was obviously feeling 22 during the musical celebration — apparently had her people switch up seating charts LAST MINUTE just so she wouldn't have to be anywhere NEAR fellow country singer Carrie Underwood…

AND we hear she insisted to be kept away from the Two Black Cadillacs crooner on the red carpet.

But wait, we thought this whole "feud" between the two blondes wasn't even a thang!

Well, it might not be, as a Grammy rep has come forward saying no one received any requests from either artist to change seats.

HOWEVER, one onlooker claims that Taylor was one of the few who did NOT stand up and applaud after Carrie's projection-dress performance!


But even IF Taylor wasn't trying to steer clear of Carrie, she apparently completely ignored her ex-lover John Mayer and his current ladylove Katy Perry!

Which makes sense… Katy and Taylor have always seemed friendly and we doubt Swifty would want to jeopardize their friendship by awkwardly having to say hello to Kaypers hanging on the arm of her ex-BF.

That could just get CRINGE worthy!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Taylor Swift Was A Dancing DIVA At The Grammys?! Avoided Carrie Underwood & Ex John Mayer!”

  1. 1

    Taylor Swift was acting immature in public over a past relationship?!?!?! Say it ain't so!

  2. LisaJ says – reply to this


    What's the story here? Oh…there's not one.

  3. DJ says – reply to this


    I still don't believe John and Taylor ever went out. She probably had a crush on him and he didn't feel the same way. There is no photographic evidence of them ever dating. I also don't think this is the first time they have been at an event since the alleged relationship took place.

  4. tempe says – reply to this


    Re: LisaJ – Exactly. Perez has become all about supposition, inuendo without much substance. Theres no meat in his postings.

  5. 5

    swift if swiftly becoming a twerp just like biebs…

  6. 6

    All three people in this poorly written fiction are BORING. Homo, if you're not going to at least TRY, then take your shitty sites down and get a real job already. Oh, wait … no one would hire you because everything you touch is an epic fail. Loser.

  7. JosieJ says – reply to this


    Re: tempe – You mean compared to the Pulitzer worthy journalist he use to be?! LOL!!

  8. 8

    Re: DJ – I completely agree with you. However I do think that he may have just flirted it up with her and she gave in and he slept with her. She probably just thought it was something else other than what it really was.

  9. Bravobravissimo says – reply to this


    So there is NO STORY!!! Chris Brown didn't stand up for Frank Ocean, the stories started appearing Sunday night!! If Taylor didn't stand for Carrie it would've been reported Sunday night, too, not today!

    WOMEN should wise up and realize that these sites trash women the most because you love these stories the most and they MAKE MONEY off you!!. Kristen Stewart. Now Taylor Swift. Once Swift is touring, they'll find another woman to trash. Rhianna? Lady GaGa? They even tried to trash ADELE, saying she chewed Chris Brown out for not standing up when Ocean won. LIE!

    And you love reading the lies, and let these parasite sites make money off you. Women should be furious, but you fools eat it up.You accept a double standard where women are lied about , treated second rate, called whores and worse? When YOU are called a whore, or when kids who read this stuff treat girls like sh-t, don't complain. Because you SUPPORT it and you encourage it. I can't believe women can be so stupid.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nice snotty expression in the middle there.

  11. Bravobravissimo says – reply to this


    Wanted to say I didn't mean to trash people who commented on this article specifically. just get sick at how women are abused on sites like this. It's brutal. Glad to see some people called Perez out. No, I've had it, women make up a large portion of the people who read about young women. This sites just pick up a b. s. story from one site–like -Perez got this one from US magazine online–and they happily spread the lies, these articles get a lot of hits, makes a lot of money for scum.

    Had to vent my anger. I do hope to write a protest now and then, as futile,as that may be. I think of the kids that read sites like this, and read the women bashing, and the horrible comments often made. The silence by women appalls me.

  12. Katie says – reply to this


    Re: Bravobravissimo – Quit being all feminist. Perez always picks on everybody not only women. Get over yourself.

  13. Giselle says – reply to this


    John Mayer is the biggest slut in town. WHY do they all love him? WHAT could they see in this douche?

  14. 14

    God. I don't even if any of this is true or not but I find Taylor fucking Swift to be so insufferable.

  15. 15

    Re: Katie – omg right eeew feminism