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Britney Spears DIDN'T SING On Scream & Shout?!?! So Claims EVE!

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Someone is DOUBTING Britney Spears' commitment to Sparkle Motion Scream and Shout involvement and saying it wasn't even her VOICE on the track?!


Prreeeessssssss Pllaaayyy (above) and find out what slick rapper Eve recently had to say about BritBrit and will.i.am's hot dance tune!

Ohhhhh ok, so Eve just heard a RUMOR that the female vocals on Scream and Shout are not actually Britney's…

But still, we wonder who initially made this CRAY CRAY accusation!

And why even mention it, Eve?!

Didn't you JUST SAY you didn't like starting beef with fellow female artists?! We're pretty sure calling B-Spears out about Scream and Shout means your slapping some raw beef on the grill and igniting that flame!

And now we're just ACHING to see if Britney takes a big, juicy BITE!

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21 comments to “Britney Spears DIDN'T SING On Scream & Shout?!?! So Claims EVE!”

  1. LaLa says – reply to this


    That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard! It is obvious it's Britney. Any fool can tell that! All these washed up singers, Eve & JT, wanna hate on Britney to get press for themselves. They've discovered by even mentioning her name will get them attention.

  2. kY says – reply to this


    She's getting gossip'n tips & techniques from you, Perez. Don't hate…

  3. 3

    It's obviously Britney. The vocals aren't even that good.

  4. 4

    I personally thought the song was by Madonna when it first played on the radio.. but with all the digital editing.. they all sound the same these days anyway

  5. mazrio says – reply to this


    hahah I love Donnie Darko!

  6. jc says – reply to this


    I love Eve but she needs to keep her big mouth shut. She's been out of the game for too long to be talking shit.

  7. 7

    I mean obviously she can't even dance anymore. She's auto tuned out.

  8. It'sMe says – reply to this


    Ummm..this is crazy. Britney has a very distinctive sound to her voice, whether people like it or not…so it was obviously her on the track. Eve needs to shut her mouth. She's not even relevant anymore.

  9. KC says – reply to this


    Why does everyone think Eve needs to shut her mouth? She's being interviewed!! The interviewers are the ones who brought up Britney. She just said she HEARD it might not be Britney; she didn't say it wasn't.

  10. KC says – reply to this


    PS. And they're the only talking about the English accent.

  11. Lizzibanne says – reply to this


    Hmm..someone who doesn't have a career anymore is jealous of someone who's career is coming back. SHOCK.

  12. devonta says – reply to this


    lost all respect for eve i guess i aint gonna listen to eves new shit any more… oh wait lol she washed up and hasnt made a song since 2002

  13. Michele says – reply to this


    I actually thought it was Madonna when I first heard it… either way it sounds shitty I just like the beat..

  14. NE1 says – reply to this


    She heard from the same inside connections she uses to keep her career so alive.. Please, I can tell it's Britney, she talks exactly like she sings.

  15. Peter Prach says – reply to this


    Okay, Britney has a very distinctive voice, and to say thats not her is stupid as f***.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Peter Prach – Totally agree. Britney doesn't sound like anyone else, and hers is a singular and distinguishing voice. I've listened to that tune a lot, and say fail to this claim.

  17. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this


    ALL THESE IRRELEVANT BITCHES (TIMBERLAKE AND NOW EVE) NEED BRITNEY'S NAME TO GET TO BE NEWS… I'm sick of it… That's stupid! It's Britney's voice, Britney's fake british accent, Britney's high notes with fake squeaky voice… OF COURSE IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH! xD

  18. 18

    Eve ure gunna get ur ass kicked if u dont shut ur ghetto mouth!!!

  19. Bebe says – reply to this


    Britney is LOVED SHE IS a SOUL every1 connects to..she had some rrough orrdeal and had a break down and u know what I always loved how human she is..crying on interviews, telling people her real emotions, that takes strength..When I look at her I feel she has a connection to the world her energy comes from with in..Every1 loves herr!~! and will always love her..she is a LEGEND..she is a Marilym, she is an ELVIS, she is Princess Diana…SHe is EMOTION..a buttterrfly that certain people want to clip her wings because its easy to do that to som1 who is Vulnerable.. She inspires me when i look at her I see som1 who is trying very hard to keep it strong, Shame on all those people who constantly question her Talent, constantly Criticize her, Whether she sang on this tune or not…SHE is BRITNEY B***h!!! Justin timberlake(MR self proclaimed POT HEAD) really needs to shut his zipper.. a real MAN doesnt Gossip Maybe thats why he marrrried such a manly woman…as far as EVE.. wasnt she a prostitute at one point and she rapped about Hookering in the Bronx or so i heard…Britney YOU are special.. God Loves u!! Just keep doing your thing!!! RAise those babies..GUIDED MEDITATion its AWSOME helps relieve lots of stress… PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL that are Genuine, and GOOD =)

  20. Justin says – reply to this


    Another fading star trying to get some PR off Britney — smh Eve.

  21. 21