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Kristen Stewart Is SINGLE And Loving It?!? What Happened To Rob!?

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kristen stewart single break up1

Looks like Kristen Stewart has officially taken off Robert Pattinson's icky skid-marked underwear and cancelled her ticket to Australia.

In lieu of their trial separation on different continents, Kristen has declared herself single and ready to mingle!

While RPatz has been testing KStew for months after her infamous affair, she has finally decided it is time to move on and start anew with another man she can destroy.

A source close to the starlet said:

“Rob has pushed Kristen away too much — she considers herself single now.”

We know, we know! It is hard to believe that KStew is being the mature one, but we're happy someone has finally called it quits because this relationship is staler than Edward Cullen's coffin!

Not to mention Kristen's new co-star Jim Sturgess is ADORABLE and an EXCELLENT choice for a rebound.

If Rob does need a shoulder to cry on, we're only a naughty Skype session away bb! *Wink Wink*

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Kristen Stewart Is SINGLE And Loving It?!? What Happened To Rob!?”

  1. name says – reply to this


    i hate myself for reading this….

  2. Reporter1 says – reply to this


    Being on a break isn't a break up. You'd know this if you scratched deeper for sources.

  3. janel says – reply to this


    Lol thanx that made me laugh Re: name

  4. lala says – reply to this


    Leave them alone! Stop posting lies about their relationship you are being a bully.

  5. The Brit says – reply to this


    So..this isn't true?! Oh, thank god! I love Rob and Kristen! I don't think they'll break up, they love eachother too much! It sounds pathetic..but it made me sad when I read this!<3

  6. The Brit says – reply to this


    So..this isn't true?! Oh thank god! I knew she wouldn't break up with him, she's not stupid! And to me it's clear that they love eachother..despite the trial seperation! It's sounds pathetic..but it made me sad that they might have split up!<3

  7. indie says – reply to this


    Doesn't Sturgess already have a long-term committed relationship with his girlfriend??

  8. mm says – reply to this


    Let us see, he is off filming in Austalia. Kristin is in the US getting ready for Focus and The Big Shoe. What is the big deal? Stop making up stuff. They are working.

  9. ha ha says – reply to this


    zzzzzzzzzzz the wh0re and the dumb@ss

  10. oy vey says – reply to this


    Robert you r a dum@ss, if u dont cut all ties with her then i'm washing my hands of you

  11. freemind1998 says – reply to this


    How convenient that this is after the Twilight films are finally done. Doesn't everyone understand that these two have NEVER been an item? Read any history book on old Hollywood and you'll realize this tactic is old as the stars. Create a fake relationship so people will see your movies. When she was with the married guy…that was actually the real relationship. The studio did not want them to ruin movie dollars so they forced them to pretend they were "back together". Studio Execs control the lives of their "property".

  12. 12


    Most importantly, Gossip Cop has learned NOTHING has changed between Pattinson and Stewart.

    Yes, they are miles apart, but they are STILL DATING.

  13. margeta says – reply to this


    About time too, Kristen we love you, its time to move ahead…..we wish rob well, but it is sad that you can't forgive Kristen for her stupid indiscretion…..and it is genuine mistake with no sex….cheat….. But calling the kettle black…..you can't talk…..fancy picking up a girl who loves to let the media know that she had Rob twice in bed and gave you a ten…..while on break or not???….makes me think whether you cheated on her when you were supposed to be in a relationship……… hmmmm I dont care about the knock back…….just wonder why she has pay everytime somethings. She get blame…. I wonder????????

  14. mine says – reply to this


    stop judging kristen..but look at yourself not her..to rob & kris >>>> stay strong cause there's a lot of negative comment..but focus on the positive side…

  15. Laura says – reply to this


    They are a awkward "couple". Why does she dress like a 14 the old boy? Why are her friends so ugly & dirty? Where are Rob's druggie friends. They both need rehab,the drugs are destroying them. They look old and haggard. She was happy w/Rupert. Dump Rob & find a man with dignity & self respect. Rob lacks dignity & intelligence.

  16. 16

    To the person quoting gossip cop or whatever…i half read it anyways…Just because gossip cop is a reliable source doesn't mean they're right all the time. They are lied to sometimes. Remember they were insisting that Paul Newman was fine because his 'people' kept saying that he was just fine and then like a week later he passed away due to cancer? Obviously, he wasn't fine because we kept seeing photos of him coming in and out of hospitals. Yeah, so please don't use gossip cop as a way to steamroll over others.

  17. KristenManiac says – reply to this


    Oh, the Humanity !!!!! This is sad. It goes against human nature. Oh My, oh My. How can I live knowing those two fool around all over town–and all over the planet. Matters not, they are old history. They are a bowl of pathetic.

  18. wow says – reply to this


    Kstew considers herself single even when she is in a relationship. She is so trashy. I really hope she does not get a chance to ruin any more movies.

  19. kewlio says – reply to this


    Is that guys hair real. looks like a young ray martin.

  20. Lee says – reply to this


    He looks like a dirty, abusive porno lover.
    I wouldn't trust him with my child.

  21. Cloud Atlas says – reply to this


    Have always had a soft spot for Sturgess, and absolutely loved him afterCloud Atlas. Please dont have yourself assosciate with Kristen Speward here D:

  22. Helo says – reply to this


    Re: overthere

    I like you ! You always speak true, not false :-)