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How DARE Breezy diss the Queen of No F*ckery! Not that she gives a f*ck... Despite being all cuddly in public during Sunday's Grammys AND attending a Gra… Read more…

22 comments to “Rihanna & Chris Brown IGNORE Each Other At Night Club! Is This FINALLY The End?!”

  1. Luis says – reply to this


    Does this bitch have self esteeem? love her music , but she is pathetic

  2. Rm says – reply to this



  3. Sandra Renee Hicks says – reply to this


    Friday February 15, 2013

    To Christopher Maurice Brown:

    Rumor has it that, of late, you are dissing Rihanna… Your conduct is on the wrong side of GOD. And for sure, when that is the reality, certainly you can expect that GOD shall lift His hand against you, Christopher Maurice Brown. - Psalm 106:26 - KJV.

    NOBOBY can save you from Almighty GOD. Pleasing Him is your salvation…
    If you don’t desire to be Rihanna’s man full-time and with that giving her total respect, then you’d better step out of her life. If you do desire her full-time - your actions had better line up with cherishing her - consistently.

    GOD isn’t playing with you, Chris, and if you play with Him, you WON’T win. Rather you’re provoking Him to wrath, which will NOT bode well for you.

    Don’t take my word for it - disrespect Rihanna…and watch what happens in your
    life. Expect MORE trouble…and until you get it right…MORE trouble - from what GOD allows.

    This is on public record because you’ve publicly dissed Rihanna, etc.


    Note: No, Rihanna isn’t perfect. She’s gold in process and GOD shall change her, as He will you, IF you let Him - otherwise…woe to you, Chris…

  4. Tyra says – reply to this


    Yeah! This needs to be the end!! I don't want to throw any salt but their relationship isn't going to last they don't better each other! He's still growing up as well as her how is that good? In my opinion he and the other chick Karruche need to work it out!

  5. uju says – reply to this


    rihanna and chris brown are clowns,and must stop fooling themselves with that toxic destructive trash they call on & off relationship,i think chris should just go back to his ready & waiting karueche shes the one that knows how to hold him down.

  6. loriso says – reply to this


    She obviously does care what he thinks because she keeps going back to him! That man has all the power in the relationship. She is the worst role model for girls of all time. And it sickens me that he is still accpted in society. It's not like he pushed her or lost his temper, which would be bad enough, he beat her horribly over a long time period. He should be in jail and she should be in therapy.

  7. ju says – reply to this


    those clowns 9riri & breezy) should stop fooling themselves with that toxic destructive cycle they call relationship,chris should just make up with his ever ready &waiting karueche,cos she's the one

  8. kY says – reply to this


    She really needs to call up Queen Mary. Mary J Blige is way older than her to hang out with but I'm sure they could forge a friendship over their love of music. Girls need support. Chris will never change.

  9. 9

    These two are a couple of twats.

  10. no says – reply to this


    um, she keeps goin back to him; she should not be a rol model

  11. 11

    The sad thing is I can believe this may be true. The thing people fail to realize is that abusers don't just physically abuse their spouse, they do it mentally, emotionally, and verbally. I can see him playing head games with her and abusing her in that respect as well, which is a form of abuse I'm sure he's been guilty of far more often than the physical stuff, because it's easier to get away with.

  12. OhPlease says – reply to this


    The moment she took him back, Rhianna made a fool of herself. This has "Lifetime" movie written all over it. The only thing that may save her is his being sent to jail for some other offense.

  13. Gabby says – reply to this


    I love how you guys try to place ALL of the blaim on Chris Brown! He did not beat her he just hit her which was wrong of course but he didn't seem to be that way when he was with Karrueche! I mean they were together constantly and always seemed like they were cool together. It's obvious Rihanna brings out the worst in him as he does in her but she in Hell bent on being with him! He is just along for the ride!

  14. Amy says – reply to this


    I hope so! Go to the light Rihanna

  15. 15

    Fake story
    again and again…

  16. asdfghjkl says – reply to this


    REAL "observers" said that they were fine ad coupled up as always -.- stop talking shit, i'm so tired of all this! they even spent all day together. you gossip sites seriously should stop seeking for attention, start to get well informed and post real stories, considering that THIS should be your job! chris' car was parked at her house thursday and they even went at cheesecakes factory in l.a. get informed

  17. Nadia says – reply to this


    Hate Perez Hilton.

  18. 18

    i guess kareeuche appreciated the flowers

  19. Sappho says – reply to this


    This report has already been reported as lies!!! Once again more bs for this site! Rihanna and chris were together in the club and left at separate times but returned to the same crib:)

  20. Anderson_Mont says – reply to this


    It's really incredible how people believe everything said in these fake articles out there. But if we ask the pseudo-journalists to tell us why they do this, for sure they'll answer "that is what the public wants, rumors, scandals, sit and watch the others lifes be a terror, maybe this way they lifes will look better."

    You are always making a great show with one or two pictures and forget that in the and of the day Chris and Rihanna are making love, plans, maybe some fight (every couple does), and talking about the day and the idiots out there with all the fake rumors being said.

    The public need to stop looking for wickedness.

  21. Factsoflife says – reply to this


    Guys…she just jetted to London and was wearing his jacket…the one with the big ole heart he just wore the night before.

  22. oneal says – reply to this


    absolutely laughable, they weren't even at the same club.