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Taylor Swift’s 22 Music Video Is An All Out Attack On Harry Styles & Conor Kennedy?!

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harry taylor conor song about exes

It’s no secret Taylor Swift likes to write about her exes…


Harry Styles and Conor Kennedy really should have taken that into consideration before getting all romantic with the country singer if they didn’t want to be the focus of her latest music video.

But here we are, another music video and another jab at Swifty’s exes.

And we still aren't tired of it!!

The songstress recently filmed the music video for 22, and some of the scenes have many suspecting this one is aimed at her most recent luvahs.

The One Direction heartbreaker is apparently targeted by Swifty’s style in the video. She sports a green slouchy beanie which Harry has most definitely been spotted wearing on occasion.

And as for Conor, Taylor filmed beach and ice cream cone scenes which closely resembled moments she shared with the young Kennedy.

We have to admit, if this is the worst they get, then they are getting off pretty easy!

Oh wait, we forgot about her Grammys performance.

Well, at least Conor might get off easy?

[Image via Spiller/FayesVision/HRC/WENN.]

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61 comments to “Taylor Swift’s 22 Music Video Is An All Out Attack On Harry Styles & Conor Kennedy?!”

  1. Recklesscupcake says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift grow the fuck up!!!!

  2. Katlyn says – reply to this


    Does anyone else see the resemblence between Conor and Harry?

  3. 3

    Grow up. I can't wait until someone puts her in her place. Now she is just coming off as childish and tacky.

  4. likatmur88 says – reply to this


    She needs to grow up. Notice how none of her exes say ANYTHING about her. Would be interesting to get them together and have a Taylor Tell-All!

  5. asdf says – reply to this


    I love how everyone here tells Taylor "to grow up". Cyber bullying themselves and telling Taylor to "grow up". You guys are laughable!
    Harry is not the first person to wear a beanie. Taylor had worn beanies before she dated him occasionally.

  6. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Re: asdf – Fine, Taylor Swift is a full on bully, and so is Perez. And saying "grow up" is cyber bullying? You're an idiot. Oh no! I just bullied you!

  7. says who says – reply to this


    I've seen bees stay on flowers longer than she keeps a man which leads me to believe they are bearding for her. She and Halle Berry are the only two women whom I dislike more with each break up! They come across as just nutty!

    I had no idea who Harry Styles was until she became involved with him and having researched him (I know, I know) I really think he is quite sweet and adorable.

    She's really mean to keep punishing these men.

  8. Ed Luvables says – reply to this


    If I was a 20 year old B-Lister I'd go after Taylor Swift, you're guaranteed tons of free publicity after she decides you're not worthy.

  9. perezreally? says – reply to this


    don't you think you are reading into this a little too much. ooooh she wore a beanie, wanna know who else wears beanies? Millions of other people.

    Oooooh she ate ice cream? How many other people eat ice cream?

    This is really getting pathetic.


  10. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: asdf – It's not cyberbullying it is giving her valuable life advice, and if you think telling someone is honestly cyberbullying then maybe you need to grow up

  11. 11

    Amazing how everyone can assume what these things mean. Maybe there are beach scenes and ice cream cones because — oh, I don't know, maybe because some young women might like beaches and ice cream. Seems like things that a group of ladies might do — if they don't waste their time getting drunk in clubs and acting stupid.

    And, the song isn't about exes and such — all it says that is "a perfect night…to make fun of our exes" (which everyone does at one time or another) — then the rest, is about having fun and being 22 and living life.

    I think it is the haters and idiots that need to "Grow Up" — I'll bet none of you are as mature and perfect as you like to think you are.

  12. 12

    I am wondering if she will ever date anyone who does not run for the hills in two weeks?? Its not them…Its YOU

  13. britt says – reply to this


    you're such an ignorant asshole. you pull this shit from your ass just to have a story.

  14. dude says – reply to this


    John Mayer just said in a interview he waas a real jerk to her. Joe Jonas is on friendly terms he said in a recent interview I love her new album and he went to a couple of her concerts. Taylor Lautner she said she was sorry to him in "back to december" they are friendly to this day.Connor and Taylor parted ways on good terms acording to his grandmother who is still friendly with Taylor.She is even ok with Kanye West last year at fashion week the walked past each other and high 5'd and she wore one of his designs in a fashion shoot. THE WAY I SEE IT SHE ONLY MADE ONE DATING MISTAKE……HARRY…..6 months from now the headlines will start to read….TAYLOR DRANK A GLASS OF WATER JUST LIKE HARRY….UGH CAN'T SHE JUST GROW UP ? SHE DRANK WATER LIKE HIM.

  15. anna says – reply to this


    Omg… I wear beanies, and eat Ice cream, and go to the beach… The song is about me! Why Taylor? Why?


  16. klaas says – reply to this


    oh my god guys do you even believe this bullshit come on. 22 is a song about pathitic single girls parties, how the f can the music video be about her ex's? just no, how can you even think that. and seriously she wore beanies and hats before so stop blaming her for 'copying' harry and that shit cause you're just being stupid. thank you.

  17. 17

    22 came out way before her flings with Kennedy dans Styles.

  18. Beth says – reply to this


    Really? All you people on here telling Taylor to grow up should listen to your own advice. How gullible can you get? She was wearing a hat that Harry Styles has been seen wearing…big woop! It doesn't mean anything. Seriously the media need to stop reading into things so much and you need to stop believing every word the type like its the word of God. It's ridiculous.

  19. 19

    Re: klaas – because the song starts by stating that when she's with her friends they all make fun of their exes. Yeah she's wore beanies before but based on the lyrics and the rest of the outfit is safe to assume she's dressing like him.

  20. Gee says – reply to this


    WOW!! Has anyone stopped to think how Taylor must feel, the way Harry is going out and partying with all of these women and girls. He acts like she meant NOTHING to him, like he doesn't care if she lives or dies. And if it is true the their breakup argument started because she want to see what was on his cell phone (text, recent calls, etc.), and he got furious with her, then he has a problem. I would think he had something to hide too!! Bottom line, I think he gave her plenty of reason to think he was cheating and Lord knows what he said to her that was referred to as "he was being a jerk."

  21. terija says – reply to this


    Man eater is going through guys so quickly she now has to write songs for 2 of them at a time!

  22. Jay says – reply to this


    Taylor Wrote The Song 22 About Her Summer With Her Friends .

  23. kat says – reply to this


    Oh please this is so retarded. Wearing the same colored beanie and eating ice cream is now considered taking a jab at your ex? Really?! I think you are over speculating and examining her actions. She wears beanies all the time, and I bet she's eaten ice cream before and after they've broken up countless times.

    I know there's no news to report on but this is just pathetic. And for the people who actually believes this I really have no words.

  24. Dan k says – reply to this


    Get a life, Perez. And a career. She's still friends with Conor, and the rest of the Kennedy's. She's worn hats like that for years and years. So the big news is–Taylor was seen filming a video at a beach in L.A. where she often lives. she was Eating ice cream. Wearing a hat.

  25. Dollymadison says – reply to this


    Re: Gee – I agree with you, Gee!! I've always assumed Harry did something unforgivable. I've read he was still in contact/texting his old 32 year old girlfriend from the X-Factor. He DID go out with her on his birthday. Whatever, the way Taylor packed her bags and left him alone on that island, and made it CLEAR right away that it was over–you have to figure he did something pretty bad!

    Btw don't you think his "thing" for women in their 30s is a little weird? Not one to judge, but seems he might have some issues, maybe not the best boyfriend material.. At least for someone just 23.

  26. 26

    One of this days karma is going to bite her bone ass. Never kiss and tell

  27. Dollymadison says – reply to this


    Gee–also, the first story out after their split had to do with his texting. After that, all sorts of silly stories were being spit out by a couple of U.K. Tabloids, and Perez was just repeating them, sometimes almost verbatim. I think the true story was the first one, about texting. All the later ones were so absurd. And there so many dumb stories?

    Soon after she ditched him, Taylor gave an interview where she said Loyalty is one of the things she values most in a relationship! So the best guess is–he did something terribly disloyal and betrayed her trust. It's pretty apparent he was either texting an old girlfriend, or -he was texting someone else personal stuff about Taylor. When you care about someone and you trust them 100 per cent–and they betray your trust…. Well, I would've left, too…after flushing his phone down the toilet!

  28. SJ says – reply to this


    Re: terija – I'm sorry but I think he had a right to be mad she wanted to see his texts and calls. It's none of her business about who he calls or texts, even if they were dating.
    and the whole partying and hanging out with other girls, what do you expect him to do? stay home for weeks and stop living life because a 23 year old broke up him? he's 19, he's got a life ahead of him and he moved on. He's just doing what any of us would do. Break up? you get back out there and find someone else.

  29. giin says – reply to this


    sometimes i feel she is experiencing a bout of unfortuanate coincidences.

  30. Emily says – reply to this


    Harry a heartbreaker? HA please! Tell me, how many girls have you heard about Harry dating? And who's heart did he break? Certainly not Taylor's.

  31. Kayrowan says – reply to this


    She seriously needs to learn some grace and dignity. Grow up Taylor really.

  32. Kayrowan says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – hahahahahahaha for real

  33. sam says – reply to this


    she should really date justin timberlake because they have alot in common keep complaining about their exes haha

  34. clky says – reply to this



    22 is a song that taylor write based on her summer holiday, she said she had wonderful times on it; and she loves being 22. THIS IS NO WAY RELATING TO ANY GUYS!!!!

  35. J says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – No. Do you think it's a coincidence she's wearing the exact same outfit as Harry? I think not.

  36. 36

    conors better looking

    so young and so full of hate i hate to see her in 10 yrs

  37. 37

    If she was anyone else, I'd think they were reading too much into this. But she clearly mocked Harry at the Grammy's, she isn't shy at all about dissing her exes so…

  38. spnspn says – reply to this


    Re: GeeRe: Dollymadison
    how sure are you ?????????? ever think after all those exes she might be the problem???????

  39. Natalie says – reply to this


    Perez, I'm convinced that this woman-child has you on a payroll. How can you possibly (not only) continue to defend her, but deem her ex-boyfriends foolish for having not "known better?" You have TayTay Swift on a pedestal and it's pathetic. This bitch and her victimized innocence reflect everything I hate about people and putting white girls on pedestals, void of criticism, for no reason.

  40. Daniel says – reply to this


    Re: Ed Luvables

    Wasnt is harry that broke up with her??

  41. swifty101 says – reply to this


    wow.. kay i love taylor but shes verry rude to harry and connor so scream at me all you want but thats wrong

  42. 42

    before I looked at the receipt which said $6238, I did not believe that my father in law was like realy bringing in money part time online.. there brothers friend has done this 4 only twenty one months and as of now repaid the loans on their appartment and bought Audi Quattro. this is where I went,

  43. beaches1987 says – reply to this


    Re: terija – Re-examine your comment because you clearly have no such knowledge about the dirty, dirty tactics of the media industry.

    LOL Harry a womanizer and a heartless soul?! He prefers dick, which explains the hella over-exposed entirety of articles and news items out there that has to do with poor Harry and every single damn chick he so much as TALKS to. As for Tay-tay: she's the professional publicity magnet/beard. Approach her and a web of lies is spun while you set yourself up for a false beating. Then the abhorrent cycle continues.

    Harry's media portrayal isn't even a centimeter close to the real lad's personality. He's a media punching bag!

  44. Dollymadison says – reply to this


    You are a sick man, Perez. Some time back you made a big deal about how you were going to change your ways. No bullying, no mean spirit. But you haven't changed at all. It seems that bullying, lying and lashing out are all part of your nature. You Are what you are. I think you like what you are. You find it satisfying to bully and lie. Thus, yes. You are sick.

    This article is one example. You know that Taylor's song is a celebration of Taylor and her girlfriends, and the fun of being 22. Yet you lie about it. You slander and smear Taylor Swift, just as you do many others on your pathetic blog. It makes you feel powerful. These celebs may be famous. But you enjoy the feeling that you have the power to hurt them, humiliate them. Harm their reputations through your lies.

    You are a sick man.what is your real name, anyway? You must feel inferior, that you change your last name to seem glamorous. But you will never be glamorous, you have no talents, no looks, you will never be the star you desperately want to be. You will always be a small, pathetic little man. What a chump.

  45. M says – reply to this


    Wow, after she goes through sleeping with all of hollywood what is she going to sing about? Her STDS?

  46. Rhyleigh says – reply to this


    Wow since when did wearing a beanie and eating ice scream at the beach mean you were attacking your exes?!

  47. Dan k says – reply to this


    Perez has a "thing" for Harry the boy bander. Its obvious if you read the articles he writes about Harry. So he lies and bashes Taylor Swift every chance he gets.

    Perez Hilton is onown for bashing women–never guys. He is totally sexist. He made his famous promise in 2010 to be nice and stop bullying. Obviously that doesn't apply to women. From Fergie to most recently, Miley Cyrus, he's been called out for his outrageous lies about women.

    Wikipedia says Hilton' largest readership is women age 18 to 24. Maybe if they start protesting his female bashing, he'll be forced to change his sexist ways.

  48. 48

    Taylor is just writing about her life. All of you guys need to grow up and stop attacking Taylor. That is just rude if you don't like her keep it to yourself. Than you

  49. Jo says – reply to this


    TS NOTHING TO DO WITH HARRY. FED UP of media IDIOTS. The song is about loving your friends and having amazing times. NOTHING to do with bashing him. and really, eating an ice cream cone is bashing your ex? shut up.

  50. Just my thoughts says – reply to this


    Re: Ed Luvables – Who is the 20 year old B lister Ed? Harry is only 19 and he is a boy bander up start…did not think they labelled you guys by letters. That stuff is such garbage anyway. The keep saying she only dates really famous guys because she wants publicity….therefore that should be the last person she should date now. You want a genuine relationship then in no way should their status matter. Oh and the way life works…one day your up…the next down …then it turns around , LTR hold hands through each stage. It is actually better when your not peaking together (don't get cheeky… other than the bedroom) this way one can be playing the support role then you take turns..many of the best and longest marriages in Hollywood seem to do that look at Bacon/Sedgwick.

  51. 51

    Re: Gee – are you kidding me? They dated for less than 2 months and it has been along time since their break up. She clearly doesn't care about his feelings, since she is so eager to mock him at the Grammys. What is he supposed to do, stay home an knit? He's not dating anyone right now, or at least publicly, how long did she wait to jump into a relationship with Harry after breaking up with Connor, a couple of weeks? Not only that but Harry has said nothing but nice things about her in the media. While we don't know the true reason for the break up, the fact that he is being so much more mature about it than she is, speaks a lot about each of their characters.

  52. Nicole says – reply to this


    God! I hate the way she plays the victim an dhow she always portrays her exes to be pieces of shit. I can't wait until one of her exes writes about her and makes her look the same way. Karma.

  53. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: SusieP – I can't agree with you more. I mean she is 23 after all, but she always bashes her exes like a 13 year old while they only speak kindly about her. Really proves who is the bigger person and willing to move on

  54. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Re: sls0508 – FINALLY someone that understands!!! God forbid Taylor ever wear something that an ex may have worn because then she's making fun of him. SHUT UP!!!! People look way to far into what she's doing. Let her do what she wants and just listen to her music. If you hate her that much you wouldn't be so quick to comment on these articles. So stop lying.. You love her and 22 is a great song!

  55. June says – reply to this


    I agree she can be ridiculous, but these accusations are wrong. Eating ice cream at the beach? You really make that connection? And Taylor Swift wears beanies a lot. Seriously people. I agree sometimes she is ridiculous, but these accusations are stupid.

  56. Okay I bite says – reply to this


    Re: SusieP – the mocking may have different meaning then you think… that poor relationship (if real) was totally screwed over (from I can ascertain) by outside forces…twice…too bad I had hoped and prayed they would overcome what ever obstacles were in their path….you know it has to be hard when you are both that beautiful…nobody wants you together..they just want a piece of what you have…the only way to overcome it is to shut everyone else out at least until you are solid..and even then you have to choose carefully.. healthy people in good relationships to be close too. I know 25 yrs with my hubby and he is still superman and he gets hit on all the time…but we are solid…because we understand how it works…today people have no problem going for your man/ woman (no boundaries/ethics) in fact they want them more…if they are in relationships (sick but true)…the only way to protect it is to be aware….If he messed up…know it was NOT entirely his fault..guys are easy to manipulate…me…I would never give the other woman the satisfaction… of giving up the best thing in my life…my man. You probably won't post..maybe that is for the best

  57. Tania says – reply to this


    Re: overthere

    Read the title better honey. It says 22 VIDEO

  58. 58

    I am so excited about Taylor's new music video. I heard that it may be released on March 22. I'm gifting 22 copies of "22" to fans on 3/22 to celebrate the video release. Info on SarkaJonae.com/news.

  59. Nataly says – reply to this


    Oh my gosh, guys, relax. She wore a beanie and ate some ice cream. It isn't exactly a "all out attack" and she doesn't need to "grow up."

  60. R says – reply to this


    This video has nth to do with Harry or Conor, it's just about her and her best friends having the time of their lifeves seriously!
    Just because she wears a beanie and eating ice-cream doesn't mean it's has smth to do with the guys hello they don't have copyright on that last time I checked. She doesn't need to grow up it's the haters who has to cause it's so immature to go around and hate somebody you never met, don't know & don't know anything about (not real facts at least let's be honest). It's so sad that u have time and energy to complain and hate on everything she does.

  61. no says – reply to this


    lemme tell u this ya'll lil shiz she already grow up and u guys are the one who's not growing up go away