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Forget Finnchel! Darren Criss Compares Klaine To Ross And Rachel On Friends!

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klaine perfect 2 by laly096 d4hpset

Be still our heart, Klaine fans!

We're sure we weren't the ONLY Gleeks absolutely THRILLED to see our heart's truest desire, Darren Criss, reuniting with Chris Colfer for some hot-and-heavy-backseat-and-hotel-room-hook-ups during last night's SEXtravaganza on Glee, despite the latter's frustrating insistence that it was merely "bros helping bros!"

Thankfully, it's not just Ryan Murphy who's teasing more to come for our favorite yet-currently-ESTRANGED McKinley High couple!

Darren HIMSELF recently revealed that despite Kurt's romantic dabbling with Oliver Kieran-Jones, he thinks that Blaine is ultimately the Rachel to his Ross!

YES! He's speaking in Friends analogies, folks!

When asked about the possible reconciliation, Darren revealed:

"Yeah, of course! That's like, ‘Duh!'…It's like Ross and Rachel. You set up your couple that needs to be together and it's about the journey. You gotta wait till the last sort of minutes to have the full-blown reunion. [But] I hope that [new relationship] goes well! I love [Oliver]. I hope they get to continue. I just hope they have me on the show…That's what I'm interested in. I'm selfish."

Oh, do NOT worry, boy!

If you're selfish for wanting to stay on the show, then we must be full blown self Klaine-centered!

We couldn't imagine the show without you at this point! And frankly, we won't have it!

Of course, no offense to Adam and his Apples! He's welcome to stick around for a three-way, too!

What do U think?? Are Klaine the Ross and Rachel of Glee?!

[Image via Glee Wiki.]

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15 comments to “Forget Finnchel! Darren Criss Compares Klaine To Ross And Rachel On Friends!”

  1. 1

    Pls cancel the show…it's so overrated.

  2. Steph says – reply to this


    I love the show and LOVE "I Do"! It wasn't just sex, but joy in the various hookups. Plus, Valentine's Day + wedding…hookups. And one non-hookup that was correctly a non- (if not ready, DON'T and don't pressure). But this ep was a wildly chaotic, joyful, wonderfully performed, choreographed & filmed frenzy of fun.

    Yes, I think Kurt/Blaine are endgame and they had the wonderful chemistry back in full force. I do like the separation, since it allows the characters to grow and the performers to stretch their very talented performing "muscles" (get your mind out of the gutter, Perez! :P ) Seriously, if they were just in the same day-to-day gazing lovingly into each others' eyes…/snore (though it was cute). THIS is better. And I like Adam (and Oliver Kieran Jones). Adam is charming & fun/flirty. Enjoy the journey :)

  3. Alison says – reply to this


    Yes! Finally, for once lets not have Rachel and Finn as the main couple. I mean, they are a nice couple, but I'm glad the show is buidling on some of the other relationships. Glee's 'I Do,' was one truely one of the best performaces season 4 has seen and it was great to see all the old characters come back. I certainly didn't expect the Klaine scene in the car and that was what was really good about this episode; you didn't expect anything that happened. It was a really good twist to the show. Oh! And give it up Kurt. Stop pretending that you don't love Blaine and you just want to be friends. :)

  4. Alison says – reply to this


    Re: Steph – I think you need to step back and just have a look at how much talent this show has. Perhaps you might not like the show and I understand that that it is your opinion, but quiet frankly 'Glee' is 10 times better than half the shows on television right now.

  5. Tru u says – reply to this


    Are you freaking kidding me? They are no way like Ross and Rachel. I mean everybody loves friends and they got over 20 million viewers each episode. Glee is over and done with. Nobody cares about this show anymore. I called it from the beginning.

  6. Alison says – reply to this


    Re: Steph – Woops, that was supposed to go to the comment above you. - Lacroix

  7. Alison says – reply to this


    Re: Tru u – I care about the show. I seriously think that people need to step back and think about the reasons why they don't like it anymore. I do admit that the show went a little down hill with the storylines in the first few episodes, however it has gotten better. - Season 4. I think they still cover some very important values, such as when Marley stopped eating because somebody told her to. etc. The people in this show are very talented. In contrast to Darren's comment about Ross and Raachel, that is just him - of course he would say that; anybody who has watched him in an inteview would see that he is always making jokes, whether it is seriously or not, he is comparing something with another thing. I understand though, that that is your opinion and I respect that. I just hope that people aren't not watching it just because of one bad episode. Besides, it has always been about the couples from the beginning and it has carried on throughout the four seasons.

  8. Alison says – reply to this


    Re: Steph – I agree with what you are saying. Glad someone can see something other than the sex side of things. Seriously, some people need to look deeper into the meaning of this show.

  9. Alix says – reply to this


    I love Glee, have been a fan since the beginning, but one character I can not stand is Kurt..he just annoys me. When Blaine came onto the show I was super excited, and as predicted, he and Kurt ended up together. But come season three and a new boy came into my life and his name was Sebastian and from his and Blaine's first interaction I was hooked on Seblaine. Yes I know most people love Klaine and want it to happen again…but I'm a Seblaine shipper….because Blaine and Sebastian are SUPER HOT!

  10. Stef says – reply to this


    Ross and Rachel never captured my heart like Kurt and Blaine do… Kurt is my fav, and what makes him happy, makes me happy. I do love Adam, but there is no denying the chemistry that is Klaine. "I Do" was one of my fav episodes. Lets just move the show to NY once this group graduates!

  11. Brenda says – reply to this


    KURT and BLAINE ARE ETERNITY, they are end game, and a real fairy tale, but both are prince charming, and is eating me alive seeing them apart, I NEED KLAINE BACK

  12. Bi says – reply to this


    Correction: BLAINE is ROSS. KURT is RACHEL. Please dont mess it up.

  13. Bi says – reply to this


    Correction: BLAINE is ROSS. KURT is RACHEL. PLEASE dont mess it up!

  14. K says – reply to this


    Re: Alix – NOT. Kurt is a thousand times better than Sebastian. Sebastian is no one, he doesnt even have a plot. Kurt is the iconic character. Plus Seblaine would be boring.

  15. k says – reply to this


    Re: Alix – lol NOT. Kurt's better than Sebastian in EVERY way. Sebastian is just a bully and nobody, Kurt is an iconic character. Plus Seblaine would be boring, while Klaine has been ellected the most beloved couple in television several times. So…yeah.