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Guess we can stop speculating about which other castmember of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting shown the door with Taylor Armstrong at the en… Read more…

15 comments to “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Shakeup! Second Castmember Being Fired From Leaving Show Revealed!”

  1. 1

    Adrienne changed the tone of the show, she really brought the show down. Why do the show if you dont want your secrets exposed? Adrienne was turning her segments into a infomercial

  2. DebbieJ says – reply to this


    So glad both are leaving! Adrienne is so fake and such a liar…she knows what Brandy has said is true and doesn't want to face it. She is mean and I am glad she is leaving.

  3. Corderra says – reply to this


    I am sooo happy to see Adrienne leaving the show. She's an evil, vindictive woman behaving like a hormonal, high school mean girl. It's so blatantly obvious what a nasty woman she is. I find it Absolutely Disgusting to see a grown woman and mother behaving (lying) the way she does.
    Brandi has done an amazing job standing up for herself and coming out on top. I adore Brandi's honesty and strength. She's truly an amazing woman.
    See ya' Adrienne

  4. lulu says – reply to this


    Why not get rid of Kyle and her buddy buddy Fay as well. At least we dont have to look at Taylors big mouth when she smiles anymore. Between Taylor and Fay they should both go and have their faces done again because they havent really seen how terrible they both look. Perhaps Paul will give them a discount 2for1 deal. As far as Kyle goes she is such a trouble maker the way she runs everyone down behind their backs and lies to her husband about they have supposed to of said about her. She is so gutless she loads the bullets and gets he buddy Fay to fire it. Thank god for lisa and Brandi the only two that tell it like it is and dont have to hide behind someone back like the rest of them.

  5. divadeb says – reply to this


    Fay is so sickening!! She is so anxious to be a permanent part of the show! Nobody cares or wants to hear your opinions Fay!! I am getting sick of Kyle. Taylor and Adrienne add nothing to the show. The only decent ones are Lisa, Brandy and Yolanda!

  6. Kate says – reply to this


    Re: lulu – I agree completely…but Andy C. LOVES him some Kyle and Mario or Marice…I cannot wait to see if he takes on Kyle at the re-union. I love Lisa as well but she should give up on Kyle…this broad threw her own sister under the bus. And I would love to hear more about the house stolen from her…there are bones to that comment!

  7. Julie says – reply to this


    Adrienne lies about everything, she probably wants us to think she quit but was fired ! She's a two face hypocrite who can't show her face there after what she's done and said and her ":many fans" as she's always saying on her blog are no longer buying it ! She has too many "secrets" to be on Reality tv! So glad she's gone !

  8. 8

    Re: divadeb – "Are you Kidding" thats all you hear out of that bitch Brandi. Someone needs to show how she makes up things just to get Lisa to like her(and get money out of her and Ken) Kyle, Kim,Faye and Camille are the only real women on there.Yolanda it too uppity for TV. So shes married to Foster. He a jurk anyway. They both need to leave. Just get rid of Brandi, Taylor,and Yolanda and it will be back to the way it was.

  9. 9

    Good! Camille. Adrian & Taylor should leave THEY SUCK> Faye Resbitch should neever be on the show again, vlows loudly & looks pulled to tight & weird.

  10. serrona says – reply to this


    Stir that casting pot! Love when they shake it up…but RHOC is still my fave. The OC ladies are just fun.

  11. rhobhfan says – reply to this


    wait. camille brings joy and class? she's a great actress. her ass-kissing with adrienne and random, malicious outburst with lisa, and cowardice when brandi brought up the reunion reminded me of season 1. yup, that was the camille we all hated. nobody's perfect, but don't put yolanda and camille on the same level please.

  12. Lola says – reply to this


    Thank goodness Adrienne and Big Fake Lips Taylor are leaving the show now it will be a good show. I am so sick of Taylor's constant complaining and always talking about herself and her problems. She is a TRUE IDIOT. And Adrienne is just another boring rich bitch that had everything handed to her and never did a dam thing on her own. She is a loser and brings nothing interesting or good to the show. Goodbye and good riddence you two ugly losers. You will not be missed.

  13. dgla says – reply to this


    I seriously cannot understand why anyone would want to have a friend like Brandy. What kind of friend feels perfectly comfortable blurting out private matters of her friends then thinks she can say sorry and it's all okay. She certainly would be no friend of mine. Also, she sure hasn't learned from past mistakes as her outrageous behavior continues. She would not be in so much trouble if she learned some social etiquette, and cleaned up her trash mouth. NO CLASS

  14. chiquibon2 says – reply to this


    Brandi is a mean, trailer trash talking woman, does not live in Beverly Hills and should not be in the show. No wonder Ed Cibriani divorced her, who can stand being around this woman? She has nothing going on in her ife and does not add anything to the show except stir up trouble. The real Beverly HIlls housewives must cringe to watch her represent them in the show. Brandi belongs in the trailer park community and should be in that show when they have one.

  15. Blanca Casso says – reply to this


    I thought what Brandi revealed was something very private and personal about Adrienne's family. A person that has any morals, or respect for another family's privacy does not do what Brandy did. I don't understand how Bravo permitted Brandy to open her filthy Mouth and supported her thru this. Brandi behaves like a cheap low life. Her husband didn't leave her specifically because of Leann Rimes. It must have been hell sharing a life with her. Adrienne Maloof was a classy lovely lady and she will be missed. It is so sad to see her go.