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Alec Baldwin Claims The NY Post Photog ASSUALTED Him & Is LYING About Racial Slur!

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alec baldwin photog assault wife suit

Yikes. Bikes!

Alec Baldwin has called BULL POOP on the scandalous accusation claiming he verbally/physically attacked a NY Post reporter and her photographer when they approached him about his wife's recent lawsuit

AND the actor apparently maintains that the photographer in question assaulted HIM by shoving his shoulder in a "baiting" move meant to illicit a violent response!!

The 30 Rock star expressed Monday:

"This guy [the photographer] was right up in my face as I crossed University Place. I get to the other side of the street, and he bumped into me. He banged into me with his shoulder, because he was right on top of me with the camera. In my mind, it was deliberate. I've had that happen before. It happens sometimes, because they want to bait you, they want you to do something."

Alec is also ADAMANT that he did NOT use any type of racist language during the incident, and has voiced his suspicions that the NY Post photographer — who is allegedly an ex-cop — is simply lying to tarnish his reputation.

Baldwin shares:

"My publicist has informed me that the "photographer" from the Post is claiming I called him a racial epithet, prior to me contacting NYPD. When they were there, no one made any mention of anything. While police were here, you'd figure that'd be an opportune time for this guy to really attempt to tar me in some way. But there was no mention of anything I said to him, no one said anything about me saying the N-word or taunting him or anything. So it was after the fact. He wants to say I used some racial slur against him."

Hmmmm verrrry intriguing indeed!!

Alec even went so far as to criticize the NY Post as a journalistic institution, saying:

"The Post will stop at nothing—that's what The Post is. Their function is to denigrate people, humiliate people, reduce people, make excuses for people who are their political partisans. It's a highly biased, highly politisized group of people. However, I'm stunned that they would resort to that. Even for The Post, this is a new low."

And, low and behold, the NY Post's front page today reads:

"Alec's 'Race' Rant. Black photog: Baldwin used racial slurs."

UGH what a horrible situation!

If Alec DID spew some hate-filled comments to the photog concerning his race then he SHOULD be held accountable, but if this is just another case of someone LYING about a celeb for their own personal gain then we feel for Alec, we really do…

The dude deserves a break from nasty ish like this!

[Image via WENN.

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5 comments to “Alec Baldwin Claims The NY Post Photog ASSUALTED Him & Is LYING About Racial Slur!”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Are you dumb? They've already said the recording contradicts what the photog said. Secondly, were you held responsible for your homophobic slur?

  2. Alan Brickman says – reply to this


    He was ambushed and stalked….it's happened before..

  3. 3

    I've always liked him and the story has already been debunked.

  4. 4

    Old drunk
    I'M sure he will be found dead in the next year or two

  5. Emy says – reply to this


    The female reporter recorded him telling her he wanted to choke her. Baldwin has an uncontrollable temper. Recall the rant against his own child…..I repeat CHILD. What a troll!