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Chris Brown Caught Creepin' With Karrueche Tran During All Star Weekend?

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chris brown karrueche tran together houston all star weekend 2(1)

We’re not too sure Rihanna will be happy about this!

It seems that while RiRi is away, Chris Brown will play and this past weekend proved to be no exception!

We previously told you that Rihanna was off in London this weekend for Fashion Week and it looks like Breezy was reportedly in Houston with ex(?) Karrueche Tran!

The two separately took in the festivities of All Star weekend and then might’ve even had some not-so-secret sleepovers at a mansion that Chris rented out!

Check out the pic (below) of Chris with Sean Kingston and pals at the mansion!

Last night, Karrueche supposedly also Instagrammed a pic while at the mansion, of one of the room’s ceilings, though she later deleted it!

Hmm… very interesting indeed!

Karrueche was also caught wearing Chris’ gold necklace!

And so the love triangle continues… !

[Images via Ramey Pix.]

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47 comments to “Chris Brown Caught Creepin' With Karrueche Tran During All Star Weekend?”

  1. 1

    She is such a dumbass bitch. He is a scumbag redneck.

  2. TJM says – reply to this


    May as well post the comment that is in virtually every other Chris Brown post…
    Chris Brown is a pile of dog sh!t!

  3. Bellaboo says – reply to this


    This chic looks like a fool….anyone else tired of her thirsty ass chasing him.

  4. 4

    how humiliating for the one who things shes all that oh dear i seen this coming a mile off of course hes going back to karreuche he spent 2-3 years or whatever with the girl

  5. rue says – reply to this


    Chris Brown was not at Allstar game near or with karrueche tran…… the pics of Karrueche with the basket ball are all old pics…OMG..

  6. NASTA says – reply to this


    this what kanlivewithoutbeingshady girl, she knew that blogs would take this to this love triangle, they have the friend and are busniss partner,she allways do this like when rihanna and chris were at the lakers…she postet a pic in her chris t-shirt so people would that she and him spent the night fail–…15 sec left … now all she talk about is about chris and rihanna and take naked pic like riri BTW chris is on the way to rihanna for her BDAY bloooop

  7. kY says – reply to this


    Tranny needs to go away! Her 15 minutes of fame are up higher than the ceiling she has posted and deleted. Go delete yourself, hun. #Whore

  8. lololo says – reply to this


    Rihanna karma .. I know she wants to snatch karreuche ass up. Watch soon rihannas gonna curse her out! I honestly think karreuche is trying to get pay back from what Rihanna did. Karrueche is enjoying every minute of it

  9. country says – reply to this


    Re: Bellaboo – Rihanna looks like the bigger fool. Chris Brown has publicly called Rihanna a whore and let's not forget he beat the living shit out of her. Yep, Karrueche looks like a fool.

  10. nicky says – reply to this


    Re: rue – yes he was

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    So what. They're all single, therefore autonomous. Unless you're really feeling you're wanting to tie down with one person, date who you want when you want.

  12. roxy says – reply to this


    Well, the only thing that goes over and over in my mind and that I can't understand, is, how the heck Karrueche was reared. Why kind of upbringing did she have? I wonder what her mom taught her and if she ever instilled in K any selfesteem values. This girl is so pathetic. :/

  13. shorty325 says – reply to this


    Chris how could you? Shit! All us fans stand behind you and you doing these Messed up things Just prove that your a player. That's Messed up. Rhianna should Just kick your ass to the curve and forget about you. Mrs. Tran is a piece of shit to. You Both deserve eachother. You will never change I feel sorry for how Messed up you are. This is to Rhianna your dumb for letting this man play you. Your so beautiful the other bitch wishes she was close to looking like you. Wake up RiRi!!

  14. 14

    She knows what she got herself into.

  15. KaeKaeKaeKae says – reply to this


    I LOVE KARRUECHE!!! Smart girl, Chris left her with a buisne$$, did not beat the hell out of her, have not calle her whore like they Chris called Rihanna. Team Karrueche.

  16. vjbstello says – reply to this


    Well all im saying is when u sleep or deal with garbage ie Chris and Ri u get u dirty and stinky.Kae move on dont do the same childish shit Ri done,running behind your man,so wat goes around comes around.Chrianna sit yalls ass back and watch.Karma is a bi_ _ _!Chris threw bottles about Ri now she gettin bottle thrown at her.

  17. jaimie says – reply to this



  18. vjbstello says – reply to this


    Seriously Roxy how was Kae raised?Well Chris mother allowed a man to beat the crap out of her in front of chris,a man disrespect her so thats what he is doing.Ri father was a crack head and beat the crap out of her mother,so she is allowing Chris to disrespect her.You people have to be very naive to think this boy doesnt stay in contact with Kae.How is she thirsty,Ri was thirsty and petty when Kae and Chris were together.Karma Bi_ _ _es!Accept the fact she was at that mansion in that boys bed and guess who had to invite her there.Does that house look as if its on a street with gates why hell NO!

  19. max says – reply to this


    Chris Brown does have feelings for Rihanna but I feel that if Riri did not have all her fame and money he would choose Karruche.

  20. Josh Ethan says – reply to this


    Lego chris,that is that girl who fits you..RIRI look for someone else!

  21. Fan says – reply to this


    Rihana you are beutiful why you cant leave chris brown i hate brown wat he think about himself he thoght dat his very precious ha sometime with train,sometime with rehana comom girl many guys are ther 4get stupid brown

  22. nUnya says – reply to this


    I don't believe it, similar chains really?? I have a chain just like that mother got it for me.. I guess I'm sleeping with CB too. She is really pathetic- im willing to bet that she was there with one of their mutual friends snapped a pic when CB was not there, and posted that shit later. She is trying to stay relevant at all cost and its making her look really pathetic, and crazy. And in the slight chance that this occur, Karate still looks like an idiot for letting this man PUBLICLY humiliate you; SEVERAL times and just going back when he wants to FCK??! again a pathetic tramp.

  23. yana says – reply to this


    Karrueche Could Never Compare to Rihanna

  24. 24

    Karrushit is such a FUCKIN fame whore!!!!! Go away… No one likes you !! I hate chris brown too, I wish they would leave this planet

  25. 25

    Re: KaeKaeKaeKae – Smart girl??? BITCH PLEASE!!1 She'll always be known as the side little thristy biotch… No one would know her name if it wasn't for chris beatherdown!!! She knows it and enjoys her 5 min while she can (she doesn't even get 15 min)

  26. Lala says – reply to this


    The only person being played are the people that actually believe this crap. People are so quick to believe the worst in Chris. Karrueche is nothing but an attention seeker who is milking the hell out of this "love triangle". Who did Chris leave with when Karruache showed up at the same club…..Rihanna! Who is Chris constantly being photographed with…..Rihanna! People have photos of Chris doing everything under the sun BUT hanging out with Karrueche. This girl can elude the public if she wants but only the delusional believe that a love triangle truly exist.

  27. nina says – reply to this


    Tran is the fool. No pictures with her. Just sneaking around. HE IS OUT THERE WITH RI RI for the whole world to see. PLUS, he dumped you for RiRi. You are the fool. MOST men creep, but they put their TRUE LOVE on "FRONT STREET" for everyone to see!!

  28. breezy says – reply to this


    Re: LABunny – U need a pair of specs. Kae is way more beautiful and classy than Rih. Rih complexion is false, her eye colour is false, her hair is false, every shit of her is false. Chris realise that Rih is trouble and drama. He don't wait a committed relationship with Rih. She is as dumb as ass. For the interpretation of Kae and Chris separation is that they fought over Chris relationship with Rih. That's why Kae ended the relationship because she had enough. Chris only publicly announced the split. He didn't 'dump' her.

  29. breezy says – reply to this


    U all need to give Chris a break. Y place all the blame on him. He is such a loving, generous and caring guy. He has a problem yes and he has to deal with it. He is not a wife beater as u all have it. It's only once he hit a woman and it's because she hit him. Rih is jealous, possessive and a bully. She is getting her karma.

  30. breezy says – reply to this


    Re: ikramk24 – U r so right. Kae is too smart, classy, virtuous, mature and naturally beautiful to be compare to a piece of trash like Rih. I don't have no respect for her whatsoever. Could Kae be a hoe for sleeping her way to fame with one man.

  31. solomon says – reply to this


    this website make up false story all day all night to break rihanna and breezy. what happen to justine biber slept with rihanna,rihanna text drake ,katy perry disapprove and lot of bullishit and scumbag story.

  32. vjbstello says – reply to this


    Kae isnt looking for fame never has she said one thing to press or anyone in the 2 years they were together.Chris created this monster with his little short film,oh i love 2 people and that late press release about not wanting to hurt Kae with his friendship with Ri.But Kae had already broke up with Chris.Ive been in and seen this shit to many times he is lying to both of those women to get wat he wants.Cause if i was Ri,her ass would have to go out of that Condo.But Chris is doing him like always making Ri and Kae look like fools.

  33. Yup says – reply to this


    Re: Bellaboo – I'm so sick of Ri Ri thirsty ass chasing behind Chris Brown. Ri looks like a fool, wait she's in love. Kae just couldn't be in love as well.. Over board "navy"

  34. Jay says – reply to this


    Karrueche is one thirsty, no self respect having ass bop. She looks like a fool, girl move on with your life and stop making yourself look like an idiot.

  35. Jsasha says – reply to this


    Riri made it to Houston and he wasn't in a mansion. He stayed at his friends luxury condo all weekend. They were high all weekend. Trust me. Lies lies lies

  36. 36

    THIS HAS GOTTA STOP!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37


  38. 38


  39. vjbstello says – reply to this


    Re Jsasha. Chris was at that mansion all weekend and if thirsty ass Ri flew all the way from the UK on sunday morning to run up behind Chris,well who is thirsty.Ri flew to Hawaii she was posting pic monday afternoon.Now see how long flights are from UK to Houston to Hawaii,not happening.Chris and his crew was taking pics Sunday morning at that mansion.Accept facts Chris is a WHORE,it was so much groupie action goin down in that mansion.

  40. breezy says – reply to this


    Why the navy fan can't accept the fact that Chris is not going to stop being with Kae. Kae is keeping it on the down low because if she goes public with Chris the navy fans are going to tear her to pieces on the internet, on the streets, everywhere. Because that's what they r doing to her. I hate it because this is bullyism and I hate bullyism. Y Rih crashed Kae party. She and her followers are bullies. I don't care about who Chris dates: he is free and single thus he's free to date who he wants. Y u all don't get that. Chris career comes first so he's is still young and concentrating on his career. Rih is making the world to believe that he has Chris. Y he didn't take her to the Grammy as his fiance.

  41. Cupid says – reply to this


    Dis picture of Chris and Kae is fake look closely.

  42. Anya says – reply to this


    I don't really get why people are so upset! Even if they met, maybe Chris and Kae are friends now, what is wrong with that. Rihanna doesn't seem to be bothered. Or maybe it is all stupid gossip, press makes it all up for sales. What is between them is between them, they are obviously full of problems don't idoalize them. Let them be full of shit and take what is good for you which is their music!

  43. Kai says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse number 777 – You are just too Stupid for words. Did you not see the pics of Chris Brown and Rihanna in Hawaii. Get a grip child. The pics above were taken at different times, the outfit that Karrueche girl has on was taken at another time and the jacket Chris Brown has on, he was by himself at that time. Listen, sorry to burst you juvenile bubble, but there is no intimate relationship, nor has their been for a long while between Chris and the Karrueche girl. Grow up Fantasy Girl!

  44. 44

    Re: max – Don't be stupid. Celebs of his magnitude don't usually choose ordinary girls like Karrueche for keeps.

  45. 45

    Re: Yup – Such stupid immature comments, you guys must be way young. Chris and Rihanna go way back long before the Karrueche girl came into the picture. Chris has always loved Rihanna. They have HIstory. Maybe when you get older and mature a bit, you'll understand that when a guy says he and his girl have history together, their past is connected in and goes way back. Sorry, but there is no relationship, other than business and friendship between the Karrueche girl and hasn't been for a long time. Its been over with them for quite some time. The lack pics showing any intimacy says it all. Sorry to burst your bubble. Get over it. Its done. Chris and Rihanna go way back and they are still together. Whatever the future may hold for these two, only time will tell.

  46. Kailan says – reply to this


    Re: Bellaboo – Funny how this girls tumblr she is always hugged up with some Black guy, yet she has no Black female friends. She has taken a few pics with Black girls she might know, but the people she hangs out with, not one Black female in that bunch. If u ask me, this speaks volumes about her real character as with others who are gold digga's, luv that black dude's money, but not really into Black peeps since she has no Black friends!

  47. illuminati says – reply to this


    no matter what karrueche will forever be in the picture blogs need to stop portraying that chris is just with rihanna when not. kae and chris if fucking on the down low rihanna need to stop being delusional truth will show real soon. as and eye for an eye. truth shall reveal