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Kelly Clarkson Calls New American Idol Judges Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj "Fresh"!

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kelly clarkson love new american idol judges nicki minaj mariah carey

And NOT fresh as in they constantly get "fresh" with each other! LOLz!

Despite controversy, tension, and SUPER awkward auditions, Kelly Clarkson — the ORIGINAL American Idol — has given two Grammy-winning thumbs UP to the additions of Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban as the new American Idol judges!

The soon-to-be wife recently dished:

"The show needed to be freshened up a bit… I'm a huge Mariah Carey fan. If I had seen her as one of the judges when I was trying out, that would have been so cool."

Whoop whoop!

Hmm, we wonder if Mariah would have given Kelly an initial, Hollywood "YES"?!


It's nice to hear SOME positive feedback concerning the new judges, as other former American Idol contestants — like Jennifer Hudson for example — haven't been as kind!

But whatever you may think about Nicki and Mariah's onscreen "banter," you can't deny it's intriguing to watch!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Kelly Clarkson Calls New American Idol Judges Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj "Fresh"!”

  1. shanghai says – reply to this


    Nicki Minaji is not my favourite singer/peformer and I am certainly not the audience she is seeking BUT she is soooo funny on American Idol. A few times her comments or facial expressions have almost brought me to tears. Interesting lady!!

  2. J buxton says – reply to this


    So Sorry….who picked That awful Nikki Whoever…to judge anyone.? Her voice nor personality are just not professional nor does she EVEN hold a candle to the singers in this game…really sad! Whoever had the Brillant idea that pitting her against Miria Carey would work…needes to find another job! It is annoying & not something that makes anyone want to watch the show! I actually record them so I can fast forward through the Stupid Drama & that Nasal Mumbul Jumble! The other three try to regain & remain the Artists & judges that they are…She is a Fricking Mess! Next year…Please…let her do whatever it is she does…even though it sux she makes Money…just don't put her on a show that really has talented artist who know art! Please…let her hav had her brief moment!

  3. J buxton says – reply to this


    Fresh? Sorry…it sounds just like a stupid Girl who needs a man…Nicki!! My Goodness…lets talk about there singing ability and babe professional here…not do you have a girlfriend…or you look so sexy! To me this is male abuse…she is showing her proverbial Ass! So sad…especially for anyone associated with this choice! Just nasty…sorry! The other 3 are fine…just can't watch the blonde idiot!…who has made money doing what? ….not singing!

  4. creddie says – reply to this


    Re: J buxtonRe: J buxtonRe: J buxtonRe: J buxton – yeah nikki is funny, she is more sensible than Mariah who so stiff, so conscious infront of the camera, cannot finish her comments without touching her hair, TOO MUCH boobs shown on the show, so destructing and with that ill fitting outfit. Mariah try to cover your boobs once in a while.

  5. Ava says – reply to this


    Re: shanghai – i do not follow American Idol much - i dont like looking at Mariah Carey's big front so sickening, what we see are all her boobs ! We want to see the contestants - American Idol is not a show for "who could be the future great singer" no, they compete about the song not the singer. Next year we expect to have new judges, get rid of this two, they look like clowns.

  6. Gilli says – reply to this


    Nicky is a bright and witty judge - one has to tune in to her hilarious comments.
    Mariah is also bright but awfully self conscious…almost timid.
    May we remind her that Idol is a family show - a singing competition
    I find the vulgar 10 foot bowling balls distracting. Cover up Mariah.

  7. Gillie says – reply to this


    Sorry Mariah… that should read 10 pin bowling balls

  8. mariotte says – reply to this


    Re: GillieRe: Gillie – GET RID OF OVER-DIVAHH MARIAH CAREY, she talks non-sense, talks too long just to be infront of the camera, what we see are all BOOBS LIKE WATER MELON ON THE CAMERA ! DRESS UP DECENTLY PLEASE you are trying to be sexy you are ugh ! I do not mind to see Jennifer Lopez again… Sorry for Ryan Seacrest, this show is so boring. the judges are of poor quality.

  9. brenda says – reply to this


    yeahNicki is more sensible that Mariah, sorry Mariah you are not capable as yet to be a judge, you're conscious about your hair, always touching your hair, you're conscious thinking to look always Diva on the screen. This is a song competition, we watch the contestants not your look, we dont like your boobs and illfitted outfit.

  10. Gillie says – reply to this


    Love Nicki Minaj as judge - she brightens the show…
    Would be dull without her…a great match for Simon Cowell

    Mariah - must you remind us you have big boobs..bad taste
    and very distracting.