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Ugh! This is way more troublesome than any break-up! Yes, Taylor Swift is being sued, and it sounds pretty ridiculous! Apparently gurl got $2.5M to p… Read more…

10 comments to “Taylor Swift Being SUED Over Hoedown Shenanigans!”

  1. Bob Papanos says – reply to this


    Do a little research, please. Ms. Swift returned the money even though her contract allowed her to keep it. But then a good deed is never as click-worthy as libelous fiction.

  2. dodgyend says – reply to this


    Somebody is really trying with this. As if she needs to pay for this shit. If u made a shitty deal u get shitty result. Fucking deal with it dumbasses.

  3. kate says – reply to this


    That was a really biased post. You should have actually done your research. Taylor Swift was paid for the event that ended up not happening, she will still get some money for doing nothing but she can't keep all the money for not performing

  4. dude says – reply to this


    Kate….how long ago did you graduate from HARVARD law school with a specialty in contract law. Because the team of $1, 000 dollar an hour lawyers that Taylor has on retainer do have degrees from Harvard law….Any one can sue anyone for anything that is why we sign contracts to protect ourselves TRUST ME HER CONTRACT SAYS SHE GETS PAID ON THE CHANCE THE PROMOTER CANCELS THE CONCERT FOR THIS OR MENY OTHER REASONS. Ajudge will read the contract and decide

  5. 5

    Okay, I'm gunna comment here only because I live in Ottawa, AND I had tickets for that particular "hoedown". While I was not able to get a refund, my tickets were basically transferable to a different, similar music event. I only had tix because I wanted to see Swift, so, I didn't go to the other festival. Regardless, yes, the festival was cancelled because the event could not come up with enough money to actually rent the grounds and needed supplies - let alone pay Ms. Swift. I'm a little embarassed that they would even dare to try to pull a lawsuit stunt like this - they won't win, and Capital Tickets definitely won't win. It's not like didn't show up to a scheduled show - the actual show never happened - there was no where TO perform! Not her fault, at all.

  6. 2012 Charity Giver says – reply to this


    I feel tired for her…nonstop onslaught of unkind words everywhere ….it breaks my heart to see anyone ganged up on…even a superstar…because at the end of the day….they still have a human heart. Please try and find some good positive things to say…for her…for her fans and to support someone who has been giving to others in the past, not all people are.

  7. slf1963 says – reply to this


    They're only trying to recoup the money they are owed. Apparently, she gets to keep $700,000 of it, but the rest needs to be returned. They aren't expecting her to pay out of pocket for refunds to people, only give back money that is NOT rightfully hers.

  8. truth says – reply to this


    Re: slf1963 – when did you get a degree in contract law? A judge and jury will decide who gets what according to a signed legal contract. Its called business so when a deal falls apart due to the other partys failure Taylor still gets paid because she could have booked another show in that time period. Taylor can make 5million+ a nite for her stadium shows. Im sure the contract said no refunds after a date specific date in her contract

  9. hatetheives says – reply to this


    taylor doesn't deserve the money anyway she gets payed 2 play she didn't so she needs 2 give the money back she didn't earn it her fans in canada got screwed and she still keeps the money sounds like a thief 2 me.

  10. @hatethieves says – reply to this


    You do understand SHE did not personally collect money from these people…it is business and the fault may lay elsewhere…this is a smear story anyway. We live in a country where laws protect us from abuse…if she needs to rectify something I am sure she has or will. She is KNOWN for being one of the most charitable celebrities so the accusation is hollow.