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Miley Cyrus Smothered In YET ANOTHER Marijuana Scandal!

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miley cyrus blunt photo

Either someone is a genius at photoshop or this gurl needs a better group of friends and STAT!!

Not only did a photo recently leak of her near a pile of pot with puppy Bean, a pic of what seems to be Miley Cyrus smoking a blunt has now surfaced as well.

Uploaded to the Instagram account "mileyxxcyrus," the photo (above) shows a pixie-haired puffer strongly resembling the Mileybird herself. See the equals-sign tat??

Liam Hemsworth's bride-to-be caught wind of the smoke cloud on Twitter, where she responded by tweeting:

Yeah, we didn't think she did!

But one has to admit. These photos that keep leaking look A LOT like her… which begs the question: ARE Miley's friends leaking the pics??

Or is this all a hoax hidden in the basement of a photoshop prankster?

Whatever the case, we just hope Miley is responsible in all of her, um, extracurricular activities!

[Image via Instagram.]

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33 comments to “Miley Cyrus Smothered In YET ANOTHER Marijuana Scandal!”

  1. 1

    Drinking is more dangerous than weed. The only reason this is controversial is that pot in most states is illegal. Reason being is because it is hard to tax it.

  2. Thebigboot says – reply to this


    So you practically give Rhianna your blessing to smoke but are ready to lambast Miley? What the hell?

  3. bitchsquad says – reply to this


    perezhilton.. please. SHUT UP about weed, making it seem like its such a HORRIBLE THING she is doing. weed is awesome. drinking is not- but its totally okayz to booze it up right? and what about Rihanna YOU JUST LOVEZ HER and most of the pix she posts are her smokin weed. seriously man. back off the girl- she's awesome- she's old enough- mature enough to handle whatever she's doing. quit with the negativity man *puffzAblunt*

  4. Kenny says – reply to this


    So when Rihanna is seen holding a blunt, it's fierce, but when Miley does it, it's scandalous. Gotta love the double standards on this site.

  5. 5

    Scandal….not so much.

  6. 6

    Oh damn that's a scandal… like 5 years ago. No one cares now, if they even did then. That's a pretty cool picture of her though.

  7. Sarah says – reply to this


    Hasn't everyone known that she smokes pot for like, years now? Is this really that shocking?

  8. 8

    What the hell? It's getting old the whole, "POT IS THE DEVIL" mentality here.

  9. tabithamackenzie says – reply to this


    So what? Is there an article everytime Snoop Dogg or Seth Rogan smoke a joint… no! So why is there everytime Miley does?

    Not a fan of hers…just a fan of fairness.

  10. natie says – reply to this


    We get it miley, you smoke pot… HOW REBELLIOUS, not.
    Lookin desperate for attention posting pics of yourself smoking weed like a high school kid.

  11. NoOne says – reply to this


    How is it a scandel? Almost everyone smoked, smokes or tried smoking. Obama - who is so "anti-pot" smoked throughout is university career. Grow up. In 5 years, it'll be legal.

  12. kirai1 says – reply to this


    She's doing what every young people are doing, Miley at least she's honest about it. Not like some people trying to be sweet but has tons of skeleton in their closet or Miley just don't give a fuck anymore. You people have said and written some nasty things about her that is not true, so why should she care.

  13. 13

    So if she IS smoking pot, and I believe the hillbilly skank does it, how are her FRIENDS the ones to blame for HER decisions? The bitch is an adult who makes her own choices. Why the fuck do you insist on excusing stupid decisions made by the scum you worship? You're such a fucking loser, Perez.

  14. Sydni says – reply to this


    Umm She is chilling with Wiz Khalifa, of course she is going to be blowing hella trees, as he would say. But who cares honestly? The female is allowed to do whatever she pleases.

  15. a smith says – reply to this


    that is so not her either!!! take a good look at the photo….not miley. you people are sheep.

  16. Aria says – reply to this


    Who the frick cares!? What is so damn scandalous about this? It's weed. Everyone at some point in their time has probably smoked it so why is she being hounded about it? It's not like it's killing her. Cigarettes and alcohol are more dangerous but let's not freak out if she has a drink in her hand. Get the hell over it. She smokes the herb, so what? You probably do too.

  17. 17

    Who gives a crap! Because of this, I like her even more!

  18. Sarah says – reply to this


    Perez you need to smoke some weed and chill the fuck out :)

  19. nimzaT says – reply to this


    I'm personally against drugs full stop. I think witnessing people stoned off their ass is disgraceful. Just as I do seeing kids vomiting all over the cite centre at night. Problem is Miley is a former disney star and has a large following. Like it or not, she's a role model and for the most part of her career, her target audience have been minors. Smoking weed before your brain has fully developed is wayy dangerous. I've known three people in my life who've developed psychosis because of the shit-load of pot they smoked way too young. She needs to remember who her fans are and act accordingly. Who cares what she does? Some things need to be kept to yourself. Especially if you're a disney pop princess.

  20. alex says – reply to this


    Re: nimzaT – hate to break it to you, but the three people that developed psychosis probably did something along with smoking weed.

    and if you notice the picture, the person in it has more manly features. while miley has short hair and a square jaw, the person in the picture just does not look like her.

  21. OCVSD1 says – reply to this


    same thing goes for miley and i said re: rihanna…this poor girl will be just another statistic in the years to come…

  22. 22

    Re: alex – Actually, I hate to break it to you but pot smoking has been scientifically linked to psychosis, especially in young people. Do some simple research. It can lead to problems with teenagers because it affects brain development and can worsen it anyone already predisposed to psychosis issues. I'm not saying it happens to everyone, or even the majority of pot users. I know some people who have smoked for years and are perfectly fine and others that are a little out there. It goes both ways but to say there's no risk and they must have taken something else is stupid.

  23. 23

    Can I just say I hate the attitude that "everyone" smokes pot anymore? Its not true. I'm 28 and have never actually tried it in my life. I have plenty of friends who smoke it, and have been offered at plenty of parties, but having had the high described to me numerous times, I know its not something I'd enjoy and have never touched it. I have nothing against it, just definitely not for me. I have plenty of friends that have the same attitude as I do too.

    But yeah, I see nothing wrong with Miley smoking up, if she enjoys it, that's on her. I'm not convinced this pic is her but that's beside the point. I just wish she'd be more private about it, same as Rihanna. Like it or not, young girls DO listen to their music and they do have an influence on them, they need to consider that sometimes.

  24. df says – reply to this


    Who cares really… why is this even "news" ..

  25. Ivana says – reply to this


    what the heck weed again she WAS my favorite artist but now she is just a weed head!!!!!!!

  26. Ivana says – reply to this


    what the f*** with you weed head!!!

  27. Heather says – reply to this


    Please Tell me your going to STOP with this miley smoking shit. Half toe stuff I see about Rihanna involves weed but you don't hangle her over it. Its pot, not meth. It's not the devil that you and the rest of the media decide to make it out to be. And for the person above me its called stoner, or pot head, not weed head. In fact no one uses the term weed head. The fact that THIS makes her not your favorite shows how naive you are, or that your just trying to lie through your teeth.

  28. Kelley says – reply to this


    Honestly, who gives a flying fuck if shes smoking weed. Shes 19 years old. Everyone does it at some point in their life. I don't understand why it is such a giant deal. Yeah she is a 'role model' for younger girls but shes older and needs to experience life and learn. I am actually getting annoyed reading this site because of these type of things. i'm almost postive perez smoked weed when he was 19 years old or at some point. So stop making such a fucking deal about it. Its legal in some of your states.

  29. Malcolm Kyle says – reply to this


    Re: pdrocksmysocks

    “Associated with” is not the same as “causation.”

    Schizophrenia affects approximately one percent of the population. That percentage has held steady since the disease was identified, while the percentage of people who have smoked marijuana has varied from about 5% to around 40% of the general population.

    Despite a massive increase in the number of Australians consuming the drug since the 1960s, Wayne Hall of the University of Queensland found no increase in the number of cases of schizophrenia in Australia. Mitch Earleywine of the University of Southern California similarly found the same with regard to the US population and Oxford's Leslie Iversen found the same regard to the population in the UK. According to Dr. Alan Brown, a professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at Columbia University, "If anything, the studies seem to show a possible decline in schizophrenia from the '40s and the ‘50s".

    Kindly Google any of the following combinations:

    Nicotine and Schizophrenia
    Alcohol and Schizophrenia
    Chocolate and Schizophrenia
    Sugar and Schizophrenia
    Gluten and Schizophrenia

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    So Rihanna trends these pics, and other lemmings pick it up. Is that even Miley or someone trolling?

  31. beedee says – reply to this


    Mariujuana scandal?' oh no not the deathy addictive marijuana !!! wtf this is stupid. calm down and leave her alone

  32. Ava Santa Ana says – reply to this


    Smoking weed is no longer illegal in many states. She is no longer a Disney star but a woman creating her own stardom. If this is how she wants to be recognized, let her be what she is. After all if she was pretending to be a good girl, I'm sure everyone would pick on her disposition still.

  33. jon says – reply to this


    she's a moron.her 15 min. of fame has been over a long time ago.