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Taylor Swift Sexes Up & Strips Down At The 2013 BRIT Awards! Harry Styles, Step Aside!

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Taylor Swift was out to show Harry Styles what he’s been missing out on with her performance at the BRIT Awards tonight!

Leather! Lace! Fire and flashing lights! Swifty pulled out all the stops and even stripped on stage with her rendition of I Knew You Were Trouble!

Check out Taylor’s song of rage and revenge (above)!!

Ooh la la! England might be Harry’s home country, but Mz. Swift is for sure staking her claim!

We saw him lick his lips earlier in the night when Taylor was called to the stage… wonder what he thought of THIS! LOLz!

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84 comments to “Taylor Swift Sexes Up & Strips Down At The 2013 BRIT Awards! Harry Styles, Step Aside!”

  1. Blabla says – reply to this


    Is it just me or are the background singers doing the actual you know…singing? And Taylor's just like trying to talk her way through it hiding behind dances and wardrobe changes?

  2. Sherilyn says – reply to this


    Yeah … and this is a 'country' singer. NOT! Oh, and I'm being generous calling her a 'singer'.

  3. dyjmo says – reply to this


    This is the performance you choose to show? What about Ben Howard, Emeli Sandé ,Muse,
    Mumford & Sons. They have far greater talent than this one and their performances were much better.

  4. liz says – reply to this



  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    I can't knock the song; it's well written and has tons of dynamics. She doesn't dance or move particularly well. The vocals are ok. Why do I still see her working in a library?

  6. Sien says – reply to this


    Whats your problem??? If you dont like taylor swift then why are you comenting on her fabulous perfomance FYI taylor swift has WAY more talent then you DYMJO. And how do you expect to sing as amazing as she does wihout other voices in the background? Shes not a robot she is a person. An amazing person. Me being a super swiftie loved her performance as always. You are amzing TAYLOR!!! Dont ever change!!! You are perfect the way you are!!!

  7. Jerry says – reply to this


    Wow, that was a smoking hot performance by Mizz Swift. She is super sexy.

  8. 8

    Remember a couple years ago when she said she would never go for the sexy look or show cleavage because it's not who she is? I guess she forgot about that. Although she looks much better with this new look and makeup

  9. Kerrie says – reply to this


    Is everyone tired of her yet?

  10. 10

    Wow! Incredible performance! Little Taylor has grown up into strong woman and amazing performer. That was a brilliant performance and she looks HOT!

  11. rockpunk says – reply to this


    Re: liz – YOu're a fucking idiot!! She has NO talent- lipsynched the whole time- I heard her actually sing live and it was so horriblee- this is her walking around like a slut- no close-ups of her face- she's a fucking talantless whore

  12. liz says – reply to this


    Re: ramonaaa
    yea but she was also a teenager back then. people grow up and change. atleast it took her a lot longer than most performers to get to the sexy stage but honestly i prefer this look on her so much more. besides if she was still in her floral or princess dresses people would still be knocking her down anyway so she might as well have fun with her look.

  13. 13

    I can't even hear her sing…not that I want to. Maybe she sang off-key one to many times and now they are just relying on back-up singers for live performances while she walks around in circles. How any one could find this an "amazing" performance is beyond me, and not I am not jealous of this talentless hack.

  14. liz says – reply to this


    Re: rockpunk – woah no need to be rude. but then again with a name like punkrock i guess you have to live up to your edgyness ahha youre SO COOL. ive heard her sing live many timnes too and each time its been great. she has her off days just like any performer. if shes so talentless why is she selling out her tours and performing at all these big award shows. dont be jealous because she has more talent than you will ever have.

  15. 15

    Honestly, the ONE thing that Taylor really ever had going for her was her innocent, down home county, girl next door personality. She was never a strong singer; can't dance to save her life, and her lyrics sound like they were written by a high school student…. She had one thing to separate her.. Now I feel it's gone. She's just another robot for the record labels. I wouldn't have thought it five years ago, but I think Taylor might been the next big melt down.

  16. Guy says – reply to this


    She did a Fabulous Job, Harry was Clapping so very mature unlike alot you haters, and his fans, she no slut nor a whore, Geesh shes 23, and Great Singer so the Jokes on you 7 GRAMMYS 100'S OF OTHER AWRDS WHERES YOURS????

  17. Guy says – reply to this


    Re: rockpunk – Really you say she lipsynced i saw in person she was Awesome shes not Britney Spears you Troll FYI hshes 23 growing up unlike some she took her tiem getting to the sexy aspects, but she still goes out of her way for her fans grew up

  18. drizzy says – reply to this


    her voice is terrible. notes are beyond flat. just stick with being the whore of hollywood ms. swift. give her a couple years she will go down lohans path.

  19. drizzy says – reply to this


    Re: rockpunk – AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Nikki says – reply to this


    She was amazing! I was in awe.

  21. duarto feliz says – reply to this


    Strips down??? What is she gonna show??? A FLAT teenager's ASS???

  22. 22

    I mean, I'll give her that this is a better live vocal performance than she's had in a while. She usually shines at award shows because her sets go all out (I still haven't recovered from the awesomeness of Should've Said No when she first did the rip away costume and stood in the rain), but I feel like she hasn't made up her mind. The white/black dichotomy is getting old, and either cut back on the number of dancers so I'm not overwhelmed, or actually join them and fucking dance.
    I'm just so sick of the singles she has been picking. She has so many better songs that I'm sure she could sing better live, so it sucks seeing her pick the ones that try to make her look cool.

  23. Dan says – reply to this


    All haters, repeat after me: SEVEN. GRAMMYS.

  24. barb says – reply to this


    The Grammys used to be reputable but seeing what they pick the last few years makes me think the "clique" is getting pay-offs.If the club likes you, you have it made, doesn't matter what you put put. Taylor was lipsincing on this one but I will admit their production makes it nearly impossible to detect. It's a shame she feels she needs the 'strip-off" to keep her relevent, especially since she hasn't much to show off.

  25. Sarah says – reply to this


    I hate that you make everything she does now a days about Harry Styles… it's a performance for a song that was not written for him for an album that was released before she was him for roughly six weeks… I think she's over him now. It's time for your lame ass to get over their relationship too.

  26. heather says – reply to this


    @Dan AMEN :) lol. Taylor did amazing as always. I don't know why people care who she dates. Even if she did write a mean break up song about every guy she dates afterwards they became insanely famous and girls flock to them more and so I doubt they would care lol. But honestly some of you need to get laid and chill out on hating people on this wesbite. All I see are harsh rude comments. Like seriously who pooped in your cheerious this morning?

  27. Haylee says – reply to this


    Can't even hear her sing, it's sad, LESS IS MORE. Those fans of hers open your eyes, I'm not saying this to be mean I love her music, but I've heard someone tell her story of her "meaning" with Taylor, and she didn't bother to sign ANYTHING (there were only 15 people there) and NO CAMERAS. Signed a lot more on the red carpet to award shows. I think she is a nice singer but not with all THIS AROUND HER

  28. 28

    Re: Dan – I have only heard two songs EVER by her, honestly I dont bother in consuming what I dont like the first time. I thought tho, she was fine cause she didnt look like a prostitute as most chicks now at days and that it kind of made her more appealing to girls and would even follow that trend. Pity that she had to fell on the easy-selling stuff.
    Grammys have stopped being important years ago imo. They give grammys to anybody now at days, its like a garage sell. Before you had to really earn it, it was hard, few artists got their grammys and some of the best ones in the past hold as much as 2 or 4 grammys. Now at days they walk around with 8 under their arms like nothing.

  29. April says – reply to this


    Taylor has changed so much. I miss old Taylor, the girl with the long curly hair and who performed alone on stage with a guitar. :(

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: barb – Marketing tool, along with all the other saturation marketing tools that enable average entertainers to do big numbers.

  31. April says – reply to this


    But of course, she's still fabulous.

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Dan – Grammys have been mostly a snore fest for years apart from some serious stand outs like Eminem or Bruno Mars and his wicket pack of musicians.

  33. Jenn says – reply to this


    Its sad because she's all about Revenge and One Direction are performing the song they covered for charity and their performance was more fun.

  34. Katiee says – reply to this


    I love her cds and most of her songs, but live she's just terrible… She's off key, can't hold any notes, can't dance…

  35. PC. says – reply to this


    Re: rockpunk – Wow. can you be any more of a douche? Do you have any idea how few stars lipsynch nowadays, especially on a show like this. Why do you think the backup singers were singing so loud at places, because Taylor was dancing, and singing, so the backup singers support her voice. Yes, because she's wearing a leather outfit, she's automatically a slut. You are so incredibly ignorant.

  36. PC. says – reply to this


    Re: Jenn – She's singing this song because it's her latest single………. Just like One Direction sang the new song, because it's their new single.

  37. Linnea Westin says – reply to this


    I think its funny that Harry, 19, is more mature than her!

  38. civi says – reply to this


    Re: Dan – More in the past than now, right, now is a mock of the puritan bride, when in real life is a complete insecure, inmature slut, instead o counting grammys u can check her long men list on her bed , what 23 year old girl have this record.

  39. giin says – reply to this


    Re: PC. – i'm sorry but by defending lipsyncing, it would appear that your own standards and expectations of what a performer should do are extremely low. . britney spears made a career out of lipsyncing but at least she could dance! if taylor can't handle singing and dancing then she shouldn't be doing that. end of.

  40. dumbhaters.... says – reply to this


    So taylor tries sexy its A-okay, beyonce does sexy she's a black stripper u guys are pethetic…..

  41. 41

    I'm not a fan, but I do enjoy Taylor. However, she had tons of trouble singing with all the dancing and costumes. I'm glad she's branching out, but girl needs more practice. It was very awkward - her wide stance, barely singing and clear discomfort in those heels.

    She looked great though. I like her better with just a guitar and focusing on singing. She's not an entertainer, but a singer.

  42. 42

    Re: Sien – You mad bro?

  43. 43

    Why is it that all music today sounds the same? And I think she is trying WAY to hard.

  44. xocox says – reply to this


    taylor….. work on your vocals, not your flashy performance . im seriously disappointed in what she is becoming . i miss the old country taylor who could stand on stage and sing her own music without all the glits and glamour. that's why i fell in love with taylor swift in the first place. this is just (excuse my language) shit .

  45. Georgie Girl says – reply to this


    This lip synching girl is going to end up in the looney bin some day for all her hatred problems. Sure wouldn't want my grandchildren watching and idolizing her! The backup singers did a good job!

  46. 46

    I'm sorry but there is nothing sexy about Taylor Swift!!!!

  47. rll5919 says – reply to this


    her tunes are catchy…her performances are interesting…but she is in NO WAY a country artist anymore..Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Little Big Town…those are country artists…..shes POP all the way…time to just completely convert Taylor.

  48. spn4evr96 says – reply to this


    i used to love her now i don't see why

  49. luiza says – reply to this


    PLEASE talyor, STOP you are not britney spears in 2001 and you are not sexy AT ALL!!

  50. kelsey says – reply to this


    i feel like everytime taylor tries to be sexy it doesnt end well, it just ends up looking awkward.

  51. Asdfghjkl says – reply to this


    If you don't like her why are you reading articles about her and watching her videos and then commenting! It was a great performance as always! And I love her!!!

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: xocox – Country holds on to it's entertainers longer than pop does.

  53. marce says – reply to this


    I'll keep saying I HATE what she has become.

  54. tayforever says – reply to this


    She's growing up and trying to find herself….let her be…

  55. Me says – reply to this


    Me: *Seeing Taylor on TV* Aww wat a sweet singer.

    Me: *Seeing Taylor on TV* WHHHAAA?!!

    seriously tho. She shud have kept Harry Styles. Hes the best she can get.

  56. Joe says – reply to this


    Re: Guy – She wishes she one day will be 1/100 of what Britney Spears is, the performance was good, but it was no where near the iconic performances Britney Spears has given… not even close

  57. Jordan says – reply to this


    Britney Spears 2000 VMA's much?? Ugh! She has copied Britney two times so far this week. what's next?

  58. Kdair says – reply to this


    Re: Kerrie – I am!

  59. Kristina says – reply to this



  60. jells says – reply to this


    Haha this is sooo funny. I dont found her sexy in here. It's just funny. Well harry really doesnt care about her. Uhmm taylor why did you made this? HAHA FUNNNEEEHHH

  61. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: rockpunk – Take your head out of your ass. You must be jealous that she gets to flaunt her good body because I don't see why you would care so much that you go to a page about her and call her a slut and a whore. You are so pretentious that you think your opinion is fact and truth. You are the fucking idiot for insulting someone just because she likes a singer. You are acting like she likes Osama Bin Laden. Learn what 'opinion" means. Everyone has different taste and just because someone has a different opinion than you and has different taste does not make them an idiot. Who the fuck are you to decide if someone has talent? You are acting like you are so fucking important that your opinion matters more than other people's opinion. You must have such low-esteem because you feel the need to call a girl you don't know such horrible and degrading names, fucking sexist. Does it feed your self-esteem to bully someone and insult them? Do you feel better now? It's so obvious how insecure you are. Stop taking pride in sniffing your ass and take your head out of your ass, fucking pompous moron. It's so obvious how much you care about Taylor's life.

  62. kristy says – reply to this


    Makes me sad when ppl sell out. And why is everything in the entertainment world have demonic symbols now?

  63. girl says – reply to this


    um, does anyone else think she can be the next Britney Spears?

  64. maggie says – reply to this


    Underwelming. Why are all of Taylor Swift's performances lately about showing the last guy she dated what he lost? If you believe what's reported on this site and others, she's boring and doesn't put out. Some guys want to eventually have sex with the woman they're dating - that doesn't make them dogs. Of course I don't know Taylor personally, or wether or not she puts out. I feel slimy even speculating on what is or isn't rumor that I'm going to take a shower. Lol

  65. jessie says – reply to this


    i think she has let her fame go way to far into her head. Unless, she has always been this way? i dont know, but come on be professional about a bad relationship. seriously?

  66. Mermaidsuki says – reply to this


    No talent.

  67. 67

    Is it just me or are the background singers doing the actual you know…singing? And Taylor's just like trying to talk her way through it hiding behind dances and wardrobe changes?

  68. emily says – reply to this


    Re: Kerrie
    i am super tired of her she is so annoying

  69. emily says – reply to this


    Re: duarto feliz

    LOL i know right

  70. MB says – reply to this


    Re: liz – She miraculously "grew up" in a 6 month period, when she turned 22 did she? No. She forced herself into an image, that to foolish people, makes her appear to have "grown up". It's an act. Like her career. Look at her… look at the shit she does. Does that seem grown up and mature to you? Her personality. I fucking hate it when people say "she grew up". No she didn't. I watched her fake growing up, from late 2011, until now. What a fucking joke that was.

    Look, kid…. the fact is, she has another 10 years before she's ACTUALLY grown up…. maybe…

    Fuck, I hate.

  71. lovethechange says – reply to this


    Re: Mr.TaylorSwift – just imagine you have a new born sib sucking a pacifier. how do you see him after 5 years? still sucking the same thing? surely not, right? Im a swifty too and of course I didnt like new her new style the first time I saw it. but I realize that she's just a person that changes after all. for me and for the other solid fans, she did the right thing when she expressed her new self. if you're a real swifty, then you should support her in every right things she's doing, right?


  72. lovethechange says – reply to this


    Re: MB – if you think taylor doesnt grew up, then just think she changed.

  73. 73

    Alright, so I love this song, but her live performances of it SUCK! She juices it up with all these dancers and then you can't even pay attention to her. And her live singing abilities are horrific. She's not even that good after auto tune is done with her, so she uses the back up singers to mask the fact that she can't actually sing. I'm disappointed with Taylor more and more every day. She's turning into a gimmick.

  74. swifty says – reply to this


    she's 23 and trying to figure out what she wants and who she'll become just like every one else at that age it's a hard thing 2 do and even harder when your famous and have the poporatzy's making stuff up about u fact is haters we don't know what's really happing in her life so we can't judge all we have is make believe stuff. plus she's so over harry!!!!!!

  75. name says – reply to this


    Re: SienRe: @v@ – because taylor swift IS a cat lady. And she tries to hide it by doing things like this but her parents got her cat food for christmas which says something.

  76. name says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – *FINALLY over him.

  77. heather says – reply to this


    Re: Blabla – um…what's with all the stupid theatrics…just ridiculous. Not everyone has to go down Madonna's path and create an S&M circus on stage to cover up the fact that she has no real singing talent. Taylor CAN sing, this was stupid.

  78. sabrina says – reply to this


    THIS WAS THE STYLE OF THE SONG THIS IS NOT SLUTTY! look at this they let this and and this ON A KIDS SHOW ON NICKOLODEAN so what swifts done is not slutty shes just doing it for the style of the music!

  79. Dane says – reply to this


    You b****es are bitter. This girl is evolving and becoming the next Britney Spears. Only her innocent stage lasted much longer than Britney's. Her voice sounds perfect and she held many notes throughout the performance. You should listen to her song "Mean." You're a bunch of mean girls. The plastics.

  80. 80

    She reminds me of a young Britney Spears. She has the beauty, charm, sexiness, and sophistication. I hope her destiny doesn't derail as much as Spears has in the recent past. I love you Taylor!

  81. Bevv says – reply to this


    Taylor's ultimate problem is that she won't accept her limitations. She is not the next Kelly Clarkson, carrie Underwood or Beyonce. What they have that she doesn't have is the common sense to judge, evaluate and introspect about their true talent and identity. Taylor needs to master what she is actually good at and be humble enough to go down in history fby embracing her limitations. I love colbie calliat and Nora Jones, humble down to earth artist that make great music, low key, and stays true to their music.

  82. HAMMERBOX says – reply to this


    I think the performance was pure brilliance, I loved the dancers, the music and yes even Ms Swift in this particular number. Can anyone tell me who these wonderful dancers were???

  83. ABBY says – reply to this


    lol she like literally transformed in the middle of the performance. on moment she's this beautiful sweet girl in white and then next moment she's like this really hot really sexy girl who's ready to bring it on…just saying… :P

  84. abby says – reply to this


    Re: Mr.TaylorSwift – lol do you think she's gonna be your sweet girl forever?
    srsly stop judging her….her songs are always great and that's wt really matters