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Clint Eastwood Is The Latest Victim Of SWATTING Prank!

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It's bad enough that these ridiculously ridiculous pranks are still happening, but now they even have to involve DIRTY HARRY?!

Aw, heeeell NO!

Sadly, it seems that Clint Eastwood is indeed the latest victim of the ever-increasing "swatting" pranks, which, as we've reported, involve prank 911 calls alleging that celebrities like Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise and Miley Cyrus are being attacked in their homes with assault weapons!

According to law enforcement sources, they received a tip that multiple armed males had invaded the iconic actor and director's home and that someone was shot, but when officers arrived at the scene, all was well and they weren't even certain that anyone was home at the time of the prank!

Ugh! Just SO beyond foolish!

Especially since the LAPD is getting TIRED of wasting time and resources that put innocent people in harm's way, as they claim:

"The suspects WILL be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Yeah! Just ask the 12-year-old facing FOUR felony charges for pulling that shiz on Ashton Kutcher!

Time for a new fad, folks! Enough is ENOUGH! Nothing about this is in any way funny.

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One comment to “Clint Eastwood Is The Latest Victim Of SWATTING Prank!”

  1. 1

    I really wish you and your primary "source" tee emm zee would quit calling the potentionally FATAL crime a fucking PRANK. pranks are fun HARMLESS activities, this is a serious CRIME.