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One Direction Goes Off On Twitter After British Singer Jake Bugg Calls Their Music 'Terrible'!

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Another day, another One Direction feud!

From Piers Morgan to Boy George, the boys of 1D have definitely found themselves in their share of celebrity spats!

This time, it sounds like another fellow Brit, singer Jake Bugg, has made his distaste for the boys quite clear in a recent interview!

Jake was quoted saying:

“People [call them the new Beatles] because they broke America, but that don't mean a thing. I mean, [One Direction] must know that they’re terrible. They must know… calling them the new rock stars is a ridiculous statement. And people should stop making it.”

Ooh! That’s a bit harsh, Jake!

Perhaps he was just jealz that 1D took home a BRIT award for Global Success and he was just nominated for Best British Breakthrough Act??

Either way, the 1D blokes spoke out, tweeting:

Jake went on in the interview, stating:

"Who the f**k is saying [they're the closest thing to rock stars we have these days]? Oh, I'm pretty sure they have a good laugh. But it's easy to, isn't it? When you don't have to write any songs.”

However, is Jake REALLY not that big of a fan of 1D’s poppy tunes, or is he just feeling threatened by Harry Styles?

After all, Jake is dating Cara Delevingne, who is Harry’s ex fling… and the two were recently spotted partying together!

Sounds like it’s getting pretty personal to us!

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22 comments to “One Direction Goes Off On Twitter After British Singer Jake Bugg Calls Their Music 'Terrible'!”

  1. sarah says – reply to this


    Well, One Direction IS terrible, soooo….

  2. shelby says – reply to this


    go Jake!! The truth hurts sometimes!!

  3. 3

    I think they are more pop stars than rock, Its one of the first brit boy bands that have made it big. Besides the spice girls and the solo acts, we haven't had many brit boy bands, besides the ones created here. And their music is catchy, may not be one of the best songs of the year, but they are adorable and I find myself liking some of their songs, and that's what pop songs are supposed to be, catchy and u singing them w out u realizing it/realizing u have learned it.

  4. Jane says – reply to this


    ..Jake and Cara aren't dating..

  5. says who says – reply to this


    I don't think One Direction music is horrible…if fact it is fun, shallow, but fun and thre's time in my life for fun..same as Katy Perry.

  6. 6

    Not everyone is going to like their music, that's fine. What really bothered me is the way he completely insulted them. He just seems so arrogant and mean, it really puts me off. He might be a talented musician, but that shitty personality is going to drag him down. He has also spoken badly about Leona Lewis and other artists. For a guy who's just stating out he should really considered keeping his opinions to himself.

  7. 7

    Also the reason they have been compared to the Beatles is because of the level of hysteria they create wherever they go, not their music. They are the first to tell you they don't feel comfortable with that because they don't want anyone to think they are trying to be the Beatles or are anywhere near as good as they were.

  8. 8

    First of all.. Jake needs to stop.. He's just an attention seeker..

  9. 9

    Re: shelby – Truth is.. No

  10. melon says – reply to this


    He's just telling the truth. He's actually a very talented singer/songwriter, unlike the manufactured industry-puppets put together by simon cowell. They'll be forgotten in a year or so anyway…

  11. Kat Valentine says – reply to this


    Wow this is all a bunch of bullshit people need to pull it together and work things out the right way! I love you zayn!!!!

  12. Bey says – reply to this


    See the thing is, he has the right to his opinions…but he could have just said I dislike them there would be nothing wrong with that. But insulting them so publicly and rudely makes him look bitter whether he's bitter or not that's how it looks and sounds.

  13. mar says – reply to this


    Jake is not an attention seeker, dude. I've met him like twice, he's very unassuming and an all out nice guy. Also he and Cara aren't dating, at least not yet. As far as I know he's had the same girlfriend from home for over a year now.

  14. ivan says – reply to this


    Some people here constantly ridicule Justin Bieber and One Direction who are being attacked by not so humble unknowns that have a mere fraction of the popularity and fame.this is obvious envy and arrogance by elitists who think they are the last word in musical taste. Let him have it One Direction!

  15. ONIT says – reply to this


    Nobody has to like 1D or their music just as nobody has to like Bugg's music. It all depends on everybody's individual taste and nobody should force anybody to like or dislike anything. However, in an interview 1D's main producer said they were aiming for vanilla. If 1D's music style is vanilla pop, some people will eventually use it as a swear term.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    IF their tunes are selling and halls are filling with their own fans, they don't need to worry about other's opinions, because their business is doing well.

  17. 17

    True hurts but this dude is right,

  18. Office Drone says – reply to this


    No idea who Jake Bugg is, but now I do — and I like him for speaking the truth! He's just saying what the boys and most of us think. I like his humor..

  19. 19

    hes right they are some crappy band that simon is floggin and happen to hit at the time people are sick of rap and sick of bieber

  20. prg says – reply to this


    truth hurts doesnt it boys !!

  21. anonymous says – reply to this


    opinions, opinions everywhere, publicity too

  22. k daniels says – reply to this


    i saw the interview and he never said Fuck |: also by the way he was saying it, it seemed like he was just giving his opinion, i mean.. by the tone of his voice.. he wasnt really into saying bad things.. it sounded more like he was thinking as he was saying it.. haha