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Gerard Butler Gets In On Some Guy-On-Guy Action! Fill In The Blank!

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fitb gerard butler

As director Paul Haggis gives him a "big man kiss" for pledging $75,000 to Haitian relief efforts through Artists for Peace and Justice during the Hollywood Dominoes event powered by CIROC, Gerard Butler thinks to himself "__________________________!"

[Image via Chris Weeks/Wireimage.]

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17 comments to “Gerard Butler Gets In On Some Guy-On-Guy Action! Fill In The Blank!”

  1. Connor says – reply to this


    I hate it when two fugly guys kiss to be funny. Its not.

  2. kandycane says – reply to this


    Oh I Miss the days when a kiss was personal, and straight men wasn't forced to mock the gays with kiss ( just to be cute)

  3. 3

    Actually, Gerard has said he's bi… so this is nothing new to him…

  4. PM2901 says – reply to this


    "Well, I've fucked every woman in Hollywood. Now, I think I'll start fucking ex-Scientologists."

  5. 5

    "Not as tasty as Hugh Jackman, but then what is?!?!?"

  6. Alan Brickman says – reply to this


    Gerard Butler is not Fugly….geez…you need better glasses!..

  7. Alan Brickman says – reply to this


    Gerard Butler is not Fuggly….geez…you need better glasses!..

  8. yuo says – reply to this


    He is a dirty whore…who wouldn't he kiss? No smart woman would ever get near this tool.

  9. 9

    gay shit

  10. lil_roses says – reply to this


    Old??? I'm scottish, I can do this …Yum like kissing Jennifer Aniston.

  11. 11

    Did you notice that when he kisses a man, he has his eyes closed, but when he kisses that "always exposed, in your face, look at my body, not my mind" model he is flaunting in his fans faces, his eyes are open….

    hmmm…. makes you wonder…..

    Either way, it' just not right to do that in front of the world…. It totally grossed me out and I USED to think Ger was the ultimate dream, but not anymore.

    I'm not against "same sex" relationships as everyone needs someone, but I think that just being tactful and respectful to yourself is more important in the public eye, than making a wrong impression when you have fans watching you for your career….

    I'm not talking just about this. I see Ger doing too many things that is hurting his image, rather than improving it.

    I mean face it, the man's income and career is based on what WE think of him ….. if we lose respect, his movies don't sell….. which lately, is making a track record for Ger.

    I don't want to see him fall because of the "lack of descrestion" in front of a camera and the world. He has more class than that.

  12. Marieke says – reply to this


    Hmmm yummy Haggis…. Tastes like home

  13. Arman MG says – reply to this


    Anna Nicole definitely deserved all those millions for doing this

  14. Michelle says – reply to this


    I'll donate anonymously next time!

  15. truth teller says – reply to this


    For the haters - it makes no sense to slam a guy you don't know over rumors that were spoon-fed to you as "facts" from media scum that do anything to create a story. If you're not a friend of his and even if you were how would you know who he has or hasn't been with? Nearly all of the "dirt" on him was/is contrived BS (btw, watch his interview with Howard stern for some reality). And if he's havin a good time with women who want the same thing as him what does it matter? He's a man who knows what he wants and if he doesn't want marriage/commitment until he's ready/found the one, then good for him, that means he doesn't take it lightly. Guess he should commit before he's ready so he can be as miserable and bored as all of the self righteous idiots that leave these stupid comments about him being a whore? Ok then, maybe they just want him to get divorced eventually like more than half the country, how nice. Get a life, there's no reason to judge the guy, but if anyone insists on judging him try directing it toward his profession at least, which is the only thing you can have a real opinion about with him. The phantom, dear Frankie, 300, rock n rolla, law abiding citizen, ps I love you, machine gun preacher, Coriolanus etc. proved he's great IMO, he killed it in those movies, no question. As for the caption, I'd bet he's thinking "What a goofball, but it's worth it for Haiti" $75,000. Yeah, what a horrible person..also sexy as can be. :)

  16. andrea says – reply to this


    "I should be kissing andrea instead,andrea where are you??"
    I'm here baby!!

  17. dweeb says – reply to this


    stupid idiot will kiss and **** ANYthing