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Kanye West Tells The Grammys To Suck His D-ck And Throws Shade At Justin Timberlake During Concert Freestyle! Watch HERE!

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Aw, man! And here we were, all worried that Kanye West's impending fatherhood had neutered his notorious, volatile outbursts!

Luckily, the rapper put all of those fears to rest last night during his concert last night at the Hammersmith Apollo in London in pretty much the most scathing, HIGHlarious and surprisingly astute way ever!

Oh, and at the expense of the Grammys, big businesses, and shockingly…Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake!

Following his performance of Clique, Yeezy descended into a frenetic, somewhat theatrical freestyle rant that, if it's possible to draw an over-arching message or theme, questioned the authenticity and morality of the entertainment industry, all the while lashing out at the creative and personal sacrifices that must be made in today's big-business-centric culture to ensure corporate backing and marketability as an artist!

Seems a little strange for this to come from someone who's expecting a baby girl with a woman who has essentially branded and sold her entire existence to America, but he even acknowledges that himself, when he says:

"Since when was making art about getting rich? And I know it's easy for me to say this. Having money's not everything, not having it is."

Of course, even a philosophizing Yeezy can't stop himself from causing a bit of controversy during even the most existential of crises, and not only managed to tell the Grammys to suck his d-ck, but throw some SERIOUS shade at Justin Timberlake and his Watch The Throne collaborator Jay-Z by saying what the world is collectively thinking:

"I got love for Hov, but I ain't f-ckin' with that 'Suit & Tie.'"

Ch-ch-check the entire, ten-minute extravaganza (above)!

There's even a reference to the Taylor Swift/Beyonce debacle in there, too! He REALLY lets it all out!

And this is why we LOVE Kanye!

He's inappropriate, brash, and sometimes out of line…but does he ever NOT speak the truth?

Even if it's just HIS truth! But that, at the end of the day, is what makes an artist truly special!

Not going to lie, though!

It's going to be VERY interesting to hear if/how this affects his working relationship with Jay!

What do U think? Do U think 'Ye was out of line?!

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61 comments to “Kanye West Tells The Grammys To Suck His D-ck And Throws Shade At Justin Timberlake During Concert Freestyle! Watch HERE!”

  1. petned says – reply to this


    He need help …he is always so angry and unhappy

  2. Erica says – reply to this


    Probably mad that jay went to go play with someone else …go have some milk and a cookie kanye and go take a nap..douche

  3. 3

    The only one who will profit from this are the karTRASHian's, Kanye's career is going bye bye

  4. Alain says – reply to this


    He is such a f**king tool !!! He and his whore babymama deserve each other. TRASH !!!!

  5. 5

    Just another wart on the ass of progress…

  6. LadyDi says – reply to this


    Oh Wah,wha,wha. Poor Kenyatta. What a wanna-be punk.
    Turns out he is just a brat who is prone to temper tantrums. Will someone please give him back his toy train?

  7. carolyn says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – I love your comment

  8. clamrocks says – reply to this


    I'm old school,If you don't have anything nice to say..and I'm guessing that will be Jay's response,he always keep s it cool and that is why he is such a successful business man and well Kanye..well you get my drift..

  9. Julz says – reply to this


    YEEZY go continue putting a muzzle of Kimmy Cakes and leave the real musicians alone.

  10. 10

    This guy acts like this to try and stay relevant, but all it really does is show what a douche he is.

  11. mememememeee says – reply to this


    Who are these people who are paying tickets to see him in concert??? I really don't understand how he is relevant, who cares.

  12. Ad says – reply to this


    he should have stood up there like an adult and vented his frustrations the mature way but he chose to throw a bitchfit tantrum like a 3 year old because he's insecure and jealous

  13. kY says – reply to this


    [File this one under Kanye West as well. Don't forget.] Hahahaaa, this shiz is funny! Is he losing his mind? I don't want to laugh at mental illness but this rant/tantrum is alarming on a whole new level. The negative media that he has been getting lately is really starting to get to him. Stay strong, Kanye!

  14. barb says – reply to this


    I realize that everyone has their own taste in "music"(as it should be)…..but I can't believe that people actually paid money to go hear whatever that was…..a bunch of mumbling with a beat???? I don't even think that would qualify as "Rap". I just don't get it.

  15. syl says – reply to this


    really kanye? freaking really? look at who your baby mama is? she is a gold diggin individual whom got famous from a sex tape. she has no talent and mind you, in that sex tape all she did was lay there. the only thing i can agree on him with is the comparision of taylor & beyonce… you can`t compare a curvylicious woman to a stick.. come on now perez!

  16. 16

    that's NOT a true artist! Talking shit about other people doesn't make you a true artist PEREZ!!! He was always narcissistic and always will be. He is always saying he has money, that he's the best and even try to chance Kim into something more pleasing to the public(he surely feels ashamed with her) and is always jealous of other people! First it was Taylor Swift now it's Justin Timberlake

  17. kY says – reply to this


    Watch the Throne crumble… You're in too deep now, my ni##a. Get some psychiatric help! (Btw, Kim K is in trouble by the looks of this)

  18. 18

    Kanye clearly envies jay-z and tries hard to keep up. Now he realizes it takes at least a hundred Kim K to make one Beyonce.

  19. KiKi says – reply to this


    This should NOT surprise anyone. Kanye is nothing but a bitchie little girl. Is is jealous of Justin and Jay's friendship? COME ON dude. Get a grip

  20. Noneyabiz says – reply to this


    I'm not a fan of Kanye at all. But I gotta defend him just a little bit here. I wanna say that maybe he's beginning to wake up from that evil industry induced spell. But only time will tell.

  21. 21

    Whos' Kanye West?

  22. Sam says – reply to this



  23. jay says – reply to this


    He's right. Justin Timberlake aka Mr. Mickey Mouse aka Justin Bieber. Let's put our hate aside for Kim and agree that Justin Is a former boy bander who wants credibility. He's actually trying to steal Bruno Mars" style. You all hate Kim for having sex but are okay with Shawn Carter(Jay Z aka Mr. Beonce) being a former drug dealer(yes it's documented).

  24. liz says – reply to this


    Anybody who calls out Justin Timberlake on his poseur, wannabe "gangsta," desperate-to-be-cool ways is my best friend. You go, Kanye!!!!

  25. Carl says – reply to this


    I agree. I think people just kiss jt butt. THe song that he made sucks and it shows.

  26. StupidToDumberToCrazy says – reply to this


    Is it me or kanye keeps doing dumb shit…….you get a most hated sell center women pregnant…now your dissing your so called best friend? why so angry cry for help or attention?…. did anyone else notice after his mother passed…he went nuts….he should talk about his problems than acting a plain fool

  27. 27

    i think the suit and tie song sucks too.. LOL but normally I love JT

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    I think Kanye has his points, but lacks the diplomatic skills to say them constructively.

  29. Terija says – reply to this


    The Kardashians have been HUMILIATED

  30. Terija says – reply to this


    The Kardashians have been HUMILIATED by him yet again! KK when you 2 are over and we're all getting the play by play, you'll be kicking yourself in the ass for taking all his shit in front of the world!

  31. 31

    WHO, just WHO, doesn't know he's an A** Hole ?????

  32. William says – reply to this



  33. Anonymous says – reply to this


    This guy is a jerk/moron. Too bad the earth can't just open up and swallow him and the Kardashins up so as we never have be subjected to the ramper room antics of these low life sorry examples for humanity.

  34. terija says – reply to this


    Didn't Kim just report days ago that Kanye taught her to be more PRIVATE.
    Then he goes out and make a very PUBLIC ass of himself!
    Kiss your BFF Bey goodbye…

  35. 35

    This guy is the biggest douchebag in entertainment. I refuse to watch the video, but if he really did bitch about how making "art" shouldn't be about making money, why in the hell is he with the ho he's with now? Everything she does (and some consider porn a nd fashion designing art)

  36. PereztellKim... says – reply to this


    Kim, at least Kris Humphries is keeping his mouth shut AND Kris is easier on the eyes. Kim, guuurl you done f*@cked up now lol! I will pray for you and your child daily because Kanye is a fool…

  37. 37

    This guy is the biggest douchebag in entertainment. I refuse to watch the video, but if he really did bitch about how making "art" shouldn't be about making money, why in the hell is he with the ho he's with now? Everything she does (and some do consider porn or fashion designing as art) is to make money. He can't bitch about how the industry is all about money and then gladly go spend millions he made from his music just on a baby wing or some stupid crap in his new house with Kim. He really needs to get over himself and realize he's not the center of the universe.

  38. alex says – reply to this


    he is right on a lot of the things he says. the message he says is something that is something he has said from the beginning, even when he was only producing music. when did entertainment just become a competition? why is it all about the numbers and brands people create? there are no true artists anymore, it is all auto-tuned and songs that are just put out 1 after the other.

    the entertainment industry has gone down the hill. there seems to be a few other celebrities and artists that are starting to feel the same way. before you criticize him, why not take a look at what you are listening to? stop fueling all the corporations that are just feeding you crap.

  39. eS says – reply to this


    Major d-bag… just mad because he lost all of his talent after his first album.

  40. mihet says – reply to this


    Kanye has always been and is a loose cannon. When he was overlooked for music awards, he threw a temper tantrum. What he did to Taylor Swiftt was disgraceful but he was very drunk. How he treated Amber Rose was sickening. Kim -RUN- this man will beat you down and abuse you and dominate you. I don't like Kim but all I can say is KARMA is a BITCH. RUN KIM and don't look back.

  41. 41

    Such a juvenile. Stands to reason he would knock up a notorious money hungry drama tramp whose taste is all in her mouth. After all, look who she chose to knock her up!

  42. 42

    He has too much venom in his system

  43. Martha says – reply to this


    I like Kanye's music, I really do think he's very talented but what was that? I'd be annoyed if I paid money to see a concert & had to sit through that little rant. I actually do feel kinda bad for him because he seems to be loosing it, he should stay out of the spotlight as much as possible & just take a breather. And obviously Suit & Tie sucks but why did he feel a need to publicly diss someone I thought was his friend? Remember when Beyonce showed off her bump @ the VMAs how happy he was for Jay? Jay-Z & B are the classiest, coolest couple. I don't even hate Kim K but like…he's really kind of bringing himself down a few notches. Shes hot but shes a reality star, i always found him A list, this was just ridiculous & I think he just may need some help

  44. 44

    Kanye is such a whiner he should be praising sweet jesus that his ass has anything. He can't sing he can't play anything. He hires ghost writers. He can't dance. He looks ridiculous and now he's impregnated one of the only people that could look more egotistical than him. If Kanye didn't buy all these labels and have the marketing invested in him not many would be checking for him. People need to get over this obsession with mediocre sparkly things.

  45. pitmail2019 says – reply to this


    typical ignorant gangster want to be rapper

  46. jules says – reply to this


    I believe his rant was due to so many things he's upset about and his mother is gone. I'm sure Kim selling the gender of the baby was the final straw. Everyone tried to tell him to stay away from Kim
    Nowthe only thing to do is pay child support and keep it movincuz this family is crazy for money

  47. Re says – reply to this


    LOVE Kanye????? He is disgusting. Kim's as ass to even be seen with him.

  48. GetReal says – reply to this


    Kanye is swirling in the toity because of his affiliation with the KarTrashians. Now he seems to be miffed that Jay Z and Bey went to the Grammy's with JT and his wife. He must have really been p-oed when Bey actually spoke to Jessica Biel! Kanye is losing his mind and whatever appeal he had. I was once fooled into buying one of his CD's. I had only heard the radio version. It was so profane that I never got through it or bothered to listen to it again. As for his cries against capitalism - isn't he with Kim Kartrashian??? He's upset because no one wants his clothes and his popularity is erroding.

  49. 49

    I like some of his music, it's a shame he's such a terrible, attention-seeking person. & how can he talk like this when he's with a woman who would sell her soul for a couple bucks?
    Why is he ranting about capitalism & "business men"? HE IS A BUSINESS MAN. How many free concerts does he do for fans? NONE, because his music is his BUSINESS.
    & to take shots at corporate backing…has he seen the NUMEROUS corporate sponsorships Kim has done AND GOTTEN SUED FOR (Shape ups & that diet pill)?

    This was so hypocritical and ironic, all I can do is laugh.

  50. ikr says – reply to this


    notice he also says something abt advertising for shampoo. doesn't beyonce do commercials for feria? coincidence i'm sure…

  51. danielle says – reply to this


    Don't worry Kim will take care of you, makes all your troubles disappear along with all your money.

  52. DollyMadison says – reply to this


    Kanye's rant will make a great 3 or 4 episode storyline on Keeping Up WIth the Kardashians.

  53. ike says – reply to this


    Re: alex – your absolutely right

  54. happyrockafellah says – reply to this


    Re: KiKi – you do know that justin timberlake is gay, right? he also married to his beard jessica, who is a lesbian.

  55. kY says – reply to this


    Re: DollyMadison – I really hope we get to see this meltdown on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." I'm not wishing bad for Kanye but it's only fair that we see baby daddy drama from the Queen of Reality TV herself. Will Kim treat him like she did her current husband, Kris? Will she be there for him instead? So suspenseful… I'd watch that show in a heartbeat! #ratingsGOLD

  56. Angela says – reply to this


    Kayne is just a bully! Hope he learns to be mature since he's about to be a father. He's full of so much hate:(

  57. ELLE says – reply to this


    Um Seriously makes me like him MORE!!! Love that he speaks the truth….JT's new hit is just a money maker and so many artists these days DO have to sacrifice their creativeness to sell a record. It's all about the money. Glad somebody said it. Whatever ya'all think about Kanye that freestyle was def and the guy is a creative genius who isn't afraid to speak his mind. Respect.

  58. Aidan says – reply to this


    Don't really care if he was out of line, but I do think he should have died in that car accident.

  59. Rashad Jackson says – reply to this


    No one like Kanye or respects his spoiled brat rantings. Get rid of him !!! He is an embarrassment to every person of color … but, an embarrassment to every American as well !!

  60. dickie says – reply to this


    Re: terija – Thank you.

  61. Nale Dixon says – reply to this


    This guy is absolutely UNLIKABLE in every way. His attitude sucks bad, and - not to get all Amanda Bynes about it - he is one ugly dude. If he thinks he's being subversive with his piss poor attitude in all those live clips I've seen, he's totally not smart enough to even know what he's talking about. And if he kept giving me the attitude that he gives everybody else, then I would tell him to lose the 4 bodyguards, then I'd take his stupid under bite and knock him into a wall. No respect.