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6 comments to “MC Hammer ARRESTED! Claims To Be Victim Of Racial Profiling!”

  1. Nate says – reply to this


    Would you please stop automatically taking the side of anyone who claims to be a victim of racial profiling?! That said, yea he totally was. Poor MC, great story though. lol

  2. Kai says – reply to this


    Well alot of these actors and singers need to get a welcome to the club card. In their glass bubble lifestyle, did they really think that because they were music artist and or celebrities they'd be excempt from what the average black man has had to endure. No pity here, Get a freakin reality check. Without your money and or fame you and all other Black men would be no more than a Black face to them who do not hesitate to label you a crimanal or ensure that you have a record. Don't look for empathy or sympathy here. Would have been better had you and others like you who've made it big, come down from your high horses and get involved to to help prevent whats become for the average a black man an everyday occurence in practically every Black community and every state.

  3. 3

    What cop has a whistle anymore?????

  4. Stephanie Hall says – reply to this


    Where is the other side of the story. Perez is such a liberal douche about everything! Oh tell us how UPSET you are and how UNFAIR this is- MC Hammer is probably about half right and the officer has the other half. The truth is probably in the middle. What was he stopped for? What was he doing? Most police have dash cameras- its probably on tape somewhere- dont grab one side and assume Perez!!

  5. mr.bill says – reply to this


    Way to make a snap judgment retard.. If they release the dash cam and it shows nothing but MC whatchewpullinmeoverfo acting like a turd because he was asked a QUESTION, I will be expecting your redaction and public apology to all the cops out there you've tee-ed off by calling them all unprofessional.. Go F yourself and get a real job PH

  6. THX says – reply to this


    Hammer better watch out… All those derogatory comments about obesity could be viewed as discrimination.