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We hate to say it, but things are looking progressively worse and worse for Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus' relationship! The pair have been said to be… Read more…

21 comments to “Miley And Liam Spotted SEPARATELY Catching Rides With Mystery Companions ON THE SAME NIGHT!”

  1. Brad says – reply to this


    Who cares? Maybe they have an open relationship.

  2. Chloe says – reply to this


    Omg that guy Miley is with is her best friend Cheyene that she is always with…she's been pictured with him a million times you do no research!

  3. Shane says – reply to this


    Miley is fucking hot with short hair :P

  4. Jolie says – reply to this


    I feel bad for him, they definitely broke up because she cheated.

  5. Demode says – reply to this


    What I think, Perez, it that you are a pathetic little man who has issues with men and women being friends. You need to get your fat head checked. Grow up.

  6. Reese says – reply to this


    They were together a few weeks ago in Ottawa and they seemed perfectly fine, holding hands even while shopping.

  7. cheily says – reply to this


    That girl with liam looks like January Jones

  8. sarah says – reply to this


    I really hope they're done. Liam is far too good for her. She's such a hypocrite. Its okay for her to talk to magazines about their sex life, but god forbid he talks to his brother about it. Maybe he was seeking advice? The only reason Miley would tell an interviewer about her sex life is to prove she's not 'Little Miss Disney' anymore, which is pretty pathetic.

  9. Brad says – reply to this


    Has anyone seen the badlipreading video on youtube of black umbrella? It's hilarious if you haven't seen it yet!

  10. 10

    I hope Miley rips you a new one again

  11. Nate says – reply to this



  12. 12

    really? worst reporting ever. i mean its kind of hard for them to be in the same place when she has to work on an album. is he just suppose to stay home? and god forbid if a man/woman has a friend of the opposite sex that they hang out with.

  13. bullshit again Perez says – reply to this


    Bullshit as usual Perez. Miley is with Cheyne, her best friend AND assistant and Liam is with January Jones. Let them alone!!

  14. 14

    Couples don't have to be attached at the hip. Spending every waking moment together gets old, there are other people in the world. People have friends and family that they like to spend time with too.

  15. Mary says – reply to this


    We hate to say it? Whatever you full of shit woman hating fuck!

  16. j says – reply to this


    you're an idiot, that's her assistant she's pictured with! That she's constantly pictured with. No one actually believes the stupid things you write about these people. So rude

  17. ktayl says – reply to this


    I don't get it. Didn't she tell you about two weeks ago to but the hell out? And didn't she also tell you to get your story straight before posting? She was incredibly kind about it too. Stop abusing your relationships.

  18. Fareed Al-Bender says – reply to this


    you are a shame to journalism, you have absolutely no ethics whatsoever, you are the lowest of the low,

    first of all, Miley is always open about her sex life, she herself once said in an interview that she tells her mom everything, so she wouldn't be mad even IF Liam would tell his brother (emphasis on "IF" because there is absolutely no proof of that)

    second, it isn't wrong to hang out with members of the opposite sex, have you ever heard the word "friend"??? oh sorry, i forgot you couldn't possibly understand what that means,

    third, that "attractive gentleman" is Cheyne Thomas, Miley's assistant and best friend and i am sure you have millions of pictures of them together, because you already brought this subject up when you posted pictures of them together at the pool and Miley responded saying he is just her friend.

    fourth, they always hide their faces because of SOB's like you always trying to get a picture of them, they want their privacy, they even hide their faces when they are together.

    fifth, Miley already said it "stop fucking with her love life" and you said you wouldn't spread rumors about her again, plus, you have absolutely no proof off any of the shit you say, you always say "just reporting what i heard" well that isn't journalism you fuck, and then you say stuff like " an insider told us" who the fuck is this insider of yours and why the fuck aren't you writing their name?????

  19. kati says – reply to this


    You know what I hate? When people think Liams a saint because hes stayed out of the lime light, when in reality, hes gotten into multiple bar fights, partys, smokes weed, and when he and miley were broken up, he went to(and got kicked out of) multiple clubs and left with a different girl each night. So back off of Miley for two seconds.

  20. veronica says – reply to this


    are you guys dumb? that guy with Miley is CHEYNE her best friend… and the girl with Liam is Chris's friend.. she has a daughter. theyre not cheating. STAY OUT OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP!!!

  21. Hassan says – reply to this


    Hey Perez. That's mileys best friend Cheyne Thomas. Her assistant. Do research.before you post. Also Miley tweeted about Liam regarding a picture. THEY ARE DINE.