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7 comments to “Demi Lovato And Kristen Stewart ARE Crutches Twinzies!”

  1. accidentpronelikeBella says – reply to this


    I am sorry but the story of stepping on glass is just to lame. The story , the crutches, wasn't an issue prior to the Oscars. No one had mentioned her story, nor was it reported in the media of anyone seeing her with crutches around town prior to the; Oscars. Her "actual" crutch is in Australia his bame is Robert Pattinson. Everyone knows she's a nervous, unsocial , wreck. What better way to avoid people, leave early from the Hollywood party scene ? "See I am on crutches". The talkshows agreed, she had then as before the face the look of not wanting to be there. I say she want to be, but doesn't know how to fit in. Always the look of being uncomfortable, a loner. Kristen maybe it's time to quit Hollywood and as you once stated, enroll in a college for writing. Return as a writer, a screenwriter …something you feel received to. Otherwise you are worsing your reputation (along with the scandal) as. being difficult, boring, and weird. Robert and Taylor are geniunely secure and happy to smile and enjoy real laughter with whomever. You must have a select group to do so. It seems.

  2. accidentpronelikeBella says – reply to this


    Oops!! Sorry, my spell check seems to not be working tonight. Therefore, please see the following words and apply them to the comment shown below like a puzzle where they may fit. Thank you. The full jest of the comment is there. The message is clear, Kristen… it's time to get it together or move on.

    Corrections.. too lame… his name is …she wants to be… you feel resolved to …

  3. Roger says – reply to this


    To - accident …
    The only thing you need to be sorry about is being a serial hater. Shouldn't your species be put down. Additionally your grammar is not too good. You need a correction to the correction. And, what's a full jest? Finally I'm sure Ms Srewart won't pay the slighest attention to a troll like you.

  4. Roger says – reply to this


    I have made an obvious typographical error in my previous post. Please forgive me.

  5. Stella says – reply to this


    The UK website, Daily Mail, had photos of K-Stew's ankle (not actually the cut on the foot) from the day after the Oscars. It was awfully bruised as in all black&blue. I don't think anyone would want to come to the Oscars on crutches. I think K-Stew probably hurt her foot and still went out with friends prior to the Oscars and probably really didn't take care of herself. Maybe that's why she was pictured being toted around by Marcus, Rob's friend.

  6. Mary says – reply to this


    To Sorry: Kristen struggles with her communication skills and her public speaking. That doesn't mean she can't be an actress. I hope that since she has guts and lots of money she gets a tutor to help her with her public speaking. That would include tips on how to deal with anxiety when speaking. Communication is important in public life and in private life so I hope Kristen does get some help. Lots of stars deal with issues. Some have been alcoholics, drug addicts, shy, or had self-esteem issues. Kristen's fans love her and I think they would be proud of any progress she made.

  7. Stella says – reply to this


    I would like to congratulate Perez on writing a story about Kristen that is snark-free. I think Perez is smart enough to realize that it is hard to go to an event like the Oscars when you aren't feeling your best.