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Seth MacFarlane Wraps Up As Oscar Host! What Did U Think?!

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seth macfarlane host yay or nay

The Oscars are (finally) over! And it has been a full night!

Maybe a little too full… seriously, does it HAVE to be that long?!

Anyhoo, after all is said and done, we have but one last question…

How did Seth MacFarlane do as host? We know what we think (meh…), but you guys have been following the evening with us all night, so we put the question to you.

Did Seth MacFarlane Do A Good Job As Oscar Host?

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Did Seth MacFarlane Do A Good Job As Oscar Host?

  • No (24%)
  • Yes (76%)

Total Votes: 31,103

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43 comments to “Seth MacFarlane Wraps Up As Oscar Host! What Did U Think?!”

  1. Seth is hot says – reply to this


    What about for the people who liked Seth? Wheres their vote ??? Thought he did a
    Great job! &&& i loved the opening !

  2. Keith says – reply to this


    Where's the "Made the Oscars worth watching" vote?

  3. 3

    sure, there's been worse but he was pretty damn bad. he was so offensive and his jokes were just stupid, people were literally just staring at him! awkward and stupid.

  4. Samantha says – reply to this


    I thought he was hilarious!!

  5. Chuck says – reply to this


    Seth was brilliant! Your lack of humor never ceases to amaze me Perez…

  6. Ben says – reply to this


    Rubbish job, never come back!

  7. Mary says – reply to this


    Yawn! Bored to tears! No excitement. Skits were stupid.

  8. soodee says – reply to this


    He came across as very unsure of himself. Trying to hard. BTW, where was Brangolina?

  9. Paul says – reply to this


    I thought he was amazing.
    The political correctness of people is just unbelievable .

  10. Katie says – reply to this


    This is the first time that the Oscars were entertaining. And the first the that I watched it thoroughly.
    Finally it is not about old people anymore.

  11. seth is cool says – reply to this


    i see you changed the topic to vote on.Smart ! BEFORE it asked to vote if Seth was the worst host. (A) not the worst or (B) the worst

  12. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Terrible terrible!! Don't care what anyone says! Not funny at all! For someone who usually seems confident, he seemed really unsure of himself!!

  13. Amnah says – reply to this


    Seth MacFarlane was just too excited to be the Oscars' host, and that was all he could be throughout the evening, except being funny. He was waiting for people to laugh at his lines, almost as if begging them, and they were just trying to support him. The audiences deserve better.

  14. 14

    I didn't watch, but Seth can't do wrong in my book. I just wish he would give up the whisky…LOL…

  15. 15

    From what I watched (the last hour) I thought he was funny.

  16. Kylie says – reply to this


    I love Seth Macfarlane and most of his creations (family guy, American dad) and I love that he is actually talents and can play the piano and sing like an old crooner
    I'm not gonna lie, the Oscars were just not his place. He seemed nervous and his jokes all seemed either over planned or were out of nervousness. He is just an awkward need at heart (which is why we love him) and you can't hide or cure that!

  17. Phd says – reply to this


    I love how calm and confident he was.

  18. michael says – reply to this


    well…he could have done a much better job, i really expected him to be more funnier…he seems like a funny guy but apparently he's not, billy crystal did a much better job last year and seth was just being awkward most of the time, he was unsure..and the captain kerk thing or whatever that predicted his future thing didnt turn out too well…it started out great but gradually became painfully dull and tasteless, overall he was a weak host and thats the truth !

  19. Jennie says – reply to this


    Of course he was offensive, this is the creator of family guy! I expected nothing less!
    He did great, just a little nervous maybe but hey it is the Oscars after all, who wouldn't be?! They only thing I would have changed was Will Shatner.. and did anyone else think Kristin Chenoweth was drunk at the end? haha

  20. J says – reply to this


    Seth's jokes wasn't appropriate for the Oscars in my opinion. Oscars and the audience is rather, in my case classy since it is the Academy Awards, and his jokes just wasn't. He ruined the award show for me. Please don't come back… sorry.

  21. howard says – reply to this


    seth macfarlane was fantastic. he knows the oscars is a green-eyed fame monster. the academy hired and got him, not a crone, a hack, or a blogger. the really offensive parts: when renee zellweger seemed like she needed drugs; when anne hathaway had frightening pointy sideboobs; and when kristen chenoweth was erratic on renee zellweger's drugs. thanks seth, now i need to see all those movies in the lyrics that have dem bewbs! :p

  22. 22

    Too many lousy gags and he looked nervous the whole show. He had very few real hit jokes. The Rihanna one and the quip about the old french actress being 9 when the show started were 2 LOL moments.

  23. Jon says – reply to this


    Seth sick-as-f*ck McFarlane makes me ashamed to be human. So do all his fans who seem compelled to ignorantly attack those who do not find racism, sexism, addiction and kiddy porn funny.

  24. Hay says – reply to this


    I thought he was great…he actually is more talented than I realized…pretty good singer, good performer! Sure, there were some awkward jokes or what some may call offensive, but If anyone got offended I think they just take themselves a little too seriously…he was good!

  25. Johnny Carson says – reply to this


    I'm rolling in my grave!

  26. JoeyR says – reply to this


    He looks like PETER BRADY!!!

  27. fid says – reply to this


    He wasn't horrible but definitely not entertaining enough to carry the whole show. I'm sure the people who liked his hosting just liked it because they're Family guy/Seth McFarland fans. It was just boring over all (the whole show) as per usual.

  28. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Well, I guess he got the teenager trailer-trash demographic. I didn't find him smart and funny. I found him boring and sexist. But then again, I'm not in my teens and I don't live in a trailer - so maybe he was great. He has a good voice, too bad he was stultifying.

  29. 29

    I thought he did a great job. It's not an easy show, he kept it moving, was confident,funny, and irreverent.

  30. 30


  31. Alfredz says – reply to this


    Worst. Host. Ever.

  32. Ethan says – reply to this


    I'm kind of stunned at how many people are absolutely coming down on him like a hammer over his jokes and the night. I think he did a really good job of mixing humor into a typically unending night of ceremonies that kept it moving along well. His "sexist" and "homophobic" moments seemed to be mostly self-directed humor (the one exception being the off the cuff joke about Selma Hayak's as a presenter where it didn't feel so much like sexism as it felt like a bad joke)>

  33. Luciana says – reply to this


    75% thinks he did a good Job last Night. No more saying… :D

  34. 34

    He's okay but I don't want to see him next year as host.

  35. Showtime7 says – reply to this


    He wasn't funny at all and very boring. Could he be more obvious he was reading his script? He and Capt. Kirk sucked and made the show longer than it needed to be. People are awake at the beginning they don't want to be bored with that…zzzzzz. The speeches are getting maybe shorter but come on hook them when that start to thank everyone under the sun. That bores people especially the ones who people hardly know. Make some rules!!!

  36. Raven says – reply to this


    I thought he was hilarious. The racism and the songs were no different than an episode of Family Guy.

  37. 37

    How can you not love him and everything he does? I mean look at him, he looks just like Stewie. I enjoyed him last night. I love his voice, he can sing and he was funny.

  38. CocoChanel234 says – reply to this


    I thought he was almost as funny as Billy Crystal. I wouldn't mind seeing him again.

  39. JIMMACK says – reply to this



  40. Rachy says – reply to this


    He wasn't the worst and he had clever jokes but his delivery just killed it. He was just too awkward!!!

  41. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I think he did a really great job - the opening in old hollywood style and with the dancing of Charlize etc. AND the singing was pure awesomeness and classy. There wasn't one boring moment at all! I hope that next years Oscars will be equally great or even better. Thank you Seth and all the people that made this hours of fun happen!

  42. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Seth McFarlane needs to realize that admitting you're sexist, while saying sexist things - does NOT absolve you from sexism. First - he was annoying, second, he was boring, third - he wasn't even funny. If you're trying to be edgey that's fine - but you have to be funny. Not make people groan. I think he sucked.

  43. seth says – reply to this


    best host ever
    is it ok for gays to make fun of everything on this planet
    but no fun should be directed at the
    they suck … like literally.
    most watched event in television history only because of seth