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One Direction's Harry Styles Has Nuts Cracked On Stage By Flying Shoe! See The Video HERE!

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Don't mess with Harry's marbles, ladies — we may be wanting kids someday!

As One Direction performed in Scotland this afternoon, a frenzied female fan chucked her shoe on stage and Harry Styles somehow caught it!

Ha! How ridiculously silly!

Our five beautiful British boys, not without a sense of humor, stopped singing for a spell to have a laugh at the wacky turn of events!

And that's when another shoe was thrown at Harry!

Ch-ch-check out the high-flying footwear smashing into his pants python and sending him doubling over to the ground (above)!


He needs those parts! That's what makes him beautiful, LOLz!

Miraculously, Harry appears to be recovering nicely.

If you need anyone to ice down those jewels, Mr Styles — you have our number!

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26 comments to “One Direction's Harry Styles Has Nuts Cracked On Stage By Flying Shoe! See The Video HERE!”

  1. Funny says – reply to this


    That's actually really funny and his reaction makes it even more funnier. He mockingly falls over and then gets up to do some lunges lol. Poor guy… He lost a good amount of seeds there!

  2. Whoa says – reply to this


    Oooooo poor Harry!But no offense to him,but it was hilarious!xD

  3. Alicia says – reply to this


    Aww poor harreh :(
    Lol his reaction doe… Haha

  4. Jenny says – reply to this


    Breaking news! The shoe thrower was caught. The culprit? Taylor Swift.

  5. tabithamackenzie says – reply to this


    probably thrown by Taylor!

  6. sophia says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny – hahaha I love Taylor but your comment is funny! :)

  7. Poor Baby! says – reply to this


    Oh poor baby Harry!!! Why is he always the one getting hurt and falling over on stage?!?!?!?! I hope he's ok. Poor guy. That has to hurt.

  8. jimmy d says – reply to this


    nailed him ,………right in his vagina

  9. Denise says – reply to this


    Poooorrr babe!!! U guys have to stop with this! We wanna have kids someday!!!

  10. Laliux says – reply to this


    LOOOOOL!!!! But Harry reacted correctly, with humor and never bothering for this

  11. Serenity says – reply to this


    It's 4 British guys not 5 niall is Irish I just had to correct it :)

  12. Swifty Lazar says – reply to this


    Someone spotted a tall lesbian country singer that doesn't put out in the audience with only one shoe.

  13. Ivey Blue says – reply to this


    I think Harry and Jaymie Malak (who's a cousin of zayn) should get together. Their friends and get along pulse my friend who met her says she is nice, funny and pretty.

  14. 14

    omg i have tears from laughing


  15. mela says – reply to this


    aww you can tell at the end harry telling security to let the girl back in…stupid girl for throwing shoe..one up on harry poor boy.

  16. 16

    lol well im sure the rest of the crowd was more than willing to kiss him better ;)

  17. 17

    AWWW my poor baby!! :( it was probably Taylor -_-

  18. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    To me it looked like he was exaggerating the pain a bit, then he gets up like it didn't happen like he was okay. If he really got hit hard he would have limped off.

  19. Amyy says – reply to this


    Thats sick! Why would someone do that! I hope they got chucked out for that patethic slapper!! :@

  20. 20

    Okay, that was funny. Harry played it off beautifully, too. Gotta love a guy who can keep his sense of humor when his family jewels take a hit. Extra credit for making sure the fan wasn't kicked out.

  21. 21

    Serves the little wanker right..LOL I wish it was something harder then a shoe.

  22. Bravobravissimo says – reply to this


    He was also hit in the crotch with a shoe at a concert in Australia. It's on YouTube.

  23. Tori:) says – reply to this


    I <3 u Harry

  24. TaytayS says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs!!!COLON!!!Styles – I don't think so cuz they were broken up so WHY would she go to his concert? Answer that

  25. fanta niang says – reply to this


    I guess that this video makes me so mad that I don't know who the heck threw a shoe
    at harry's nuts whiches is not funny to me and poor harry and I hope he's okay!

  26. fanta niang says – reply to this


    AWWWWW I'm so deeply super sorry for harry when he got hit by a flying shoe.