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The Host's Max Irons And Jake Abel HATE Twilight Comparisons!

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max irons jake abel the host twilight comparisons

While The Host and Twilight are both science fiction love stories based on books written by Stephenie Meyer, the new franchise's hunky stars, Max Irons and Jake Abel, insist the similarities stop there!

Jake explained:

“A lot of people expect us to knock the Twilight cast, but Taylor Lautner is a really nice kid. Robert Pattinson, I couldn’t imagine the tremendous amount of pressure he was under — and he earned my respect when I saw him fight for certain projects. Water For Elephants is a great novel, the movie is what it was. That’s not his fault. That’s the risk; we’re the face of projects.”

And Max continued:

“It is a very lazy comparison, because Twilight was a phenomenon unto itself. [Robert] Pattinson was chased down the streets of Paris before the films even came out. And he is doing well for himself. He has about five films with acclaimed directors lined up.”

Us???! Lazy?! We're going to overlook that insult because you are just that damn beautiful, but until you guys prove yourselves the similarities will continue to be pointed out.

It will definitely be hard to beat the box office gold that was Twilight AND not to mention the soulful stare of Robert Pattinson and biceps of Taylor Lautner.

But neither of you should feel dissed by the comparisons! If anything you should feel honored, because it is the Twihards that will be marching in droves to see you guys!!!

Sorry boys!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “The Host's Max Irons And Jake Abel HATE Twilight Comparisons!”

  1. 1

    Hey P, why don't you do something good and bring attention to VFX artists protest?

  2. 2

    Yeah right. These boys love it. Otherwise, I'd never heard of them. Publicity.

  3. PeeMcGee says – reply to this


    The comparison is because The Host is about a girl who is Bella Swan, no vampires, add aliens… No discernible difference between the characters.

  4. pedant says – reply to this


    Erm Perez, Twilight is fantasy fiction, not science fiction

  5. 5

    you can all block kim kardashian now. look for the DASH OUT (KARDASHIAN BLOCKER) online and install it it blocks her name and her pictures so you'll never see that disgusting fish face anywhere online again.

  6. 6

    you can all block k i m k a r d a s h i n now. look for the DASH OUT (k a r d a s h i a n BLOCKER) online and install it it blocks her name and her pictures so you'll never see that disgusting fish face anywhere online again.

  7. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    @Alexima - - What is your obession with Kim K and people blocking her? This is getting a little scary and stalkeish. If people don't want to see or read about her just don't click on a link that mentions her period.

  8. 8

    For once,(and only once), I agree with you Perez about advising them to hold their remarks until they prove themselves. These douches–I mean dudes best not bite the hand that may well feed them. I've never heard of either of them and at this point, Host is not even on my radar. If they are making thinly veiled insults towards the Twilight crew, they have just sealed their doom. I am so over the "in" thing being to bash Twilight. They are all laughing on their way to the bank. If Stephanie Meyer allows her new stars to bash the ones that opened the door for them, then she deserves to be a one hit wonder too. Twilight was a phenomenon-a very lucrative one- and the question is will lightening strike twice. (As far as Water for Elephants–you can thank Reese Witherspoon for the lukewarm reception. Sure she was pretty to look at, but her performance was lackluster at best. She was the Oscar winner and should have blown Rob out of the "water", but she did not.) .

  9. 9

    I am sorry but where are you seeing hunks in these two guys. They wish they were going to be as big as the twilight films. I don’t see droves of fans for this film and their stars. The eye candy just isn’t there. Focus is supposed to be an adult version and neither of these men are eye candy. Gives us Trevor Donovan that is eye candy. No one will be comparing this film to the twilight series. Max Irons and Jake Abel don’t have to worry about that. I think it really is just wishful thinking on their part .

  10. Cam says – reply to this


    I'm not twithard … and I will go see the movie because the story seems much better than Twilight. The actors are obviously much better. We have a nominated for Academy Awards ¡God! that's a lot more than any actor in twilight.

  11. Amy says – reply to this


    omg i love Max Irons, hes fit! but i cant believe they hate twilight! i love it