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Justin Bieber... or new member of LMFAO?? Crazy and colorful outfit aside, the Biebs was seen leaving his London hotel this morning, after spending all n… Read more…

24 comments to “Justin Bieber Leaves London Hotel The Morning After His Club Crawl With Mystery Blonde Close Behind!”

  1. Julia says – reply to this


    How the hell does that little freak get laid dressed like that? he looks like a cartoon character!

  2. drdre says – reply to this


    eeek…he's that famous & hooks up with her?

  3. drdre says – reply to this


    eeek….he went from selena to THAT? She's nasty….then again he's not looking for class in that outfit

  4. 4

    There may be a pic of her leaving the hotel, but that's not it. That's just a cropped pic of her leaving the club the night before. All you did was cut her friend out. You left the original pic in the gallery.

    So, how much does Scooter Braun pay for an article that makes the Biebs look like a stud? I'd love to get in on that and I'm pretty good at fiction.

  5. 5

    I'm not sure he could look more stupid if he tried. Well maybe if he let go of his pants and they dropped to his ankles. I think my mom wore a pair of pants like that when she did her Jane Fonda workout in the 80's.

  6. 6

    Looks like he's taking fashion advice from Perez.

  7. Nate says – reply to this


    Ugh.. we seriously trying to bring back late 80's early 90's hiphop era clothes?

  8. MickeyB says – reply to this


    What a dork!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    In 5-10 years he's going to look back and say why did I wear, do and say that. We all do.

  10. Jaz says – reply to this


    LMAOO! A "foursome" Are you serious?! he's not the only one on that hotel and he goes clubbing with his friends so maybe not the three were for him. Maybe just 2. The blonde one isn't SO pretty tho…

  11. 11

    OMG~! Look what he's wearing…total geek.

  12. 12

    Every time I think he couldn't look worse, he comes up with an even more ridiculous outfit.

  13. RB says – reply to this


    Justin Bieber is just trying to enlist new followers for his pastor’s church. And as a celebrity he is using his image to recruit them. Bible study is at his hotel. This explains the new tattoo on his left arm. You will see! It will come together. He states that he is also writing new material. Well he needs back-up singers. What better way to get new followers for his church, and work on new music

  14. mezmreyes says – reply to this


    I don't usually believe the bull crap stories on these ragmags until there is some proof. But I have to admit, I kinda think JB is dating EllaPaige. And surprisingly, I think they are good together. She reminds me a little of a young Beyonce. Which he would definately be into, she even sings like her a little. EllaPaige is much more R&B than Selena, which probably is more compatible with JB. Selena is too phoney, kissy face hollywood. I have a feeling EllaPaige can handle the crazy fame stuff a little better too.

  15. 15

    Re: mezmreyes – Oh, please! A young Beyonce? Hardly. As for handling the fame stuff better,not likely. She has that deer in the headlights look in every picture. Aren't models supposed to know how to work a photo op?

    I honestly don't think anyone could have handled all the hate from Bieber fans better than Selena did. She never stooped to their level and she never showed them any disrepect. If you think Bieber's better off with Ella-who's-too-fake-to-just-be-Paige, I feel bad for you. You obviously can't tell real from fake.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    If they had caught the blonde leaving the next day, the pic would be up and it would be daylight. The British tabs are notorious for fantasy fiction, just saying.

  17. 17

    He's such a dork lol

  18. kibar2 says – reply to this


    He is an absolute embarrassment to Canada. I wish he would just fade away…

  19. 19

    That outfit just made me spit coffee everywhere. Thanks for the laugh to start my day!

  20. Brittany says – reply to this


    Commmmmon Bieber get some class….we all know you can dooo/ get way better <3

  21. Debbie says – reply to this


    I hate to say this….but he really doesn't look like a playa…

  22. Sammie says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – The picture of her leaving during the day in the same outfit is on Hollywood Life.

  23. luba says – reply to this


    Hi Justin bieber you have a good song
    and you're very beautiful

  24. 24

    Disgusting, precocious, bratty little manwhore. I hope he gets HIV.