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Miley Cyrus & Weed: ANOTHER Photo Swirls Over The Internet!

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miley cyrus weed laying down pose

Maybe Miley Cyrus and Rihanna should have a girls' night!!

We really think they'd get along fabulously!

The photo above has made its way to the interwebz, and though it's very similar to the one we showed you HERE, this one showcases a Mileybird free from her cage and sprawling about!

Posted on an Instagram account, it appears one of Miley's friends may in fact be leaking these photos to the public. As she's said numerous times, she does NOT have an Instagram. So someone else is getting their hands on these photos and parading them around like there's no tomorrow!

Or hmm… maybe SHE'S the one leaking them?? It would surprise you the lengths some would go to for a complete cleanse of their Disney image!

But nahh. We doubt she cares that much! LOL!

So we'd be wary, Miley! Someone's leaking yo shizz! That, or someone is a GENIUS at photoshop! Ha!

CLICK HERE to see yet another photo!

[Image via Instagram.]

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