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Nicki Minaj Declares Herself A Freak And Leaves Little To The Imagination! Fill In The Blank!

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nicki minaj freaks


Nicki Minaj showed off her curvaceous figure yesterday, with only gold pasties covering her breasts, while filming the music video for Freaks.

Between takes, the glittery topless American Idol judge and Young Money emceee discussed ________________________.

[Image via Vimeo.]

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23 comments to “Nicki Minaj Declares Herself A Freak And Leaves Little To The Imagination! Fill In The Blank!”

  1. Leigh says – reply to this


    What a whore.

  2. amanduh says – reply to this


    "…how sad society is. It's not enough that a woman is talented, but she must also show as much skin as possible to stay relevant…"

  3. Kim says – reply to this


    Prez Hilton you need to make an app. Or do you have one???

  4. N.N says – reply to this


    could she seriously try to be lil kim anymore? she wore purple pasties over her breast in a similar way to the MTV awards with Diana Ross in 1999 LIL KIM WANNABE!

  5. 5

    quantum theory and how her 3 minutes of fame are almost up! She is thinking of becoming a whore…. oh, she's already done that….

  6. 6

    could she be anymore a lil kim wannabe!! totally copying off lil kim in a similar way from the 1999 mtv vma's when she presented with diana ross.

  7. k says – reply to this


    you fool don't you hear the name of the song and hear the song,this is a dance hall cute you expect her to be wearing some gown are some tayler swift dress you ignorants need to get yall knowledge up,and Lilnikki1984 how is this anything like kiom what the pasties if that is so you are so reaching and hmmmbrd i see your delusions are getting the best of you,haters will be haters i guess.

  8. 8

    So she doesn't like Lil Kim, and does not like being compared to her, but she does the SAME THINGS Lil kim did YEARS ago???? Sad pathetic. Even more sad and pathetic that she feels the need to be next to naked to sell her song/video. A real artists doesn't need the gimmick or hype. Oh, right, she ISN'T a real artist! Can't be taken seriously when all you do is play dress up - or down. Overshadows any talent that may be hiding there somewhere.

  9. Ab-hilton says – reply to this


    Re: N.N – That was more than a decade ago! Hop of the hater dick.

  10. 10

    Her boob job is almost as bad as JWows. BAD role model for her target demographic. And sad too.

  11. Goldie says – reply to this


    wow really you're such an idiot. She's NOT trying to be Lil Kim she's way better than her BY FAR!!! So what if she's wearing something similar it's a free country && do you think your style is OH SO 'ONE OF A KiNd' get the fxck out of here and shut up HATER.

  12. kY says – reply to this


    They discussed the plasticity of displaying oneself to the male species in hopes of gaining approval. Where's this whore's self-esteem? C'mon now, the only people that's listening to her crappy music and loving the fact that she constantly plays dress-up are KIDS. Sad… but that's her key demographic. As my lil' niece would say, "Where's her clothes? She's so beautiful." Go have some self-esteem, hun, and no more plastic surgery.

  13. 13

    Why Seth MacFarlane’s Misogyny Matters By Margaret Lyons

    How do you explain this hot mess?

  14. Di says – reply to this



  15. 15

    The Boobs she just had refilled!

  16. 16

    Wait a second.. didn't she declare that she is ALL NATURAL before ?

    I just checked in the mirror, and my lady lumps certainly do not sit like soccer balls under my collarbone. lol

  17. 17

    Hey, if you paid that much for implants you would be showing them to distract the attention from your treasure troll face too ;)

  18. 18

    don't no body LOOK LIKE KIM. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks… all these women wear pasties as part of their outfits. Lil Kim had her tit out at the VMA's with a seashell pasty. We can accept that Lil Kim is a boss bitch who influenced style for women in rap, period but we can stop talking about her like's dropped an album in the last 4 years, she's irrelevant.
    this song is good, personally, the look isn't there for me. but she's being a FREAK for the song. less salt, more water.

  19. willi says – reply to this


    jesus christ this beeatch is terrible!!!!

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    They're discussing how they're pretending to look -up here- while really not while lol'ing.

  21. Eliza says – reply to this


    I was just getting to like her on idol and now I think she is over the top with what she is wearing. Do you know that young girls watch you, shame on you. But what do you care about little girls.

  22. 22

    What great technological feats both Auto-tune and plastic surgery are for marginally talented people.

  23. 23

    Her breasts look nice. I like this Niki Minaj. Yessss.