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Kristen Stewart's Affair Left Liberty Ross Struggling Through 'Horrible' Turmoil!

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liberty ross kristen stewart

Liberty Ross isn't over ex-hubby Rupert Sander's affair with Kristen Stewart last year and we don't blame her!

After all, it did unravel her marriage.

The model/actress has been seen out on the town, but don't let that fool you because she is still evidently heartbroken over her failed marriage.

While at a dinner party for Chanel at Madeo last week, the beauty was overheard saying:

“You have no idea what I’ve been through. It’s been horrible.”

And how has Liberty been getting over the pain of divorce??! Loads and LOADS of men, of course!

An eyewitness at the Mario Testino’s preview at Prism Gallery revealed:

“Liberty Ross arrived alone, but was quickly surrounded by men once inside. She hung on the upstairs outdoor patio and got chatted up by three handsome male models.”

We know she is a mess, but that doesn't sound TOO horrific. LOLz.

Just don't go overboard Liberty! Los Angeles men might be beautiful, but they can also be VERY dirty.

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “Kristen Stewart's Affair Left Liberty Ross Struggling Through 'Horrible' Turmoil!”

  1. 1

    kristen is a nasty plain slut with out the make out she just looks like a creepy ugly girl to have ur marriage break up over that would be devastating betrayal is bad enough without it being over some creep thats worthless itll hurt for a long time but maybe the money can help sooth the pain

  2. 2

    Why is everybody hassling? This woman is married to a director…what exactly did she expect for crying out loud? She's not the first wife to be cheated on and won't be the last. The person who owed fidelity was her husband not Kristen Stewart so why is everyone bashing her and not Rupert or whatever his name is? Gimme a break and get over this crap already. It is dead and stinking!

  3. 3

    "VERY dirty" what does that mean? i am moving to LA this year, enlighten me!!.

  4. bytchface says – reply to this


    um…its not Kristen Stewart's affair when it comes to LIberty, its her husbands…but thanks for keeping things your usual misogynist. So….im wondering why you dont post things on Angelina every day completely bashing and berating her character for breaking up a marriage? Oh right…. you are too far up her ass. Its jennifer Anniston's fault, its kristen stewart's fault…anything with a vagina is always the problem to you, pig.

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Letting go of the whole picket fence dream of a lifetime together raising the kids and growing old is a two by four in the gut and an ongoing process, until you're sick of hurting and decide to kick it to the curb and move on for the sake of your own sanity. He was the married one. Stewart was a dumb ingenue who was directed into it.

  6. Todd says – reply to this


    Im so over Liberty using this to gain any little bit of attention she can for her mediocre career. Like It so sad and annoying. I feel bad that this has happen to her but I also don't blame kristen . Yes she ma have known but at the same time she wasn't vowed to anyone. Second Liberty is just trying to milk this for nothing if she wanted to forgive Rupert she easily can, but she is choosing not too to continue this victim act. Like build a bridge and get over it or stop mentioning it.

  7. 7

    Re: bytchface – completely agree

  8. kirai1 says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse number 777Re: perez posse number 777 – Liberty can only blame her husband and herself. If he really loves her and their relationship is solid, no matter how many women try to approach him he'll just ignore it. This is not the first time that he's cheated on her, but this is the first time he had a fling with a big star and she's using Kristen to build her career. The way I see it, Liberty is trying to milk it as much as she can.

  9. stfu Perez and Libert says – reply to this


    It's the 40 year old scum nuts ass's fault… Ruperts fault he ruined his marriage. Liberty is still trying to suck up attention by pulling the beautiful and talented Kristen Stewart back in to her failed marriage.
    Why was he looking to cheat anyways?!
    Kristen was used and manipulated… she made a mistake…. feels bad…. now get the fuck OVER IT! Perez stfu

  10. Gabby says – reply to this


    Who is Liberty Ross?? come on, nobody knew her before the scandal. She just want fame, calling it Kristen's affair. Her husband cheated on her, he wrecked his marriage, not kristen.

  11. iss says – reply to this


    yes, a bitter experience being shared by liberty to friends and i don't think it is a crime.. if she has wanted to get all the attention, she would have call media to be interviewed and and sold her story to tabloid… but she is a strong woman and very classy.

  12. 12

    Re: perez posse number 777 – Punctuation is your friend. Try it.

  13. JS says – reply to this


    This chick was complaining about her marriage to a magazine before the incident even occurred. That marriage was already in trouble and the people to blame are the ones in the marriage. No one on the outside can destroy a marriage.

  14. just a Neighbor says – reply to this


    Well said JS….2PTS!!

    Prez needs help with the Truth!! Here goes!!
    Facts:….Rupert & Libertys marriage was OVER before Kristen.
    Rupeet & Liberty had martial problems for Years!!
    Liberty tells everyone that she is NOT mad at Kristen at all cas infact she infact happy that it jit happened cas Liberty wanted Rupert out of her life for a longtime.
    Old saying…..when a women can't satisfy her own man the hubby in the bedroom the man will look elseswheres.
    Kristen was also upfront & honest takes a lot of courage to do that public. But many don't know either she didn't want this to happen. Rupert is persistant n controlling n a mindfuker. He harrass young girls n plays with their emotions to where one is cornered & finally gives in out of fear.
    Time to let this story go. And stop bashing a young girl who has taken all the blame & has NOT came back with any comments & she's not said a word about it. She's the only one who has handle this maturally.
    Y'all need to give her privacy now cas she's taken more shit than anyone & it shows everyone is benifiting from hurting Kristen.
    NOT COOL!!!

  15. Tay says – reply to this


    Liberty Ross I never heard of her before this crap all started, kristen has put her on the radar & by the looks of it she's taking full advantage of it, this is rupurts problem he was the married older man who was a authority figure to Kristen then seduced her in probably a moment of weakness as she is constantly being slammed by people like u all!! WHY?? Because she's real there ain't nothing fake about her she doesn't put on a happy show bullshit just because that's what people expect, she's simply a amazing talented beautiful young girl, so quit with the poor liberty bullshit kristen did her a favour, rupurts a ASS

  16. 16

    i was so surprised (i know, i shouldn't have been!) to see the way kristen acted at the oscars. When she came out with harry potter guy (sorry, his name escapes me at the moment) she spoke like we were annoying her. She has such a crappy attitude!..give your head a shake, you twit.

  17. 17

    Stewart was running after Rupert like a lost Puppy she even watched him doing all the scenes without her in it, Sanders felt flattered and Screw was a willing participant , for anybody talking trash about Liberty that is just a sin. This woman did nothing wrong. Stewart picked him up and continued the Relationship. You Stewart fans are seriously disturbed. Just look at some of the videos from the Promo tour , its all clear to see how Stewart throws herself at the guy.

  18. Lulu Collazo says – reply to this


    I do care and I am concerned about Kristen. She is not family or friend, just a human being to me. She's gone all out trying to make amends not only with Robert but with those who keep judging her for a mistake she's paid enough. Are you going to vilified a 22 year old who has done everything in her power to make things right? Bunch of hypocrites! I bet hollywood is full of "cheaters" who do have the malice to hide it well and never have the decency of saying I AM SORRY! to name a few… Ashton Kutcher, Steven Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Julia Roberts, Heidi Klum, to say a few, cause the Oscars was full of them. Give Kristen Stewart a chance, for the love of God. She's been bullied all this time and you know, there's so much a human being can take before really making a mistake. Self esteem is something you can lose and then tragedy comes along. AND TO ROBERT, I hope at least, if not romance, you can give her a shoulder and support she sorely needs, so in the future, you can be look back at peace with your actions and never regret not being there for a friend. As for the comments of hate, Kristen, just ignore them! You are such a beautiful and talented girl, your time will definitely come. Keep it up and remember Ben Affleck's words, it's not important to fall, what is great is to go on, fight and rise again!

  19. Sam says – reply to this


    So now libertys no longer getting lots of attention she's pulling that card again go do some more nude photos or better yet hassle ur husband leave kristen out of it she's been put thru hell too, this was all on rupert yes kris shoulda told him to take a hike to start with but he was her producer & kris was having a hard time in her life & he swooped in there in the right time & took advantage of a young girls insecurities, who the hell were these people anyway before kristen got them on the radar, ENOUGH u got enough outta kristen already she's trying to move on with her life & u people r old enough to be her parents so grow up & get on with ur own life's, kristen doesn't need constant reminders of a stupid mistake that shoulda never happened if rupert had any respect for his wife in the first place

  20. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: lala44 – & u know this how?? We're u there did u see this all take place?? Kristen never ran after the moron like a lost puppy she was just doing her job, I think if u knew the story a little better u would know this is all on rupert

  21. Ric says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse number 777 – u r very harsh & obviously very judgemental, there marriage was on a down wood spiral before kristen even came into it, & to call kristen plain with no makeup WOW she has to be the most natural stunner in Hollywood she don't need makeup, it's sad how people think she's still the villain who broke up a marriage & libertys the poor betrayed woman which she is but only by her husband IF people only knew RUPERTs game plan & how he played kristen in a hard time in her life lets just say he really pulled a number on a insecure girl & she was weak enough to fall for his bullshit just once, but at least she learned from her mistake & will never let her guard down again

  22. hellsbloodyrose says – reply to this


    Re: Tay
    To be fair Rupert got dropped from any Snow white sequals so he didn't really benifit.

  23. isjeh says – reply to this


    overheard saying to a friend her bitter experience? is it a crime to say how you feel to a friend? of course haters would pick it up negatively thinking liberty is giving interview….this classy woman has just ended her marriage and struggling to survive from the ugliness of it because of her husband's cheating…embarassing her to the whole world when the picture came out where kristen is an active participant…