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Taylor Armstrong's Boozing Problem Started BEFORE Husband Committed Suicide?!

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We wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if Taylor Armstrong's excessive drinking began BEFORE her abusive husband killed himself back in 2011…

The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills was living with a monster! Alcohol was probably one of the only easy ways she could numb her extreme emotional and physical pain!

In the most recent episodes of RHOBH, Taylor has been called out for her out-of-control drinking — something that Taylor has insisted began as a way to deal with her husband Russell's suicide…

But a source is calling bullpoop on Taylor, claiming her problems began WAY before her husband's death!

The alleged insider shares:

"Taylor is full of sh*t. She was boozing long, long before Russell died. Probably to escape the beatings and reality of her awful marriage. She’s been drunk every time I’ve been around her. She pawns the kid off on anyone with kids who will take her. Then she drinks more!"

Again, we can understand why Taylor would use alcohol as a way to escape her horrific life with her husband — not that we agree with her actions ESPECIALLY since there is a child involved — but give the woman an effing BREAK.

We only hope IF Taylor DOES end up leaving the show she attends a good rehab facility, so that she can finally learn how to battle her demons and not just keep them at bay via the use of alcohol.

Goodness knows she deserves a life free of abuse — and getting constantly wasted is an abuse of both mind AND body!

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