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Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Teases SHOCKING Cliffhanger & Spills JUICY Season 5 Deets!

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But what could be more shocking than stalker Tina getting vapo-intimate with an unconscious Blaine?! OR a Quintanna hookup?! LOLz!

At this year's kick-off PaleyFest event, where he was recognized for all his good TV deeds, Glee's main daddy Ryan Murphy dished up some STEAMY spoiler servings, teasing a cray-cray season four cliffhanger that will set up a VERY unusual season 5!

But wait, we've JUST gotten used to season 4's new format! Now we have to adjust once more to a whole new Glee?! Verrrry intriguing!

On the intense finale he has planned for the end of this emotional roller-coaster of a season, Ryan spilled:

"I loved going back and forth, and I think we’ll always have one foot in both, but I would like a big chunk to follow one particular story that we’re getting ready to launch at the end of this year. It’s going to be a big cliffhanger…

We’re doing some weird shit on the show, just wait. I don’t want to do what we’ve done every year; I want to do something different."

Hoh man, we can't even IMAGINE what "weird shit" is about to go down!

Perhaps Ryan will fast-forward five years to a Rachel who is struggling with raising a child while still attempting to realize her Broadway dreamz?! That would be pretty effing weird, but would be SUPER riveting as we get to meet our fave Gleeks as their slightly more grownup selves!

Ryan also spoke on his plans for Glee's future, dismissing rumors that EVERYONE would just move to NYC.

The Murphs shared:

"No. I think what we’re going to do, and I have to wait until that moment to announce, but what we’re going to do with the show is very different. Not everybody will go to New York, because I think that’s really unrealistic. I really like this season, and I liked going back and forth, but I would really like at one point for a huge chunk of them to stay in one location, which we’ll probably do next year. We just started to talk about that."

Ooooo this totally fits into our fast-forward to the future theory!

You couldn't possibly stop going back and forth between the newbies at McKinley and the rest of the Gleeks without discluding a whole chunk of people… so how ELSE could they fit in every character unless they do a time shift?!


Well, whatever Ryan has planned, we're going to eat it up like the tastiest of cakes! Bring on the weird, Mr. Murphy! We are SO ready!

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9 comments to “Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Teases SHOCKING Cliffhanger & Spills JUICY Season 5 Deets!”

  1. Steph says – reply to this


    Hadn't thought of a time warp, but that might be interesting. But I've got to have my core Glee cast, esp Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Blaine, Artie, Mike…and would like the rest of the core. I much prefer the NYC storyline, but the season has worked better than it started - once they balanced the NYC time w Lima time (NYC time was sadly lacking in the first 4 eps, except for getting Kurt to NYC). Loved "The Break-Up"'s drama, vocals and film editing. Excellent performances. Same for most since Thanksgiving. I Do was hilarious, but I loved Sadie Hawkins- though I was dreading the Tina/Blaine mess. That was perfect for the Kurt/Tina clash in I Do, thuogh - one of my fave lines, now: "Did you Vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend??" LOL And Mercedes, wanting her (tousled) arm-gays :0 /snicker

  2. 2

    Pls cancel this overrated show, so sick of the sexual tones.

  3. Marc M says – reply to this


    Okay, Perez: "discluding"??? Try "excluding", that one's actually in the dictionary, lol. Thanks for the post, otherwise :)

  4. Talli says – reply to this


    Time jump would be stupid. Just get rid of the newbies and focus on the core of Rachel, Finn, Kurt Santana and Blaine in NY with other originals popping in. The newbies are just not that good or interesting to be taking up screen time.

  5. Mark says – reply to this


    OHHH MY GAWWD!!!!! THERE GOING TO BE STRANDED IN AN ISLAND (LOST) ON THEIR WAY TO REGIONALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BrighidsForge says – reply to this


    Oh, god… Cliffhanger? "huge chunk to stay in one location" sounds like they're aleady there and in bloody Lima ;( I have to my Kurt, Rachel, Santana, w Blaine & Finn. Would LIKE Mike, Mercedes & Artie, as well. NYC was much more engaging for me than more high school, as well. If Kurt is only in part of the season & has even fewer songs, then I'll just show up for those, probably. If the format is really engaging, I might peek, but doubtful. This season, while much better than it started, after the newbies were introduced & the vets were allowed back in. Time will tell.

  7. susan1 says – reply to this


    Re: lacroixRe: Marc M – if u think they need to cancel the show its called a channel button go watch something else.

  8. S Purvis says – reply to this


    Do we have any update yet? C'mon, RPM… Just let us keep our vets. Love hearing Darren sing (and have enjoyed more Tina/Artie time), but am missing hearing Chris Colfer's voice in …almost anything (though we did get 2 wonderful solos and 2-3 duets. No ensembles, though, since NYC had ONLY 2 (and now 3) of our stars and were only BARELY used until recently.

    A tad concerned about the "unique concept", but I'll watch as long as Kurt, Rachel, Santana & Finn/Blaine are there.

  9. Kitty says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix

    If you don't like the show, why are you even here? I most likely dislike a lot of the shows you enjoy but since I have mastered the channel changing button on the remote, as most toddlers could do, I don't feel the need to diss any shows I don't like. I simply don't watch them. Perhaps you could do some research online to learn how to change the channel instead of wasting time leaving negative comments about shows that others enjoy.