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85 comments to “Jane Fonda Did Not Appreciate Seth MacFarlane's Oscar Song About Seeing Her Boobs!”

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    People need to relax and this is not the Super Bowl, doubt that children care about old people and their movies even if they can stay up until 3 a.m. to finish it.
    Plus, it was true. We all saw your boobs. Did you not purposefully show them for the world to see?
    I suppose for those unfamiliar with his humor would not like it and I'm not sure why Perez is also being a prissy pants about his hosting abilities. His jokes were funny and some of them pushed the limit.

  2. 2

    And the United States did not appreciate Jane being a traitor in 1972/73. As far as I am concerned, anything that comes out of that harpies mouth is a moo point.

  3. 3

    Fonda is one nasty piece of business,
    wish someone would have bitch slapped her, knock the wig off her head, and kicked her ass in

  4. celebritydaze.com says – reply to this


    Yes. these kinda comments should be avoided.

  5. brando says – reply to this


    Give me a break Perez. Seth was funny. Lighten up and get off your soapbox.

  6. ladydi says – reply to this


    Gringe worthy. Pearl clutching bad.
    Did he approve that awful diatribe or was he forced to read it?
    Either way…the worst. Ever.
    The "I Saw Your Boobs" song? Really.
    I gave up and went to Perez for the fashion show. And by the way Perez, you and I are going to have some words about your taste in clothes.

  7. Mrs M. says – reply to this


    It was just a song about boobs. Seriously America, Get. Over. It.

  8. lame says – reply to this


    if you don't want people talking about em, don't show em. duh. suck it up.

  9. 9

    Re: Mrs M. – So it's ok that he was basically saying about the scenes about rape 'Hey! You got raped, but it's ok! Because we saw your boobs Jodie Foster! We saw your boobs Hilary Swank! I'm from America, and I think I'm better than the rest of ya, so I'm going to sing a song about rape and all the boooobs!

    Distasteful '

  10. 10

    fuck you Jane and the rest of you commies - it's ok when you slam the USA but when someone sings about your boobs its offensive! give me a break!

  11. Dan85 says – reply to this


    nobody likes a feminist.

  12. Question says – reply to this


    Jane was an actress, an American traitor, a chiild and sister to other actors,,,,now she is just out of work. sad.

  13. 13

    Not in defense of Seth or anything, but just a comment on Oscar hosting in general–I understand why one would want to do it once and never again. The way that they take everything you do and say apart with a fine-toothed comb is intimidating and disheartening. No host can stand up to this kind of scrutiny, and they are going to find that fewer and fewer big names are going to make themselves available as host.

  14. yup says – reply to this


    I have lost all respect for Seth…there is such sexism that some (especially men) do not even notice it, becuase they feel it is the norm….But it is not…If only women could treat men the way certain men treat women…it is vile and disgusting…men are idiots (not all, but a lot)…immature idiots.

  15. yes please says – reply to this


    Re: brando – of course men think it is funny..if you were a woman, you would think differently…we are yelled out on the street, checked out blatently every where we go, hit on a work or when we are with friends…we are treated like objects and we are sick of it…Hey guys: leave us alone and act like real men…idiots.

  16. Shanghai says – reply to this


    Whats with all the Jane Fonda hate? Wow she looks amazing and totally agree that many of his jokes were not only bad taste but not even funny!! I was cringing during most of that. How about they go back to having decent presenters who introduce and present not just try to shock!!!

  17. Daniel says – reply to this


    They asked Seth MacFarlane to host the oscars. That is exactly what they got. That is his kind of humour. Why are people so taken back by this? This humour is why he his filthy rich.

  18. 18

    Actually didn't think he went far enough. From watching and loving Family Guy, I expected it to be a lot more, he definitely toned it down. Honestly, I don't understand why everyone is getting so upset about it, relax it's a joke, I doubt any kid would want to watch and if they did it's up to their parents to decide if its appropriate or not. I don't recall any part of the song being about rape, so stop over exaggerating and being so sensitive about everything.

  19. Allcan says – reply to this


    Soooo dramtic, Good Lord!!!! it was nothing more than a song about boobs in movies. relax Fonda

  20. 20

    Oh please. If you were willing to bare your breasts for the whole world to see in a movie, then you should be prepared for people to talk about that, and yes even possibly sing about it. She should be honored she was even mentioned. It was a joke, and it wasn't even meant as an insult. And just for the record I'm a women, and I thought the song was funny and Seth did a great job hosting.

  21. 21

    Re: yes please – oh boohoo people think you are attractive what a sad and horrible thing to deal with. I am a woman and was in no way offended by any of the jokes, so don't generalize it by saying that all women were offended by that. Jane Fonda and all those other actresses decided to show their boobs on screen knowing the consequences of it, I don't see how Seth pointing it out is offensive to women and its objectifying us.

  22. Excuse me? says – reply to this


    I understand that Ms.Fonda has her right to free spech, with that being said she shouldn't throw stones. Some of us have not appreciated comments that she has made in the past. In regards to this being shown to families around the world, it's a show for adults and geared to adults. If people actually choose to keep their kids up that late then they need to be prepared for there to be some material that might not be age appropriate. The song was a joke and was very clean in comparison to what we hear on the radio during the day time or what we see on tv.

  23. Excuse me? says – reply to this


    spelling mistake lol ( speech*)

  24. Adster says – reply to this


    JANE FONDA…. Seth showed you the reality…
    Just look at the dress of the woman that won best supporting actress. Her nipples were practically coming out of her dress..

    thats were women in hollywood are… deal with it

  25. NE1 says – reply to this


    they're just boobs. i'm not even a woman and i have them. if i was an actor i'd be fine showing them in a movie, and it would still get a PG rating.

  26. Seannie says – reply to this


    i love Seth McFarlane, think he's one of the hottest guys alive~

  27. 27

    My first job I worked with a whole group of Vietnam vets. You have no idea how much Jane Fonda is dispised by our soldiers. After working with them I found their kids hated Jane Fonda as much as they did. probably their grand-kids hate jane fonda as much as they did. I hate Jane Fonda, she will die the face of an American TRAITOR

  28. Mydoona says – reply to this



  29. 29

    So these actresses show their boobs, Jane included, and then get offended when people bring it up? Get over it.

  30. sisiwasabi says – reply to this


    I have to disagree with Miss Fitness right there. If Hollywood wasn't about women's bodies and their age, you wouldn't have started a fitness mania and you would still get a job. The only woman your age getting jobs in Hollywood is Betty White. And that is because she hasn#t got a stick up her ass like you.

  31. 31

    At its rawest form, the song was about seeing boobs. no analyzing it or anything. I hadn't seen any of those movies before, so didn't know in what context we saw their boobs. THEIR BOOBS WERE ON THE SCREEN. THAT'S ALL HE WAS SAYING. I bet half the people didn't even know they were rape scenes until you looked it up. He was not glorifying rape in anyway.

  32. elis says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl – This is exactly what I was thinking… it's ridicolous. Hollywood needs to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously.

  33. NikLuvsGreenDay says – reply to this


    Jeez lighten up!! It was a harmless song about boobies and funny to boot!…….Some of you people need to step down of your high horses and stand in the real world. Personally I think Seth did an awesome job of keeping us entertained over a very long period of time….I would like to see some of the haters try and do that!!!

  34. 34

    jane fonda cant stfu!!! sit her ho ass down at age 75… no one cares what u think. ironic when it's about her and femininity she gets all riled up but when it's about others she keeps fucking trap shut. the hypocrisy and 2 faced fakeness of hollywood… oh, and fuck-off fatboy!!

  35. 35

    What a bunch of bullshit. Perez is certainly bowing to the elite on this one. Seth MacFarlane did nothing but what was entirely expected, and he is being villianized for it. REALLY? We're going to look at Jane Fonda as some virtue of what society SHOULD be? Pah-fucking-leaze!!! That's a disgrace. And any female actor who wants to say this is sexism is a massive hypocrite. Don't expect women to follow your lead with this garbage. I'm personally disgusted with this, and I'm typically in favor of what Perez has to say… not this time.

  36. 36

    Re: Seannie – You think Seth is hot? Wow. I think he look like "Peter Brady" from the Brady Bunch. Nerdy & dorky.

  37. 37

    Re: xcalibur – It's sad that you can be so angry & vulgar at people you don't know who say things that don't impact you. Whoever raised you failed at being a parent.

  38. 38

    Meh, these actresses knowingly and willingly exploit their SEX APPEAL for monetary gain. Of course a topless scene will be talked about. Everything from it being a serious role that required nudity to Seth's "we saw your boobs" jokes. That said, no one likes feminists. Most of the women were actually INVOLVED in the skit. Women crave male attention. Always.

    Re: yup – "there is such sexism"men are idiots (not all, but a lot)…immature idiots." Oh the irony. Fun fact: No one likes feminists, in fact a lot of women don't even claim to be a feminist. You simply trick them into thinking so because you say "being a feminist is about wanting equal rights to men" so of course they'll say use. But once women realize how feminists are they dislike him. Such a small, irrelevant amount of women actively take part in feminism related crap. The majority of the crap feminists claim are "sexist" actually isn't.

    Re: yes please – "hit on everywhere". That's funny, because that generally comes out of girls mouths who spend 2 hours in front of the mirror, spend hundreds on beauty products, wear makeup, skin tight jeans and low cut shirts..Then get shocked when men hit on them. All women want attention from males. Specially ALPHA males. You don't like it because you deem most of them to be betas. But chances are you would be all fine and dandy with David Beckham hitting on you or (insert your crush here.)

  39. 39

    Can we point out the most obvious fact that the skit wasn't sexist nor was Seth being sexist. Women showed their boobs, he made a song called "We saw you boobs"..Stating a FACT none the less. Sexism means you think one gender is inferior and the hatred of one gender. Literally 99% of the crap people say are "sexist" "racist" and "homophobic" generally aren't..at all. Instead it's just overly politically correct, easily offended crybabies going through life TRYING to find something to complain about. If people get pissed off at things like this, chances are they don't have very many friends. If they do, rest assured they are like minded or talk about them behind their back and use them for amusement.

  40. 40

    Oh America, lighten up. I get the need to be PC sometimes…but seriously, can we never just let a funny, slightly off coloured joke be? It was funny. It wasn't insulting anyone, just stating the fact that we have indeed seen their boobs. I think some of these actresses take the whole thing far too seriously and don't realize a good portion of the viewing public is watching the movies going "haha, saw your boobs"…it just is what it is. We saw their boobs…whatever.

  41. Red Raven says – reply to this


    Does anyone care what this extremely old woman, who should have been hanged for the traitor she is, says? After all…she has had her real boobs replaced years ago, or else she would be tripping over them.

  42. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    The infamous and traitorous Hanoi Jane needs to keep her mouth shut. Her words and actions have done way more damage than a comical song sang at the Oscars. She is a vile and disgusting waste of space.

  43. Really, I mean really? says – reply to this


    Re: bree311 – they didn't actually get raped you know. It's called "Acting".

    And the song was funny, and yes I'm a woman and a feminist.

  44. 44

    I thought it was so stupid. I guess it would piss me off if I was one of the ladies in the audience. A lot of what he said was bad. Just my opinion.

  45. 45

    Re: MeganAlexis – Turn the page. She has apoligized for that man!

  46. 46

    i completely agree w/mojo jojo.. Everyone knows Seth's sense of humor, how can you honestly say you were "shocked" or "offended" blah blah…When someone with a different sense of humor than yours (Ricky Gervais, Seth MacFarlane, etc)… is chosen to host events, why do you watch? The "we saw your boobs" song and dance was a light hearted, funny, joke about something everyone talks about but nobody says.If it wasn't for Seth hosting and his "push the limit" jokes i think i would have died of boredom! He even acknowledged the gasps and joked about the audience responses! With his sense of humor, known by his t.v. shows, movies, roasts, etc..the academy CHOSE him to host! if the academy (known for their boring, snobbish-type attitudes) approves of his humor and the jokes, why the hell can't you? I'm a woman and i thought the song and dance was funny! I also agree w/Mrs M. "It was just a song about boobs. Seriously America, Get. Over. It." You could have changed the channel instead of watching it all and then bitching about it. I bet a lot of you laughed secretly in your homes, but then act "offended" after. just my opinion.

  47. Krissy says – reply to this


    So, Seth was too crude, and not family friendly. Ricky Gervais was too mean. I think that in order to placate everyone next year's host should be a basket of kittens.

  48. 48

    Re: brando – ..exactly! 100% agree!

  49. 49

    make Seth a host, expect to be offended. dumbasses. He was hilarious. and If you are overly offended then maybe you should just crawl under a rock. He wasn't going to lighten his jokes up for nobody, not even the Oscars. SETH RULES

  50. 50

    Re: lame – truth! your point is very well and simply put! it is what it is.

  51. 51

    If you are dumb enough to get naked in a film for the world to see, having someone sing a song about it, is probably the nicest comment you are going to hear.

  52. 52

    Re: anunsolvedpuzzle4life – sorry sentence should read: "something everyone thinks about but nobody says anything about."

  53. 53


  54. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: yup – In the first place, most women (especially those who have joy succumbed to media brainwashing,) do not expose their breasts in public, and do not like to be placed in the company of those that have been cohersed into believing its art.

  55. Clayton says – reply to this


    This is satire. It's satirizing the very thing you're accusing him of, misogyny and sexism. I know this is difficult for you to understand, Perez, but he didn't actually mean the horrible things he was saying. It's called irony. I've always hated you, and I can't see not hating you, but I hated you slightly less when you were honest about being a sadistic little troll and didn't coat everything you said in protective layer of self righteous sanctimony.

  56. 56

    Really? Well 75% of America doesn't appreciate Hanoi Jane never sincerely apologizing to thousands of US Soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war . She can go F@#! herself with her fake books, phoney baloney life & boob job.

  57. 57

    Re: MeganAlexisRe: MeganAlexis – Thank you YES I wish more people remembered that when this bitch ass skank is doing talk shows on her latest book or whatevs.Re: MeganAlexis – She is a PHONEY! Boobs are fake too so who even cares.

  58. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    First of all she is giving more credit than is do. Not everyone watches the Oscars. I for one didn't, I can catch the winners, dresses, and fake speeches on the news the next day. Secondly is the show NEEDS humor otherwise it's just a pamper fest for celebrities who already have it good. Thirdly, it's Seth McFarlane. His career is built around tasteless and taboo jokes, why is anyone shocked? They keep hiring these shock comedians for events then whining the next day when they say something inappropriate. While I don't think the little girl and George Clooney joke was funny, a lot of the women who did nude scenes let themselves be objectified. It doesn't strengthen the plot line to show your tits, thats eye candy for people who would otherwise be bored. The joke wouldn't make her uncomfortable if she didn't already regret her choices. No one forces them to be nude, you can say no or ask for a body double. And this is coming from a woman.

  59. 59

    Anyone who is whining about this is an idiot. It is funny, let it go. You are the reason why the world looks down on feminists. There is a viral video called "We Saw Your Junk" and it's getting huge press. Is that horrible too because it exploits men? Come on. Everyone needs to stop being so damn sensitive about everything.

  60. 60

    Re: yes please
    I am a woman. I think it was fucking HILARIOUS.

  61. genarae says – reply to this


    Such BS coming out of Fonda's mouth. She has major work done every few years on her face and body but of course that doesn't define her. She's always been such a hypocrite.

  62. Mrs. M. says – reply to this


    Re: bree311 – Do you know the difference between real life and movies? This song is childish and funny. I love it. Seth was pretty soft, if you compare to his usual work.

  63. Mrs. M. says – reply to this


    Re: KaraAlissa – Amen sister! :)

  64. 64

    Hanoi Jane has so much silicone filling EVERY Nook & Cranny on her body that she's basically 100% Silly Putty and will bounce….

  65. 65

    I wonder who the guy Jane Fonda will be getting drunk tonight so he'll FUCK HER….

  66. 66


  67. Number777 says – reply to this


    I agree. He could have used the opportunity to Highlight his talent without his DESPICABLE mysoginy! Cringeworthy words to an otherwise talented performance! SETH/STEWY your a DICK!

  68. 68

    Re: Daniel – Exactly. The "Family Guy" guy was inappropriate? I can't even imagine! You hire Seth McFarlane, you expect juvenile nonsense. No one to blame but yourselves.

  69. kc says – reply to this


    If she didn't want people talking about seeing her boobs, maybe she shouldn't have shown them in the first place…I'm a woman, and I thought the song was funny - people are so sensitive. Not to mention, what exactly were people expecting Seth MacFarlane's jokes to be like? Have they never seen a single episode of Family Guy?

  70. Elle says – reply to this


    Yes everyone so uptight lately! I'm a 46 yr old doll and It was silly not offensive. Geeeezzzz!

  71. 71

    Really Jane? The women of Hollywood, yourself included, have CHOSEN to have boobs and weight definte them. I mean, there are more A-list stars who have shown their boobs than those who have not and ALL Hollywood actresses strive to be a size 0. If Hollywood women didn't define themselves that way then there would be no female nudity in films and more actresses would have bodies like Melissa McCarthy, but we all know that's not the case. I think she's just sore because Seth spoke the truth and called them all out on it.

  72. Kristin says – reply to this


    If women are so ticked about a funny song about their tits (or lack thereof, really) or people talking about their tits, etc etc, being shown to the world, then MAYYYYYYBE they should reconsider, oh, IDK, SHOWING THEM ON FILM in the first place. Just saying.

  73. 73

    Re: MeganAlexis – Amen!! Jane–it was much more offensive for you to sit on enemy weapons, be photographed, and tirade against your country, causing US servicemen held captive to be killed due to your rants.

  74. 74

    Shut the fuck up Hanoi Jane.You don't want someone to say something about you, don't give them the ammunition to use. You are lucky that is all he said about you.

  75. Who cares says – reply to this


    Cripes, get a sense of humor. What a stupid thing to bitch about.
    I miss Hanoi Jane…!

    Jeez, Barberella looks great for her age. Meanwhile, she had noooo problem dressing in that Sci-Fi costume to show her wares in that movie. Pffffffttttt.

  76. 76

    If you don't want people to talk or sing about seeing your boobies, then keep those nasty things covered up. 2 words Jane traitor Fonda - FUCK OFF!

  77. 77

    Re: yup – get a fucking grip lol. I am a woman who thought it was funny. You realize that if he could say dick on national tv he would have sang a song called i saw your dick. Its a fucking show not someone trying to throw women back in time. By the way Jane FOnda has no right to comment on anything. She should not have been allowed back in this country.

  78. 78

    How can anyone in Hollywood object to this song? I guess because they are actually being called out, they don't like it. Well, Hollywood actresses are consumed with their body images, and we have to hear/see it all of the time. Do you think we don't notice you starving yourself, injecting your face with fillers and going under the knife in the quest for youth and perfection? And then you are put on the cover of a magazine and flaunted to "real/natural" women to show us what we will never achieve??? Well, I saw your boobs and they were FAKE. Get over it.

  79. Bella says – reply to this


    So I'm supposed to pretend I didn't see your boobs? As a fiercely independent woman I'd just like to say "lighten the f*ck up"

  80. ONIT says – reply to this


    The Academy knew of the jokes and gave their OK. They were aware of all. Only spontaneous comments by the host are feared by the Academy each and every year but basically all the host says, it was well known even before it aired.

  81. ONIT says – reply to this


    Re: Shanghai – In the 1960s and 1970s Jane had been politically active in the Civil Rights Movement and in opposition to the Vietnam War. Shortly before that the US had its McCarthy era in which they believed everywhere in the US could be communists. That's why she is branded as a "traitor" and a "communist" 'cos that's teh propaganda from that time and such things don't leave people's minds. Remember the US country group "Dixie Chicks"? They openly cliticized Bush Jr.'s (his wars etc.) and they got banned from radios, called traitors etc. Even though most Americans started to say the same things about Bush in the following years (and even though all claims against so-called "traitors" are as usual not really true), the stigma of being called a traitor doesn't leave people's mind ever. And to be honest, you make something up and there are always people who will believe even after it's debunked.

  82. GREG says – reply to this


    Jane Fonda expressing criticism…really?? she's lucky the only criticism she should able to dole out is not about the size of the roaches in her jail cell for being a traitor to her country…

  83. Alliestp says – reply to this


    Oh please…it was a satire on what's true. If you don't want to be an eventual punch line, don't do the deed. You obviously didn't think showing your boobs was a bad thing when you did it, so man up and deal with the backlash.

  84. 84

    Jane Fonda is the last person who should complain about anything.

  85. KSnelso says – reply to this


    Yeah because I give a shit what traitor fonda says. As a woman I personally think you push women back when you get your skirts ruffled over something as silly as this. He was funny and he did a great job with what he was given. Get off his balls already. It seems the only people who thought he wasn't funny were the snooty people he called out and people who do not have a sense of humor.