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RHOBH: Kyle Richards Is Furious Over Brandi Glanville Calling Her The C-Word!

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kyle richards responds brandi glanville c word(1)

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' outspoken star, Brandi Glanville, had to have seen this backlash coming!

We previously told you how Brandi, who’s widely known for not having a filter and saying whatever shiz comes to mind, was on the Howard Stern show recently.

During her interview with Howard, Brandi not only blasted her RHOBH co-stars, but referred to them as the c-word as well!

While many of the ladies have learned not to take Brandi’s words too seriously, this insult seemed WAY uncalled for — especially according to Kyle Richards!

In a recent interview, Kyle called Brandi’s insult “disgusting” and is FURIOUS with her!

Kyle confessed:

“I think it’s really disgusting and the truth is I’ve been so nice to Brandi and really have gone out of my way to try and get to know her especially after last season.”

Richards continued, saying:

“She thinks, ’Since I have no filter, let’s see how I can shock everyone’ and just says whatever. But I feel like if you’re nice to my face and tell me you like me, why must you say something horrible about me to the press? I just think she doesn’t really consider other people’s feelings when she talks to the press.”

Kyle does have a good point, here…

While Brandi can be funny with her blunders here and there, she probably should be aware by now that she can be hurtful too.

It sounds like Brandi REALLY crossed the line this time!

[Image via RealityTVGIFs.]

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27 comments to “RHOBH: Kyle Richards Is Furious Over Brandi Glanville Calling Her The C-Word!”

  1. 1

    I'm sure Kyle is the only one in the cast who's pissed. She said in a playful way, not meaning to hurt anyone. But irrelevant Kyle needs to make a comment so that her name can be mentioned in the press. Why can't she find other ways to make herself a little interesting rather than reacting over something so unimportant?

  2. apple annie says – reply to this


    Kyle the C-word….rude, disrespectful,l a -s**t stirrer,trying to make herself relevant. She has caused 90% of the fights on the show. She makes me sick…Get rid of her and her phoniness.

  3. Waleed says – reply to this


    Stern said the girls weren't nice to you when you first joined and she replied yeah they were c**nts sorry but if you reviewed the episodes it's pretty true

  4. bubu says – reply to this


    Kyle has not been nice to her, she talked about her the whole season. And not ones stood up for her!!! She is the main problem on that show!

  5. 5

    Brandi Granville is the C—T, not her co-stars. So low class, that if she's on next season I will not watch RHOBH anymore.

  6. carina says – reply to this


    She is grasping at straws because we the viewers have seen what a two faced phony lying backstabber Kyle is. I rather have Brandi say things in public than have a phony backstabber do things behind my back and then smile at my face. Kyle, actually the C word does suit you very well. If she has problems with this it is because she knew indirectly Brandi was referring to her.

  7. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    No, Brandi didn't cross the line. Kyle and her ugly husband are phony people. Kyle says she's been "nice" to Brandi and all the while she's been talking about Brandi behind her back, letting her friends attack Brandi at every turn and it's obvious Brandi was set up by Kyle, and Kyle has even started with Lisa but Kyle knows Lisa won't put up with her shit and can handle her. So no, Kyle does not have a point. She's fake and Brandi called her out. She doesn't like, oh well. Get over it already. She is the "C" word. Deal with it.

  8. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: gabbym – You need to re-watch the shows.

  9. 9

    Oh, My! Glanville cursed/joked on the Howard Stern show.
    It wasn't even a serious comment, it was a deadpan exaggerated

    Kyle is trash.

    Straight up, old fashioned white trash, badly raised, bad family, bad mother, drug addled flakey sister, ill mannered husband, all pretending to be wealthy when they are not. All social climbing greed without an ounce of decorum or etiquette knowledge.
    Not a one is familiar with the concept of personal integrity. They were NOT raised in Beverly Hills. They do not live there now. The Umansky's live in a rather hideous old ranch house near the freeway, and three blocks from Sherman Oaks.

    Kyle's best friend, the MCFR is a coke whore, a babymama, an adulterer, an alcoholic, and the daughter of a babymama with a different man for every child. name.

    Kyle's mom was Jersey trash similarly knocked up in the back of a Chevy in the 50's. She was the homewrecker to the first Mrs. Richards who had several children before she began sleeping with him. She then married a known criminal for the ill gotten gains. Mama believed in trapped wealthy men.

    Both of Kyles weddings were shotgun. i.e. knocked up.

  10. Chill says – reply to this


    If you don't want Brandi to call you one, stop acting like one. Glanville's the bomb, she speaks the truth.

  11. 11

    Brandi is a classless, manipulative liar.
    The C word is disgusting and vulgar, not surprised she would use it.
    Glad the truth about the lawsuit/letter is out. Too bad her stans still think she is telling the truth.

  12. HWfan says – reply to this


    Luv Brandi for her no holds barred honesty. She holds herself to the same standard and is quick to admit her mistakes. I watched the Stern interview. She wasn't labeling all her castmates (obvious, since several of them are her good friends) but seemed rather to imply that the way she was treated early on earned a few of the ladies that title, and she's right.

  13. Bev says – reply to this


    You can't polish a turd…………. Yes Kyle, I mean you.

  14. 14

    Hey if the stinky tampon fits….WEAR IT & STFU!

  15. Zzzzz says – reply to this


    Kyle and her sister WERE c…s to Brandi, from the time she hobbled into Kyle's party. This site should quit defending Kyle, and call her out on HER bad behavior.

  16. Hannah says – reply to this


    Re: KatherineSmythe

  17. 17

    Brandi is a nasty slag. I am surprised someone hasn't beat her up already. She had to rejuvinate her snatch because she is so used up and nasty. I bet it smells like cod.

  18. bravojunkie says – reply to this


    Re: KatherineSmythe – Love it!! Thanks for the inside scoop. I thought Kyle had been trying to make everything look a little too perfect for tv. Once a bad actress…always a bad actress I guess. Pretty good at pretending though.

  19. BravoJunkie says – reply to this


    I love how the RHOBH women act as if their ears have been stabbed if they hear a swear word. Pah…leeze!

    Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda are the best! Love how, regardless of wealth, they keep it real. Team Brandi!!

  20. Susan says – reply to this


    Brandi is a trailer trash queen. And the "no filter" stuff is either a smoke screen for stupidity or a total lack of respect or control, either way, she's a loser. I stopped watching halfway through this season. Hearing Brandi throw the "f" bomb every show lower the bar for me.

  21. Brittany says – reply to this


    Oh plz. It was the Howard Stern show and was a joke. Kyle is just trying to look good in the press, but B.H. Is a small town and Kyle doesn't have a good reputation for treating service people kindly. I witnessed it myself. So payback is a bitch Kyle you deserve a Brandi who isn't going to have to put up with your attitude like mere mortals trying to make a living.

  22. Zoinks says – reply to this


    Brandi's the only reason I watch rhobh. She's gorgeous, funny, and tells it like it is. Love you Brandi, don't ever change!

  23. Tanya_Nj says – reply to this

  24. Tanya NJ says – reply to this


    GabbyM is 100% right. Brandi is the WORST. Classless, trashy and a total casting mistake. Oh and her friends who keep showing up for camera time are just as awful. Team Kyle!

  25. Dee says – reply to this


    Re: gabbym – Exactly. She is a vile trouble maker with a weak storyline. She blames Leanne for breaking up her married, Eddie broke up your marriage he cheated with several others prior to meeting Leann. And, telling Adrienne's personal business that involved her children was WRONG. Children are off limit. What will they talk about next season? Adrienne AGAIN, Eddie and Leanne?

  26. Dee says – reply to this


    Re: Zzzzz – Being the newbie, Brandi should have kept her comments to herself. She got what she deserved. They made amends so you should move on

  27. Maby Ewin says – reply to this


    Who is Kyle to call anyone disgusting! Kyle is the most vulgar and disgusting of all the housewives. Kyle is so insecure, manipulative and hateful. I remember when she first saw Brandi and how mean she was to her before she even new her. Bravo needs to get a clue and get the evil Faye and Kyle off the show. No one is entertained by these 2 mean and disgusting women.