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Harry Styles Wants To Give Jennifer Lawrence His One Thing!

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Sorry, we don't know why we find the idea of charming Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence and cheeky British womanizer Harry Styles getting all up in each other's intimate parts so HIGHlarious…

But we just can't imagine that the most desired woman in the world right now (easily) would decide to settle for a vagina-chasing boybander!

No offense Taylor Swift.

BUT it seems that One Direction's horny Harry is hungering for the Hunger Games star, and is apparently pretttyyyy confident that he can close the deal!

One insider claims:

"He fell in love with Jennifer after watching her speech at the Oscars. Harry likes goofy girls and thinks it's hilarious that she fell over as she went to accept her award for Best Actress, and obviously, like most men, he thinks she's drop-dead gorgeous.

He's been begging mutual friends who know Jen to put the word out for him so they can hook up next time they're in the same city. Harry is quietly confident because he normally gets whichever girl he sets his sights on."

HA! Someone's got a big, wide, thick peen EGO!

Ok, so let's compare Harry to Jennifer's ex-bf, giant killer Nicholas Hoult!

He's also a handsome Brit, but rather than seducing girls with vanilla-style pop songs, Nicholas became famous by singing Killing Me Softly with Hugh Grant in About a Boy, went on to star in the critically acclaimed original Skins as the manipulative Tony Stonem, and now is a big time movie star.

But Harry DOES have that mop hairdo and his voice can somehow make alllll the ladiez swoon.

If it DID come down to a contest, which dashing lad do U think The Silver Linings Playbook star should date?!

And neither IS an option! LOLz.

[Image via WENN.]

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29 comments to “Harry Styles Wants To Give Jennifer Lawrence His One Thing!”

  1. Se says – reply to this


    Yeah, he aint gonna hit that anytime soon…

  2. 2

    Stay away from her you goof. she's wayyyy to good for you!!!

  3. says who says – reply to this


    Ah I think Harry ahs a big heart-if you read up on him he's a nice guy. She could do much worse-although he's pretty young still.

  4. The Owls Meow says – reply to this


    I wish Jen was my BFF

  5. 5


  6. sultan mahmud says – reply to this


    Live style are veny …
    Read more.

  7. 7

    Nice are fantasy style fashion.

  8. YesImaDirectioner says – reply to this


    You little hoe. 'Vagina chasing boybander?' Eh? Who are you to Judge him? Hes so much better than all these rumours…He has a big heart and being constantly presented as a womaniser and sex driven hormone frenzy teenager isnt the ideal description you would like to hear about yourself. He has feelings you know? Stop being a stupid bitch going around and judging everyone ok? I agree they dont really match as she seems very mature but is it necesary to be so judgmental? You should think before you type shit.
    -A directioner.

  9. Ellie says – reply to this


    Do I believe he would try? Yeah. I mean she's obviously gorgeous, who wouldn't. But that doesn't mean SHE would. Regardless of her sense of humor, shes wiser beyond her years and I HIGHLY doubt she would put herself in the position to have people thinking she's associated with him because of his reputation. She's clearly more interested in her career than anything else.

  10. Sara says – reply to this


    Hahahaha he can try, but I doubt it I dont see anything between them

  11. Dreams says – reply to this


    Harry everyone wants to be her "Silver Lining" , but dude you wont be able to handle that you know behind

  12. MB says – reply to this


    I don't even know what she's in or who she is, but she seems hot.

  13. onedirection1D says – reply to this


    What is wrong with you??? you dont know ANYTHING about him except for what you hear! He is not a womanizer! why do you say that? He has had just a few short relationships? Well can you name someone that hasnt? He is still very young and to say these things about him is a shame on you! He could be much worse! you dont see him out there doing drugs or really ANYTHING bad and he is a very nice person! Before you talk you should know what your actually saying and taking in that young kids might read this about their idol. If you have to write about that he wants to date her, then say it without your rude comments. Nobody wants to hear your opinon because it is very offending and you have NO idea what you are talking about.

  14. Jess says – reply to this


    She's gorgeous. He's attractive too, but I agree, he wouldn't be able to handle her hot ass. He's just a kid compared to her.

  15. Cammie says – reply to this


    Her ass is too sexy for him. He may think he can get whoever he wants, but that's not the case.

  16. kashayLovesHarrystyles says – reply to this


    Wth Harry is a great Guy! There are so many rumors about him, i dont even believe None of Them, He Is not a Womanizer! if you got to know him so much more you will realize he is a great guy! I know very much about him Because i am a Directioner and i Fancy him! I would Totally date him! Dont judge him he is a human being and he has Feelings Too! - _ - lOVE YOU FOREVER hARRY!

  17. .. says – reply to this


    Just because you are a Directioner doesn't mean that you know them. They could be faking it for the cameras for all you know. Seriously, you don't know them. Nobody's judging him just because he's a celebrity, people would judge him if he wasn't famous, too.

  18. rlloyd says – reply to this


    Most desired woman in the world? Gross.

  19. 19

    ugh why

  20. Katie says – reply to this


    I love Jennifer and Harry. But for anyone to say either is to good for the other is ridiculous. Who are you to judge either one of them? Rather you like him and his music, or her and her movies, doesn't mean one if better than the other. Plus I am positive this "insider" probably is someone made up or making this up. I'mm sorry but Harry can have his choice of ladies, why would he fall for someone after watching them on tv? It would have made more sense if they had met and he fell that way, come on!

  21. K says – reply to this


    You bitches need to stop. Stop obsessing over celebrities relationships, it's stupid. If they ever meet each other and fall in love for each others personalities, so be it. You might be surprised to hear it but neither of them care about your opinions you their love life. Seriously, if it ever happens, it happens. If not, he won't love you anyway.

  22. Laura says – reply to this


    haha he can try but dont think anything will happened between them, thats just my opinion

  23. CC says – reply to this


    Re: Michmasterflex – Totally agree, she is way to good for him!

  24. Emily says – reply to this


    Yeah, so what if Harry has a crush on her? Don't we all I mean come on, what's not to love about her?

  25. One Direction says – reply to this


    He is not a womanizer nowhere near it! So just stop saying it is to make your story seem more interesting.

  26. KTomlinson says – reply to this


    youRe: Ellie – you go girl
    - A Directioner as well

  27. Nicole says – reply to this


    I hate how this article is trying to make him seem like a douchebag. :( Harry is a sweet guy and I'm sure he doesn't think that Jennifer will automatically go out with him.

  28. 28

    Not a chance in hell.

  29. hayley says – reply to this


    I think they'd make the cutest couple, despite the age difference though it's not a huge one. Only by 5 years. Liam Payne and his girlfriend are 6 so why can't Jennifer and Harry date?