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Scott Weiland Insists His Stone Temple Pilots 'Termination' Was Just A Stunt To Boost Ticket Sales!

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scott weiland stone temple pilots termination publicity stunt

Wow… this is all beginning to sound like such a clusterf*ck!

When asked if he's still leading Stone Temple Pilots, rock icon Scott Weiland confidently says, "I started it."

And according to him, the statement released regarding his 'termination' was just a publicity stunt to boost ticket sales.

He also says there's no way they can fire him… because it's not allowed in the contract!

The Interstate Love Song singer explains:

"STP is not broken up. It's a whole thing to try to boost ticket sales. There's a thing written in our contract, no one can be fired. I haven't talked to them for awhile, but they were trying to get shows put together but we [his solo band] already had our [Purple to the Core] tour. They've done a lot of stuff like that in the past before, it's just kind of the way they roll."

Overall, he seems pretty calm with the situation; probably because he IS so busy with other projects on the burner right now.

And we're not trying to blow smoke up his ass, but he kinda is Stone Temple Pilots. The other members are obviously extremely important as well, but STP without Scott just isn't STP. And we're getting the impression the fans feel the same way.

When Scott did a side project with members of Guns N' Roses, they didn't call themselves Guns N' Roses. They re-named their musical fusion Velvet Revolver, and that's basically what the other members of STP would need to do if they planned on working without him.

As far as speculation goes concerning a rebirth of Scott's drug use, he promises:

"I haven't been doing any of that bad stuff in a long time. I drink some. But I don't drink and drive, I'm fine I'm all good."


We definitely don't wanna see what happened to Layne Staley become Scott fate's too. Death by drug is just… *shiver* we don't even wanna think about it!

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3 comments to “Scott Weiland Insists His Stone Temple Pilots 'Termination' Was Just A Stunt To Boost Ticket Sales!”

  1. T says – reply to this


    Junkie talk. The guy is a mess, I don't blame them for firing him.

  2. 2

    Re: T – The guy is the heart of STP. He started the whole thing.

  3. MB says – reply to this


    Well, yeah, he is STP, but the brothers Deleo are also a large percentage of the band sound and talent/writing. Equal actually. Not to mention Eric Kretz, but he's the drummer so who gives a crap about him….

    HahahJK, the guy is an awesome drummer.