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Our heart really goes out to Justin Bieber for having what he described via Twitter to be the "worst birthday," after he and his entourage were forced to le… Read more…

64 comments to “Justin Bieber's Birthday Drama Was Caused By Jaden Smith!”

  1. 1

    19 year-old Justin would be THROWN IN PRISON for years if he tried sneaking a 14 year-old boy into a USA BAR…

  2. MichJB says – reply to this


    Exactly why is a nineteen year old hanging out with a fourteen year old? And why is Jaden Smith in London? Where are his parents?

  3. Sandra says – reply to this


    Very mature of Bieber to go to the UK to celebrate his birthday because he knows he can't drink in a club or bar in the US, yes.

  4. jmesrevenge says – reply to this


    Why was a 14 year old trying to get in a club?

  5. Jeez says – reply to this


    What kind of fucking logic does he have? So he goes to London to celebrate his birthday because he's obviously not allowed in US bars/clubs. But then he brings a 14 old with him? You can't get in if you're not 18 you dickhead. You want to party with minors then arrange a house party or whatever. You wanna go out? Make sure they're all adults. And where the fuck are Jaden's parents? Who lets a 14y old go to London all by himself and allow him to party in a club? The fuck?
    And then they have the fucking decency to throw a fucking fit cuz they didn't get in. You're not above everyone else you ass. Grow the fuck up!

  6. Sab says – reply to this


    Well this is stupid. First of all, why would parents allow their child to go to a club when they're underage? It's absolutely stupid, did Jaden really think he would be allowed into the club? And Justin Bieber really needs to understand that he's not going to get everything in life, the security guard was just doing his job. It's wrong to have an 14 year old at an 18+ club, everyone knows that. Celebrities need to understand that there aren't "special laws" or exceptions for them. When reality hits them, it's a shock. It's sad really, rules should apply to everyone, that's why they're made.

  7. daisy14309 says – reply to this


    14, seriously??? What 19 year old would WANT to hang out with a 14 yr old in a club?? Did he really expect for the kid to get in when he started the night?

  8. Annon says – reply to this


    Re: Sandra – Justin is currently touring in the UK; he didn't just hop on a plane and fly all the way over there just to throw himself a birthday party. He is legal age everywhere except USA.

  9. 5678hufg says – reply to this


    Everyone going on about justin throwing the party in the U.K so he could drink instead of USA but are you forgetting he is canadian anyway and he can drink there so its irrelevant.

  10. Jessie says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – it was in London….. not the US.

  11. 11

    Sounds like Chuck-e-Cheese would have been a more appropriate venue.

  12. suzette says – reply to this


    Good for the club, a 14 year old should never be allowed into an 18 and over club whether you are a celebrity or not. Yea, Justin should have worked it out with the club to let people in of all ages. Or Justin should have found a teen club to do his party at so Jaden could get in. I mean Jaden would be denied at any club all over the world if the club cared about it's reputation. Yes, Justin is a good friend for leaving the club but completely dumb if he thought he could get Jaden in. Like I said thumbs up to security who held their ground and not letting Jaden in.

  13. Emma says – reply to this


    He paid £10000 for the club! So he should of been allowed on! And Jaden has had to grow up alot faster than other children, hes a celeb as are his parents! He goes on tour alone! And he was with other memebers of Justins crew! You all need to shut up! If you paid £10000 Youd expect for everyone to be allowed in, Justin didnt kick off just about this it was the paps who ruined the nighy too, calling his family. Pushing people and almost causing a crash! Hes 19 he should be allowed to have fun! Stop hating!

  14. Tegan says – reply to this


    Sorry about your birthday Beiber. After I waved away my insane jealousy over that fact that you got to (almost) celebrate it for $15,000 at circus-themed party in Londontown, I was able to feel genuinely sorry for you. :P

    ps. Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke huh? Well…. lets just say that Googling her name and Selena's have v-a-s-t differences. But hey, you're a 19 guy so I guess I understand.

    pps. On the minuscule chance that you read this Ella, ignore everything I just implied about you. I have no idea who you are and my opinion really doesn't matter. As long at the Guy Upstairs, your friends, and your family have glowing reviews of you you're A ok:P

  15. Alex says – reply to this


    Whoa whoa wait. Jaden Smith is 14?! Well I guess that crush is out the window :P

  16. sandrac148 says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – Are you kidding me? Who hasn't seen pics of underage celebrities in clubs in the USA?? When you're a celebrity they conveniently turn a blind eye..

  17. Lou says – reply to this


    Justin is from Canada and can go to clubs there bec you only have to be 18-19yo, he went to London cos he's touring…in fact most places in the world you have to only be 18-19yo…the USA are the only oddballs who have a 21yo age limit…totally redic!…get with the program USA…make the age 19yo and get the metric system like the rest of the world…btw…Jaden Smith is a spoiled entitled brat…good luck with that Will and jada

  18. Bill says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – Yes we know. The US jails 1 in 30 of its citizens, far more than anywhere else in the world. Throwing people in cages is the US solution to everything, bad health, mental illnes, drug addicton, poverty, you name it. Anyway, it used to be that young people could go into pubs in the UK if they were accompanied by an adult but maybe that has changed, or maybe the adult has to be older than the Biebs. I doubt there was a scene. He probably said too bad and they left.

  19. 19

    Re: Emma – Even if you pay the club a zillion pounds, it's still ILLEGAL to let a 14 year old into a club where they serve alcool. Grow a brain, please.

  20. 20

    Makes you wonder what the Smiths are thinking letting their 14 yr old go to a club???

  21. Jp says – reply to this


    Jesus Perez could you get your lips any tighter to that idiots ass

  22. The Truth says – reply to this


    Boo hoo rich boy had a sad birthday. It must be the end of the world. Who gives a shit? This is what's trending now. Give me a fucking break and perez you fucking creepy asshole its not like someone died. "Our heart really goes out to." Speak for yourself not rest of the world who are not teenagers and pedophiles. Seriously how did you get a baby?

  23. speelingmistake says – reply to this


    He tried to sneak a 14 year old child into a club. That's not admirable in any way. He didn't leave by choice, he was warned that sneaking a child into a club or giving them alcohol could lead to the adults in the group being arrested.
    After an incident like that the security guards will have communicated with guards at other clubs in the area warning them that this group is trying to sneak children into clubs. He didn't really have much choice but to go back to his hotel.
    He may not have arrived with any respect for British law but he's sure going to leave with some.

  24. says who says – reply to this


    You can say a lot of things about Justin Bieber and NONE of them have the word mature in them…he is even unable to pull his pants up for god's sake and I am sure that is an act all of us have mastered by the age of four!

  25. Sugar82 says – reply to this


    Ummmm….I am thinking that he's a pretty big douchbag in his everyday anyhow, so this was to be expected really, and if a 14 year old kid was let into a club…well, that's just plain illegal right????

  26. 26

    not one fucking lick of drama, only in your mind PERV-ex, 14 YO shitass little child going into a bar to party with a 19 YO little girly man. Entitled dipshits all of them, please go die.

  27. 27

    Re: Jp – he's hoping to work around to the front, you know he has a major hard on for this child, always had, since he was 14.

  28. 28

    jaden smith is sooo hot

  29. 29

    Re: Emma – Clearly you are not aware there are laws against underage kids being in a club. Laws that could take away the business's license or result in huge fines.
    The people who own the club are going to be the ones help responsible and the ones who pay the price. And I guarentee they aren't as well off as Justin, the probably need their business. Think next time.

  30. Trish says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – Can you speak/write English so I can understand your comment?

  31. ed says – reply to this


    he hangs with 14 year old because no one else will.. what other "celebrities" where invited to the party.. iam guessing not that many

    and where the parents of the 14 year old?

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Justin is touring in the UK and jaden was in London for a msfts thing his clothing and idk why everyone making a big deal about why was he tryn get in the club justin prob invited him because they are good friends since they made the song never say never together jusssayin

  34. Candy Barr says – reply to this


    Re: Sandra – That is exactly what I was thinking, Sandra! You have to question Bieber's maturity level.

  35. 35

    Now all the USA's 14 year-olds will think Justin is cool and will buy his crappy CD's & products….

  36. 36

    The 14 year-olds in Los Angeles are all drug-addicted thug gang-bangers dealing crack….

  37. 37

    I bet Jayden is the TOP & Justin is the BOTTOM…

  38. 38

    Re: Emma – Actually for your information, cause you love to throw moronic lines all over, theres a contract that it has to be signed in the UK when you rent a place and overall when you rent it for such an amount with full catering. But the laws are still to be followed, no matter the money you pay and no matter who you are. Probably in US celebrities can sneak by slightly easier, but in the UK is different.
    Also what a stupid comment about Jaden growing up faster cause he is the child of a celebrity, we all know that lots of celeb children are f*cked up. He is a teenager who just came out from being a "tweenie", what makes you think he is mentaly grown up, gosh.
    My personal question is: WHO the heck lets a kid like Jaden to go to a night club? or did he lie to his parents and said he was going to a party in a house?. If they let the kid go these parents need to revise their parenting methods.

  39. 39

    Where is 14 year old Jadens parents/

  40. 40

    Re: rosebud99 – Actually rosebud, Chuck e Cheese is more for much younger kids. Now if they were in the US, Shakey's Pizza has a nice Bunch o Lunch buffet with all you can eat salad, pizza, fried chicken and Mojo potatoes among other things, and they serve beer and wine, but obviously not to a 19 year old. Cost is $7-8 plus tax and drinks.

  41. 41

    Re: Emma – Honey, get a clue. 10,000 GBP is nothing to him, over 30 years ago I tended bar in a local bar in a working class neighborhood, the owners had to pay over $20-25k USD and there was a waiting list for liquor licenses at the time. This was not a nightclub, just a local dive bar. Now you really think the club should jeopardize their license (who knows what it cost them) for a lousy 10k GBP? Yes it is a lot to me and you but not so much to Justin B.

  42. Daniel says – reply to this


    How To Write A Justin Bieber Song in 30 seconds, search for it on youtube (thank me later)

  43. PM2901 says – reply to this


    #13 - Please tell me you don't have children!

  44. piperfree says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – Just because he paid, doesn't mean he gets to break the law! Are you demented? Probably just 12 and don't quite understand laws.

  45. Kendall says – reply to this


    Re: Sandra – Yeah, but who cares about the American part since he wasn't in the States anyway. Besides, he's Canadian, and here the legal drinking age is 19 so it is pretty big deal for him.

  46. biebercraze says – reply to this


    Everyone saying that we went to London to simply celebrate his birthday because he's allowed to drink there is wrong. He is currently touring in the UK. I went to this concert in Miami..and I can confirm that Jaden Smith is a guest at all of the shows on this tour so he obviously had to ride along with Justin for the second leg of the tour which is in the UK

  47. 47

    Awww, poor widdle Justin had ZOMG THE WORST BIRTHDAY EVAH because he couldn't get a child into a club. Puhleeze.

  48. 48

    Sounds like they are trying to put a spin on it. In all reality, he probably wasn't even allowed in due to Justin's age. Once he got in, he became an arrogant douche, started causing trouble, then the club freaked out because he's making a scene while not even suppose to be there.

  49. 49

    So, he's being mature because he threw a hissy fit that the club wouldn't break the law for him, he stormed out and then acted like a douche afterward? THAT'S your definition of mature?! He wasn't forced to leave the club - he chose to leave because he felt so entitled to get his way that he couldn't handle someone saying NO to him. He's a whiny teenager, period.

  50. John says – reply to this


    If Jada had any class, he would have said, That,s okay don't wreck your birthday for me, catch you later.

  51. 51

    Will Smith didn't chaperone? He only chaperones Jaden on dates with Kardashians? Ha! The Kardashians don't do sizzurup or smoke weed like Justin…..pretty stupid.

  52. tmarrs says – reply to this


    Perez…You are a fucking idiot….Jaden was under age and I don't give a fuck who he is. Again you are a FUCKING IDIOT.

  53. 53

    Why is justin beiber rushing to instagram to post a lie? We all know what REALLY happened. This kid who thinks he is above the LAW thought he could probably sneak or pay his way to bring this 14 year old unsupervised child to this night club and got REJECTED. Justin needs to reconsider his life bc his poor choices are going to get him in serious trouble soon. Spiraling out of control.

  54. 54

    There was a time when any negative comment about Bieber posted on any article on the internet would be blasted by dozens of "UR A STUPID UGLY FAT BITCH JUSTIN IS SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!" comments from his fans. Not so much anymore. Looks like the fact that he's turned into a self-important douche is slowly making its way past the glitter dust in their brains. They're finding it a lot harder to make excuses for him. Wonder how long it'll be before he turns on them and throws a huge hissy about being deserted. Here comes Britney Spears 2.0.

  55. Alexis says – reply to this


    Really?! You guys believe a GOSSIP site says? Perez can literally say someone ran to the moon and ya'll would believe it. Will is THERE with Jaden in London. Only because Jaden is a celebrity doesn't mean he's not a normal kid. Ofcourse, his parents would be there ! He's 14. And No, Justin didn't try to sneak in Jaden. Thats BS. Jaden's parents would never let him. Seriously Justin would leave a club for his little friend? Uhh.. NO. Just read Justin's Instagram you gullible people -_-

  56. 56

    @Alexis, you believe the self-serving crap Bieber puts on his Instagram….yet have the nerve to call other people gullible? Beliebers think they invented the whole teen idol thing. Wanna know why adults can't understand how "amazing" Bieber is? It's because they've seen it all before and they know how the story ends. Keep wearing your rose-colored glasses and believing every line he and his paid hangers-on feed you. Keep telling everyone to JUST LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE!!!!! until the day he's locked in a hotel bathroom drugged out of his mind and carving interesting shapes on his arm with a very large knife. All the signs are there; we've seen it a thousand times before and when it happens, all his little fans will demand to know why no one did anything to help poor Justin before it got that bad.

  57. 57

    If he wanted to "accommodate guests of ALL ages" then he needed to have his party someplace else! Bieber frequents that club and should know the age restrictions - at least whoever planned the party should have (cause you know he didn't plan his own party). You CANNOT ask a business to break the law and risk their business license because of who you think you are! A 14 year old does NOT belong in a club for ANY reason - celebrity kid/friend or not! Was Bieber thinking of ALL his other guests when he shut down his party and left? If Jayden Smith was the "important" guest, then maybe he should have had a private party with just the two of them. Tryin to make his younger friends welcome? Yeah, so he turned away from his "older" and possibly more age appropriate friends. He was being a baby because he could not get his way is what it all was about.

  58. 58

    Oh - and whoever planned his b-day bash is the person responsible for his "worst birthday ever". They expected Bieber was above the law and found out he isn't! Poor baby had to obey the laws! How many people even get huge b-day parties when they are an "adult" - other then celebrities? Or "milestone b-days"?

  59. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – Laws don't stop applying to you just because you throw money at them.

  60. randomer says – reply to this


    It's a complete lie, Jaden even tweeted "Gave Justin his Cartier then went home" and in an interview he said that his dad said he wasn't even allowed to go so…

  61. Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – Do you know why it's illegal for a 14 year old to drink?? Because it's unhealthy! I don't care if it's legal or not for JB, Smith is only a child!

  62. mariah bieber says – reply to this


    jaden's parents could have just let him fly out to see Justin bieber on his BIRTHDAY and not went with him because there are adults in justins crew like scouter and mama jane and as for Justin hanging out with a 14 year old they have been friends since 2010 and you cant just drop ur best friend because your a couple years older and really who are you to decide who he can hang out with

  63. TMYZ says – reply to this


    Re: Sandra – i think so too love both of them UNCONDITIONALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Mike says – reply to this


    It's nice to hear that a horrible singer and an even more horrible actor are friends. I hope they run away together and we never hear from them again