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55 comments to “Olivia Wilde Demands That Justin Bieber Wear - Or BUY - A Shirt! Quote Of The Day!”

  1. nina says – reply to this


    thank god someone finally said it—I don't want to look at his little pre=pubescent girl chi chis any longer. Eat a ham sandwich, load up on protein shakes, wait til your balls descend, then get back to us shirtless in about 5 years.

  2. 2

    Kind of ironic coming from a woman who appears naked for money in movies and whose real last name is Cockburn.

  3. Trying to be nice but says – reply to this


    This kid really needs to put on shirt and stand up straight. His people need to tell him or they need to be replaced.

  4. 4

    And pull up your pants.

  5. 5

    What do his team say when he decides he's going to walk about shirtless, in London, in winter. I just couldn't handle working for such a child, although I imagine the pay aint too shabby!

  6. 6

    She should have told him to pull his fucking pants up too. I mean seriously, why wear pants when they are handing down around your thighs. You can't even walk properly.

  7. 7

    Olivia, he will purchase a shir, to cover his chest when you get some bangs and cover your 10 head.
    This tacky slut, never knows when to stick Jason's cock in her mouth and shut up.

  8. free says – reply to this


    Well said- and it's not as if there's an sudden heatwave in London either.

  9. mat says – reply to this


    I'm no fan of Beiber at all and I don't care for his little punk ass look but who fuck does this chick think she is? his mama? stfu.

  10. Shadow says – reply to this


    Olivia Wilde has fogotten SHE SAID SHE WAS SINGLE WHEN SHE WAS MARRIED, she changed her name and posed naked for all magazines to become famous, she isn´t only one of the worst actresses in Hollywood, bur the worst It´s that OLIVIA WILDE IS AN UGLY WOMAN THAT THINKS SHE´S HOT, I mean a pretty big forehead, ugly nose, the squarest face I´ve ever seen, and fat and ugly legs HOW IS POSSIBLE SHE WAS CONSIDERED THE HOTTEST GIRL ON DR HOUSE when Morrison and Odette anabele are bi far hotter than her (real beautiful girls), OLIVIA IS DESESPERATE TO LOOK FOR ATTENTION THAT´S ALL AS USUAL AND WANTS TO BE FLATTERED BY SAYING ALL THAT, SHE´S REALLY PATHETIC !!!

  11. mms says – reply to this


    I ´d like to know why she has to quarrel Justin Bibier, and why she behaves like her mom or she wants to be flattered by saying all that because It wouldn´t the first time she´s desesperate to look for attention.
    By the way have you noticed that every time Olivia has on her face little to no make up she looks ugly except when she has on her tons of makeup, maybe Justin needs a shirt but Olivia needs a plastic surgery to change her ugly face

  12. 12

    What about the fact that you can see his underwear in almost every picture he is in? Maybe he should pull up his pants a little as well? Just saying…

  13. 13

    And pull up your f#@*ing pants kid.

  14. 14

    Ha! Love it! Dude looks like an idiot randomly walking around shirtless.

  15. Adam Lewis says – reply to this


    Re: Shadow

    sounds like yer a woman who is jealous of her square jawline… its actually quite sexy… soft jawlines are weak :)

  16. anna says – reply to this


    Since women, including Wilde, exploit their looks constantly to enhance their fame/careers, its beyond hypocritical to tell a young guy he can't do the same. Double standards anyone.

  17. ST says – reply to this


    the problem it´s no what Olivia said the problem it´s that Olivia said that, Olivia wilde is capable of doing and saying anything to look for attention she even said that her vagina died as we care her vag*** and she even said she had sex like kenia maraton WTF !! SHE JUST WANTS EVERYBODY TO TALK ABOUT HER AND WHAT SHE SAID because she isn´t a talented actress and can´t rely on her acting, so she has to make scandals

  18. Brittany says – reply to this


    I could understand her mentioning the silly clothes he wears but telling him to put ON a shirt is sexist. It would be different if he was fat but he takes good care of himself and is young. I am not a fan but cmon let's be REAL here.

  19. shadow says – reply to this


    Re: Adam Lewis – I've never been jealous of ugly women, first of all I am a man who can not stand ugly women that think they are beautiful, specially those actresses who aren´t beautiful and are considered hot over other actresses who are really beautiful and hot , in my opinion Olivia gets more than she deserves and she only looks hot on screen and magazines, but in real life …… she needs the grace of makeup, but the last straw is that she wants to give moral lessons when all she was the first to make scandals and pose naked all the time.

    PD: My girlfried is hoooooter than Olivia because she is pretty not like that thing called Olivia Wilde.

  20. 20

    Olivia Wilde is right he does need to put a shirt on but it is Ironic that she is the one blasting him because she has made a career of being nude and almost everything movie she is in..

  21. thekill says – reply to this


    Re: shadow
    Nah you're jealous.

  22. Gj says – reply to this



  23. Lotus says – reply to this


    Okay why did she say this? I am not fan of the Bieber guy but who is she to tell him this?
    Plus he has alot more fans then she does. Thy will come to his defense and attack her. I also think its pretty lowly of her to attack this 18 year old kid, not matter how dumb he acts. She is almodt 30s years old. Why doesn't she pick on men her age who act just as bad as him? Or even women.She is not a big actress like Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson. Very curious why won't she pick on them? They have gone nude too. Where are her words for them?

  24. shadow says – reply to this


    Re: thekill – yeah, I´m jealous for not being a woman with a head as square as a box and because my nose doesn´t look like a bird´s beak then I also must be unhappy because my legs don´t look crooked and my forehead it´s normal and not pretty big, yeah I´m so so unhappy :(

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Maybe he gave his shirt away to a fan and was mid trip. He's a nice kid, and he does stuff like that.

  26. 26

    I dont wanna see his skidmarks either! crusty little hunchback lesbian!

  27. Canada Guy says – reply to this


    Hey Olivia. While you're at it can you ask him to pull his freeking pants up and stop wearing those stupid hats and harem pants?
    Sincerely, The World

  28. 28

    Re: rosebud99 – I agree, pull up your gd pants, no one cares to know if you wear boxers or briefs, ok?

  29. 29

    Reading this post and thinking to myself that the Bieber's army of tween fans would surely have posted comments like: SHE'S JUST STUPID AND FAT AND UGLY AND JEALOUS AND A FAMEWHORE AND JUSTIN IS AMAZING AND SHE NEEDS TO STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL ME JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm almost disappointed that there were only a few "she's just jealous" comments. Is this the beginning of the end for Bieber?

  30. 30

  31. 31

    She should stay out of his beeswax/business.

  32. ts says – reply to this


    and seriously!! Get some class and pull up your pants Bieber!! You like such a giant douche!!

  33. 33


  34. sam says – reply to this


    Olivia only tweeted this to get Justin's fans attention. She is the one posing and has no modesty all for money. Not a Bieber fan but he is a good singer people keep saying it's due to the auto tunning but listen to believe acoustic he really can sing. Who cares what he wears. Don't judge people by their looks

  35. stella says – reply to this


    i agree Olivia. he should seriously wear a shirt. his body is grosssss… and pull up ur pants Justin!

  36. 36

    I think he should work on pulling up his pants. Yes Justin s shirt is needed if its winter outside, save it for your concerts. As for Olivia ok we get u dnt wanna see anyone naked but urself.

  37. 37

    How the hell is her posing (half naked not naked) or having a couple topless scenes in movies in this equation?

    He's a wannabe gangster who thinks he's a hard thug, walking around in public with his shirt off thinking he's the shit, when in all reality this kid has 2% body fat and -10% muscle. You don't take your shirt off randomly after leaving some place..She's right, you're all idiots.

  38. 38

    Someone should also tell him to pull his UGLY Pants up over his butt. It's not sexy or hot - it is STUPID. He looks like he does not know how to shop for clothes that fit. And someone needs to tell him to find a new facial expression other than the isiotic "who me" face me makes ALL the time. That is not sexy either. Lastly, someone needs to tell him he is NOT an african-american gansta thug - he is a skrawny (YES SKRAWNY) white candian BOY.

  39. Gigo says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – At the beggining she was always taking off her clothes again and again until It was boring, but now when that boy takes off his shirt Olivia Cockburn is critizing him for doing the same thing she did before WTF :/ , I´m not a fan of Bibier and he can be an annoying person, but as a singer is talented, and Olivia is an annoying person who has no talent as an actress, and she is almost 30 she should pick on other actresses who are talented and world famous actresses and have done the same intead of picking on a 18-year-old boy, SO TELL ME IF SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO CRITICIZE SOMEONE FOR DOING THE SAME THING SHE DID BEFORE, people who think she´s right are odiot because any intelligent person can notice that she just wanna look for attention.

  40. 40

    love her!

  41. 41

    Like I said Olivia is right he needs to put a shirt on he looks like an idiot.BTW When is his 15 minutes finally going to be over?

  42. Saki says – reply to this


    EYYY Justin looks buff an Y is she even checking him out??? Arent u an old woman?? dont look at him then Whos O.W??? no1 irrelevant hagg. JUSTIN u look good n wear watever u want and dont want ;)

  43. FSB says – reply to this


    Let´s see:

    1. Olivia was taking off her clothes until most people get boring
    2. She talked about how much she felt depressed for her divorce
    3. After she divorced in a hot minute she was dating with another guy
    4. she said her vagina died
    5. she said she had sex like a maraton
    6. she wore her engagement ring on set as if it were part of the costume of that movie just to make all people notice her ring.

    So she wants to look for attention or she´s jelous for not being as popular as Justin Bibier, Bibier is far from being my favorite singer if someone else had criticized Bibier It´d be OK, but Olivia Wilde ??? the same actress who screwed Dr House with her character (also Taub), and just posed naked and just says every stupid thing, she can even show her hole ass if it make her more popular.
    I hate Bibier, but I hate more Olivia Wilde

  44. nezzyabieber says – reply to this


    u guys need to stfu cause justin bieber can do what ever he fucking wants so deal with that shit

  45. nezzyabieber says – reply to this


    [re=6349086]Re: Saki[/re telll it

  46. beliebers r douchebags says – reply to this


    This kid is pathetic. PUT YOUR DAMN SHIRT ON SON YOU'RE MAKING THE WORLD VOMIT. Thank you Olivia Wilde, don't let these batshit crazy beliebers bully you

  47. Phunken says – reply to this


    Good on u Olivia. There's a difference for posing nude in mag or film cos its a job but not when ur in public and look like a muscley girl… I'm talking about u Beiber

  48. Jesse says – reply to this


    mind your own damn business Olivia.Keep the shirt off JB love you

  49. Phunken says – reply to this


    Re: nezzyabieber – ur credibility is void if ur a Bieber crazy fan, grow some brain cell and wake up

  50. ONIT says – reply to this


    Olivia Wilde. My heroine!

  51. JKHDY says – reply to this


    Re: beliebers r douchebags – yeah, I agree, thank you Olivia Wilde for being the only one pathetic actress who is SO SO desesperate to look for attention, and was the only one who was capable of talking about her vagina and Justin Bibier, I´m sure you will be hired for another boring movie thanks this scandal and you still will be the same unknown actress you´re in this world, except for those people who watched Dr House which went from bad to worse since your character appeared on that great series that you fucked, bye liar and when you get married don´t try to deny your new husband for fame.

  52. annie.bieber says – reply to this


    omg she is so desperateeee she looks for attention over justin bieber coz she knows he is most popular guy on planet cccc so lame olivia…. you should also cover your face:))) LAME

  53. annie.bieber says – reply to this


    Re: annie.bieber – tottaly agree

  54. ???? says – reply to this


    She wants to have more fans, I mean people who hate Justin Bibier, she´s really pathetic

  55. sue says – reply to this


    Re: shadow
    your comparing your girlfriend to someone that you think is soooooo UGLY!! lol