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Hugo Chavez Has Died, Losing His Long Battle With Cancer

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hugo chavez dead

Venezuela has lost its '21st century socalist,' and the United States has lost a self-proclaimed foe. Hugo Chavez has died after a long battle with cancer, according to Vice President Nicolas Maduro.

Known for his speeches on the evils of capitalism, he was very vocal about his hatred for the U.S. — so much so that he began influencing other leaders on their stance. He had not been publicly seen since December, when he underwent his 4th surgery due to the cancer, which was not a good sign for the nation.

He was a polarizing leader, because while he did do some good for his own constituents, even creating massive social programs for the country's poor during his time in office, he was known to suppress politicians and private media who opposed him. He was a staunch believer in socialism, and said he would believe in it until the day he died.

He was 58 years old.

While we do not agree with most of his policies and politics, the loss of a major life should be noted. His friends, families, and followers have lost a leader, and loss is never easy.

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73 comments to “Hugo Chavez Has Died, Losing His Long Battle With Cancer”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Are you kidding me? They lost a dictator, not a leader. You're such an idiot, Perez.

  2. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    R.I.P. - He tried to help poor people…..

  3. brigette says – reply to this



  4. 4

    He was a dictator with his own death squad.
    Satan just took him back.

  5. caravaggio_revolution! says – reply to this


    There is claim on Drudge right now, they he had amassed a private $2 billion fortune. My Mario, i wonder sometimes if you fully understand your Cuban roots and history.

  6. angelica says – reply to this


    stop trying to be neutral perez. if you can take a stance on handbags you can take a stance on politics. he was a murderer, a dictator, and as much as capitalism is flawed I'm sure you prefer that over rationed food and government control of the private sector. dont be afraid to lose followers over hating one of the most ignorant and terrible human beings on the planet

  7. sjdks says – reply to this


    Hell welcomed him with open arms.

  8. 8

    I like Hugo Chavez. He is one of the few leaders that had the balls to call the other leaders on their crap publicly. I think a few conspiracy forum profiles died with him. (Joking! But he is on the same page…and I'm not sure that he is wrong.

  9. 9

    Re: caravaggio_revolution! – Yeah, well Drudge has posted some totally untrue stories in the past. I don't even look at Drudge since the poorly photoshopped photo they posted claiming Obama wore an earpiece at a debate. It gives conspiracy a bad name to report things inaccurately to validate your own biases.

  10. 10

    Dear God, he is a dictator. He isn't helping poor people, they are still poor and getting poorer. People better wise up to a "cult of personality" real fast. we got one in the WH right now.

  11. 11

    Re: Be-Atch – please understand what a "cult of personality" is they don't help the poor. they use the poor. please educate yourselves before its to late for America.

  12. 12

    Re: shaygirl1309 – We're about to find out….and it's too late. :(

  13. 13

    Re: Be-Atch – Dear God, he is a dictator. He isn't helping poor people, they are still poor and getting poorer. People better wise up to a "cult of personality" real fast. we got one in the WH right now.

    they only make themselves richer by using really STUPID, helpless people. they don't help anyone but themselves their familys and friends, the rest go without

  14. caravaggio_revolution! says – reply to this


    Re: kimcheee

    Criminal Justice International Associates (CJIA), a risk assessment and global analysis firm in Miami, estimated in a recent report that the Chávez Frías family in Venezuela has “amassed a fortune” similar to that of the Castro brothers in Cuba.

    According to Jerry Brewer, president of CJIA, “the personal fortune of the Castro brothers has been estimated at a combined value of around $2 billion.”

    “The Chávez Frías family in Venezuela has amassed a fortune of a similar scale since the arrival of Chávez to the presidency in 1999,” said Brewer in an analysis published in their website.

    Brewer said that Cuba is receiving about $5 billion per year from the Venezuelan treasury and in oil shipments and other resources.

    “We believe that organized bolivarian criminal groups within the Chávez administration have subtracted around $100 billion out of the nearly $1 trillion in oil income made by PDVSA since 1999.”

  15. 15

    Re: kimcheee – its never to late, if the idiots will wake up and see the truth. Jim Jones was a "cult of personality" and he had nearly 1000 people give poison to their children and themselves in kool-aid. I don't know if you know it but thats where the expression comes from. Jim Jones and his cult of personality they all drank the kool-aid and they DIED!

  16. Andrea says – reply to this


    Es una vida humana la que se perdió, sin embargo venezuela gana la posibilidad de ser libre y democrática. Esperemos que las nuevas elecciones se den de forma transparente.

  17. Bea says – reply to this


    Im Venezuelan and im glad he is dead! We finally have a chance to have a better country! He was a dictator!

  18. princess says – reply to this


    Viva la chavez

  19. orie says – reply to this


    I'm surprised you're calling this men a "leader", he was a DICTATOR who destroyed mi country for god sake..

  20. 20

    Re: Bea – I'm an American and I hope your life is better as well. good luck.

  21. 21

    Chavez's people came in and stripped my family in Venezuela of their home and most of their property, good riddance!

  22. joha says – reply to this


    Hasta siempre comandante

  23. paula says – reply to this


    Re: brigette – he created more poor people, so happy right now!

  24. Bea says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Thanks!!

  25. Nicki says – reply to this


    You don't even live here, stfu

  26. Bea says – reply to this


    Re: joha – Hasta siempre?? Hasta nunca!

  27. 27

    This man was a horrible dictator and he barely helped the poor people of the country. Just google "venezuelan slums." He tore up families, put INNOCENT and HARD-WORKING people in jail just because they opposed him. Freedom of speech means nothing there. People are kidnapped DAILY- (In 2009 in Iraq there were 4,644 deaths, in Venezuela a whopping 16,000 -who do you think is responsible). His death may have left a couple saddened, but it left millions relieved, ready for change, and stronger than before! (Here's the article with the statistics:

  28. 28

    Re: princess – you're despicable

  29. Cristian says – reply to this


    Americans speak with such ease. You should inform yourselves. He was a very stimulating politician for latin america. He did bad things, obviously, but he did a lot of good for venezuela. It would be really good for you all to read more about him and make your own conclusions.
    Lots of people say he was a dictator because he openly disagreed with many politicians around the world, and he had a program of work that was agains many interests of bussiness people, politicians, media, etc. That's why they easily claimed he was a dictator.
    Venezuela became a much more equal country during his administration, and it's still improving. There are many things to do yet, but he started a fight for equality and for people to have more opportunities. That's why he was agains capitalism.
    He had lots of bad aspects too, but people seem to only remember the bad things, and not the good he did.

  30. kY says – reply to this


    He really tried to help poor ppl in the UNITED STATES get heat during the winter months. R.I.P

  31. qwerty says – reply to this


    He was not a dictator. He won free elections for 14 years. Last one in 2012. He's Loved by the poor people of all latin America. And he said many times that he was agains the U.S. policy but not the U.S. people.

  32. Andreita says – reply to this


    Shut Up! Have you ever lived here? People are more violent, resentful and angrier than ever, that is not a good legacy!! Go to the supermarket an see how awful it is, or go to a barrio an expose yourself to the violence poor people live everyday, or better yet walk or drive your car at night to have yourself kidnapped or killed!! Welcome to Hugo Chavez's Legacy!!

  33. Andreita says – reply to this


    Re: Cristian – Shut Up! Have you ever lived here? People are more violent, resentful and angrier than ever, that is not a good legacy!! Go to the supermarket an see how awful it is, or go to a barrio an expose yourself to the violence poor people live everyday, or better yet walk or drive your car at night to have yourself kidnapped or killed!! Welcome to Hugo Chavez's Legacy!!

  34. AnaF says – reply to this


    Well said Perez! As a Venezuelan, I find that the international opinion of Chavez is completely distorted, making him seem like a savior and advocate of the poor when in reality he bled our country to death by giving away most of our income and even our land to other countries in order to buy their support. Worst of all, he supported the Cuban model bringing it back stronger than ever. It deeply saddens how prosperous Venezuela and its inhabitants could be, but instead our government is utterly corrupt and negligent. So much evil will eventually takes its toll, may God have mercy on his soul and may our country learn to take advantage of this opportunity.

  35. 35

    Re: thebigboot – are you sure about that? I believe you dont live in Venezuela.. So ehy dont you just SHUT UP? He wasnt a dictador.. But thats something that you dont even know because you dont eveb live here so.. You better dont say anaything else!

  36. 36

    He was a negative leader, I live here in Venezuela… and he tried to help poor people but to keep them in line and they don't really know that because they haven't seen anything, they live in a world where they are the poor ones… and the other ones are the reach ones! and the shit is that his followers and the ones that work for the government are those who enjoy all the money of this country, stealing everything. And while the rest of the world is moving forward… we are just going back.

  37. VenezuelanGirl says – reply to this


    here in Venezuela we got rumors that he was dead long time ago. Either way the country is so polarized that half of the country is crying the lost of their lider and the other half is celebrating that we are getting a new chance to get our country back!!!!!!!

  38. Venezuelangirl says – reply to this


    Re: kY – Giving free oil to another countries?? How is that supposed to be good for us? We are in bankrupt thanks to stupid policies like that. I'm ok with him helping people, don't get me wrong but not screwing the Venezuelan people. he ran the country like it was its own company.. Wtf?

  39. Carol says – reply to this


    he is a dictator, He isn't helping poor people. i'm glad because this is over, he destroyed my country for 14 years. You dont know anything about government.

  40. JuanP says – reply to this


    How someone can be a dictator if he won free elections that even the opposite party said were fair? Not everything you dislike it's a dictatorship. Chavez was a leader who made his country and region better. Not perfect, but better than it was.

  41. Jessikaadr says – reply to this


    Saddened by this news … He did more for the country than past presidents have "since all they did was steal our natural resources and people's money. Thanks to his policies my grandmother (82 yrs old ) now has a pension. I am personally grateful for what he did for the people. By the way to those who say he was a dictator. How come he kept being elected? As a recall he won the elections back in October !

  42. 42

    Don't know much about him, but do not like what I did read.
    A friend of my late husband's had a really nice house (nothing fancy, just nice) on a lake somewhere outside of Caracas. He did a lot of work in South America Amazon Basin, and he gave up after 3 years due to the corruption and constant demands for extra fees and taxes beyond what was already due, and moved back to the US.

  43. ErnestoG says – reply to this


    Re: 55vineyard – Corruption it's a big problem in Latin America way before Chavez. Actually the U.S. policy did more to increase corruption that Chavez himself. I think that U.S. people (with the best intentions, don't get me wrong) don't know how much damage their country did all over the world in the last decades. Chavez is a Leader because he went against that policies and help his people. U.S and Europe need to stop sucking Latin America and African Blood and then call leaders "dictators".

  44. CristinaFe says – reply to this


    If anyone wants to know what's the whole "dictator" thing all about need to search on youtube: "Eduardo Galeano - Press Conference @ Italy (SUBTITLED)" He is a very famous Uruguayan writer. Will explain better than I

  45. Adrianita says – reply to this


    Re: ErnestoG – stop reading an imperialista blog if your a "true believer" of Chavez.

  46. Gus Calvo says – reply to this


    There is no evil that last a hundred years and there is no body that can't resist it; I am glad he died but I am scared of his followers.

  47. Venezolana says – reply to this


    OK Perez, I love your blog but NO. Just no. HE DIDNT DO SHIT but destroy the country, my country. His death is like OSAMA's death was to the Americans, its not sad and not happy at the same time. But we are glad, even though we wish instead of dying he would have suffer in prison for his rest of his life.

    He wont be missed. What I miss is my country the way it was before he screw it up.

    People should know their shit before saying anything.

  48. iapps says – reply to this


    Couldn't you at least write this yourself, instead of copy and paste off the internet?

  49. 49

    Re: JuanP – Dude, he won everytime because of people like you, who settle and have no sense of logic, only pure ignorance, a not only poor in life but in mind.. let's see if people open their eyes soon.. or we'll stay this way.. who knows for how long.

  50. Jenn says – reply to this


    Perez, you're a new father. Did you know Chavez changed the law so the government is co-guardian of ALL minor children in Venezuela? So he could take kids away from their parents as a form of social control? He was a vicious brutal dictator, not a "leader."

  51. VENEZUELAN says – reply to this


    I think people who don't live in Venezuela should shut up and inform themselves about what really goes on in this country, yes he was a leader he could of been a lot of things but he wasn't dumb, he had way to get into the minds of the weakest, yet the country has never been worst, there is no food, and people live in fear, of getting kidnapped or killed, Did you know our vice president has no kind of education? Did you know this government has murdered more than 120.000 persons each year, I'm someone who thinks is going to take more than just him dying to get the country to a better place and it might sound like i'm a bad person but i cant be happier that he died, because i have no respect for some who plays with the weakest and makes a country live in fear, and make the people think is normal to see someone getting killed in front of you, you think he was a good leader, talk to the people who had to leave because they were threatened or worse, come from a while and then you can talk all you want.

  52. 52

    chavez is dead and I'm a happy guy.

  53. Venezuelan says – reply to this


    I'm 15 years old, and I've seen people get murdered, I've been robbed, I can't go out too late for fear of getting raped, or kidnapped, or even killed. And I'm just 15. I've been through so much stuff. Some friends have been killed! IT'S NOT EASY!! And I live in a "good" area, imagine those who don't.

    So I'm sorry if I don't think that he is an angel who helped MY country, ’cause he's NOT. He destroyed it.

  54. Surister says – reply to this


    excuse me, Venezuelan here, even though I didn't share his ideas. we got to respect a death. he wasn't a dictator but a stupid man, Perez dude is you don't know about him or his government i suggest to fuck off.

  55. SusieO says – reply to this


    R.I.P 5.868 Venezuelans murdered in 1999.
    R.I.P 8.022 Venezuelans murdered in 2000.
    R.I.P 7.960 Venezuelans murdered in 2001.
    R.I.P 9.617 Venezuelans murdered in 2002.
    R.I.P 11.342 Venezuelans murdered in 2003.
    R.I.P 9.719 Venezuelans murdered in 2004.
    R.I.P 9.964 Venezuelans murdered in 2005.
    R.I.P 12.257 Venezuelans murdered in 2006.
    R.I.P 17.600 Venezuelans murdered in 2010.
    R.I.P 19.336 Venezuelans murdered in 2011.
    R.I.P 21.692 Venezuelans murdered in 2012.
    R.I.P 700 + Venezuelans murdered in 2013 to the date.

  56. Stefanie says – reply to this


    He destroyed veneZuela never help poor people

  57. DaniVic92 says – reply to this


    Re: Bea – Dices que es un dictador.. Acaso tu vives en una parte alejada de la sociedad? Hasta donde tengo entendido se hacian elecciones.. Eso forma parte de una DEMOCRACIA no de una DICTADURA.. Hay que entender que mas de la mitad del pueblo lo apoyaba.. Si a la otra parte no le parecia se acepta.. Pero hay que respetar las opiniones de cada quien al final al realizar el voto era ANONIMO por lo que como se iba a saber por quien voto cada persona? Piensa un poco (: el echo de que no piensen como tu no quiere decir que esten equivocados ;)

  58. Paula says – reply to this


    Re: DaniVic92 – El hecho de que hayan elecciones no quiere decir que sea una democracia, es una de las características de ello, sí, pero no lo es todo. ¿Qué hay de la libertad de expresión? NO la hay, cerraron RCTV, y muchas emisoras de radio, la gente tiene miedo de decir cosas porque luego los mandan presos. ¿Entonces? ¿Qué me dices de las expropiaciones? Que yo sepa, las expropiaciones se pagan.. ¿él las pagó? NO.
    Hay más, pero estaría aquí todo el día.

    Entonces no es democracia.. Reflexiona un poquito por el país ;)

  59. gfcytgb says – reply to this


    Re: kimcheee – you don't know what you're saying. You have to live in this hell (venezuela right know) first to say you like Chavez. The only thing he did was damage

  60. ddsgaerg says – reply to this


    Re: qwerty – he didn't won the elections, he cheated. And if you think he was a good man it's just because your looking all from the outside but i'm sure that if you were living here in Venezuela with him as a president you'd think different.

  61. Juliana Dawson says – reply to this


    Right on Perez.

  62. qwerty says – reply to this


    Re: ddsgaerg – He cheated? Even the Unidad Democrática says elections were fair but you say he cheated? Your hate blinds you, my friend.

  63. LeonardoFA says – reply to this


    Re: Paula – El hecho de que haya elecciones es lo que quiere decir exactamente una democracia. Acerca de la libertad de expresión es una chicana de las corporaciones mediáticas multinacionales que mientras transmiten acusan de censura, un sinsentido que habla por si mismo. Y el tema de las expropiaciones no sólo se pagaron, sino que se pagaron precios que para algunos podrían ser "demasiado justos"

  64. PatriaGrande says – reply to this


    Re: Venezuelan – You're just 15 years old so you know well how the country was in 1998 to know that he destroyed it, rigth? For sure the crime it's a very negative side of his goverment but you should read some index back in the 90's and now to check if he destroy the country or if he make it better.

  65. cookiju119 says – reply to this


    Dictator-A ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force.
    Hugo Chavez was elected by his ppl just as we elect our president even when we as individuals do not agree of the choice that has been made, hence he was never dictator. When the U.S tried to coup d' etat on him the ppl of Venezuela stood by his side and brought him back to power. Learn your history before you open your mouth ppl. Don't judge a country because what works for them doesn't work with our ideology. Do not be fooled we are not the only nation in the world who knows how to run a country. How great is our democracy that we have our own domestic issues to figure out still to this very day? Hugo Chavez did not want the U.S to have any power in the decision making of the country that is not evil that is the right of the Venezuelan govt., we need to get over our self.

  66. nat says – reply to this


    he seemed like a nice man. show some respect. he tried to help the poor in his country and he loved his family very much . R.I.P.

  67. artie says – reply to this


    chavez was a MONSTER !!!!!! the devil !!!! a demon !!!!!!!!!! he has caused soooo much havoc in venezuela that even with him gone it will take a long time for the contry to get back on his feet …. he was a dictator who destroyed anyone that spoke againt him !! he is now hanging out with his best friend … SATAN … thats if he was not SATAN himself. But whatever place the people that have caused MAYOR DESTRUCCION on earth go to …. that's where he is at now. Hanging out with his other buddies like OSAMA and KADAFI… I am sure at some point soon FIDEL meet up with them.

  68. artie says – reply to this


    he was a DICTATOR who has now joined OSAMA and all the other EARTH DEMONS !!!!!!

  69. AnotherVenezuelan says – reply to this


    Shut up. All of you, shut up. This man was not a good man. He destroyed my country and all of you who don't live here/moved away have *no* right to praise him. He did good things, yeah, but when those things were so minimal and so directed to only one part of the people, it's like they never happened. You know what it's like to be insulted by your "leader" everytime he opens his mouth? To be forced to dream of leaving your home? To be scared sh*tless of leaving your house, of being afraid of every single person you come across? To hope and hope and hope only to see everything fall apart? This past October 7th, he "won" the elections. Or not. He threatened to have a coup d'état if he didn't win or if he did and somebody called his success false. He hadn't won fairly since 2002.
    All he ever did was give our money away, incarcerate innocent people whose only crime was not supporting him, look away at the deaths that occured in his country every day since 1999, strip people and families from their rights and life's work, take away our freedom of speech, and I can go on.

  70. AnotherVenezuelan says – reply to this


    And if you need something to make you see how awful he was, what about this:
    August 25th, there was an explosion in the Amuay Refinery (Falcón, Venezuela). There were 55 deaths and 156 wounded. The man shows up days later, and his literal words are "La función debe continuar." (The show must go on.) Are those the words a LEADER gives his country after such a tragedy? No. You can't say that after such devastation with a smile on your face.
    So, yeah, basically: You don't know sh*t about Chávez or Venezuela or Venezuelans. YOU KNOW NOTHING Americans, YOU KNOW NOTHING Venezuelans who only know what you've read and you, Perez, YOU KNOW EVEN LESS. So just STFU the lot of you.

  71. Marina says – reply to this


    What da f*ck are you talking about, he did what many people don't dare to do; faces the rich people and U.S.A. At least investigate before said that horrible things about this man that you don't even know. RESPECT

  72. DaniVic92 says – reply to this


    Re: Paula – El hecho de que haya elecciones no quiere decir que haya DEMOCRACIA? En serio estas diciendo eso? Un presidente dictador es aquel que se proclama presidente sin que nadie lo haya elegido.. La verdad yo no considero que Venezuela estuvo en una dictadura.. Pues simplemente fue elegido por el pueblo ;) 2do en cuanto a RCTV no lo cerraro porque les dio la gana simplemente se les acabo la consesion sino quisieron alargarle mas el tiempo por algo sera.. No hay libertad de expresion? Debe ser que no viste nunca las concentaciones tanto de los que apoyan a Chavez como las de la oposición Apoyando a Capriles.. Se llevan las calles de seguro eso es por falta de libertad de expresion ;) asi como los estudiantes encadenados pidiendo por que aparciera el presidente.. Eso tambien sucedio por falta de libertad de expresion.. Se llevaron a algunos presos? No lo creo.. Y si lo hicieron algun disturbio habran hecho.. Xq pueden hacer tantas marchas y peticiones encadenarse lo que sea.. Pero porque llegar a destruir los alrededores no es necesario creo yo! Las diferentes expropiaciones no cumplian con las leyes entonces?

  73. DaniVic92 says – reply to this


    Ahh.. Y por ultimo.. Supongo que todos los presidentes y representantes de diferentes paises presentes en el funeral.. Estan porque apoyan a un gran dictador ;)