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Might be time to buy a plane ticket! That's usually what rich people do when they want to see someone who is in another country. But maybe Chris BrownRead more…

Rihanna and Chris BrownRihanna and Chris BrownRihanna and Chris BrownRihanna and Chris BrownRihanna and Chris Brown

8 comments to “Chris Brown Missing Rihanna, But Not Bothering To Make Plans To Visit Her”

  1. 1

    Whitney and Bobby

  2. janet says – reply to this


    you need to be more objective Perez… sometimes I think your feelings interfere in your judgement

  3. DD1787 says – reply to this


    So sick of hearing about these two. They are fn annoying. I just wish they would go the f away.

  4. 4

    please stop reporting on this convicted felon thug…
    he doesn't deserve either the attention or sympathy.

  5. sammy sam sam says – reply to this


    i really don't understand why EVERY article about Rihanna & Chris Brown that has "info from a source close to the couple" sounds like a complete moron who didn't pass 2nd grade. It's either incredibly racist, or they just don't have very intelligent friends/sources. "they did they thing it's all good" - english please.

  6. Facts says – reply to this


    How can he just get on a plane and visit her? She is in London and he is in Ghana doing a show. Perez you guys should do a basic search before you write this stuff.

  7. Cyrus kromah says – reply to this


    Hi Chris pls go n take care of RIRI, becoz she is our wife

  8. Yup says – reply to this


    He so glad to get some freedom he don't know what to do. LOL