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Kris Jenner Is LIVID Over Kim Kardashian’s Plans To Quit Reality TV

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kim kardashian kris jenner upset over quitting

You don’t want to upset your momager!

Kim Kardashian should know better than to piss off the woman taking 10%!

But she must not have read the momager handbook because she has Kris Jenner fuming over her decision to part ways with reality TV.

In fact, Kim’s announcement in DuJour magazine sent her momager into a tizzy as a source revealed:

“After hearing that Kim dissed the family empire in a magazine interview, Kris flipped out and called a summit at her office.”

A summit?!

That sounds like some serious, damn official shizz right there!

Unfortunately, since Kanye West has been teaching Kim all about keeping her private life private and a baby is entering the picture, we doubt Kris will be able to sway her moneymaker daughter now.

Instead, Kris is busy working on a potential backup plan called Kanye. The source commented:

“Kris has wanted to manage someone of Kanye’s stature and talent for a very long time. She feels that it could open even bigger doors for her career, and she is always looking to expand her client base … Kanye politely declined though as he is extremely happy with his current manager, agent, etc.”

Even though we totes understand him wanting to stick with his team, considering the Kardashian empire she’s built, Kris wouldn’t be too bad of a future momager-in-law to have!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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17 comments to “Kris Jenner Is LIVID Over Kim Kardashian’s Plans To Quit Reality TV”

  1. 1

    That's TOO MUCH UGLY-FAT for my eyes…

  2. Bobel says – reply to this


    Well, of course she's mad. She's losing her best cash cow.

  3. free says – reply to this


    Erm… managing musicians and tours is a whole other ball game than managing reality show stars, Perez.

  4. 4

    Isn't that the PORN WHORE & her FAT & UGLY Pimp mommy?

  5. justsayin says – reply to this


    It's not just 10% for the mom, the rest of the leeches are upset as well. They know when Kim leaves it's pretty much over. They've been trying to push Kourtney as the "sexy" one, Kendall as the Model one, Khloe is acting as if all of Kim's friends are her friends, Brody is now on, and Kendall is the one who will be going out with celebrities(Jaden Smith).What Kim did single handed is now done by all of them.

  6. mia says – reply to this


    What's this? Another horse sh*t fake media tabloids?? Just to sell another publicity for the kardashians b/s!!! Don't believe anything they say !!! This mongrels makes $$$$$ on anything that moves!!! lol

  7. AKP says – reply to this


    Mom is smart. She's trying to ensure her kids are set for life. Kim is f'ing it up!

  8. 8

    she is not quitting, she is whore and a whore never quits being a whore. she probaby in negotiations for the show to whore out her kid. the whole family of whores.

  9. 9

    Is she growing out her pubes or something ?

  10. 10


  11. Jenn says – reply to this


    Her saying she was going to quit was probably a ploy to milk more money from E!.

  12. 12

    Am I missing something here? Mama MONEY is totally ticked that slut daughter is giving up reality TV and called a 'summit' of the family to discuss this? LORD, what planet do these people come from. And, Kim - in the above picture………………looks like a beached whale! It is repulsive - her body is a joke - just wait until she is 9 months pregnant - she won't fit into a large TENT!

  13. OneQuill says – reply to this


    Called a summit? She doesn't know the meaning of the word. Hissy fit is what she had, the money grubber. Kris was counting not only on Kim's 10%, but Kanye (whenever he would appear,and she was hoping), but also a huge percentage from exploiting little Kimye. Now it looks like she won't have that and she has to regroup and try to exploit the older Jenner's to make up for the lack of her own kids participation.
    They need to change the name of the show, there will be more Jenner's soon, and Krissie poo, your last name IS Jenner, no matter what you want to be called.

  14. 14

    Well who could blame Kris Jenner for being "livid"? Kris should be upset at Kim ….THERE GOES HER MEAL TICKET

  15. 15

    They are going downhill and so is their show, as far as I can tell. This is good, only watched their show about 3 times 4-5 years ago, cannot remember.

  16. WHODAT? says – reply to this


    I must of read this article wrong, Kayne has talent? What about bitching about everything that comes his way.

  17. Mia says – reply to this


    Kris&kim r the reason we watch_ the poison dwarf kourtney and obnoxious kloe r without personality and boring to even look at iam sorry girls but ur motheqs good looks and personality have all gone to kim