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Oooooo no. It's REALLY not looking good for Miley Cyrus now! The photographic evidence of Liam Hemsworth with January Jones was more than enough to flip… Read more…

26 comments to “Liam Hemsworth & Emma Watson Engage In Touchy-Feely Flirting Behind Miley's Back!?”

  1. kiki says – reply to this


    its the butchy look for ya

  2. Leslie says – reply to this


    I seriously doubt Emma Watson would go for this dumb guy. She likes guys with brains. She must have been drunk as a skunk to let him near her.

  3. jenni says – reply to this


    miley reminds me of janelle from teen mom 2.

  4. firefox says – reply to this


    if you read correctly, it was only Liam who was touchy-feely, not Emma W.

  5. karla says – reply to this


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  6. 6

    He might be Emma's fan!

  7. Chris says – reply to this


    If you read the quote, Emma had nothing to do with it, it was Liam making all the moves on HER. And it worked so well that he had to go to Jaunary Jones at the end of the night because Emma knows what loyalty is. Good for her for telling to f*ck off!

  8. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Is your source Lainey gossip? You seem to have plagiarized her.

  9. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Hey ! If the guy IS straight, and he wants a little 'brown chiken brown cow' ;) , let him feel up a woaman who actually LOOKS like a woman, and not that in-bred fugly horse-face Cyrus broad…just say'n…he can do WAY better than that HillyBilly Whore !

  10. 10

    why do you all of a sudden have it out for Miley? what did she do to you?

  11. lauren says – reply to this


    i love miley so much, but she needs to open her eyes: liam is not the one for her, he doesnt love her like she loves him… their relationship is not the same ANYMORE. I think Nick will always be the correct man for her, i mean nick loves miley with all her soul… listen "wedding bells" HE LOVES HER TO DEATH

  12. diane says – reply to this


    Re: xoxo_anonymous – she tweeted perez to f*ck off beacause of a story he wrote a couple weeks ago… guess now she´s his target

  13. 13

    You should probably cite Lainey Gossip and/or Blind Gossip for this story instead of UsWeekly.

  14. 14

    Well, Emma IS prettier.

  15. Whattttt says – reply to this


    Emma is the classiest A lister (B lister?) I think I've ever heard of- I'm sure this twat made all the moves, and she just told him to bugger off. Maybe that's why he downgraded to January Jones? Poor Miley—

  16. 16

    Re: diane – figures.

  17. 17

    Another B.S. made up story by Perez.

  18. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: xoxo_anonymous – because he's over done slagging off Kristen Stewart

  19. um says – reply to this


    this sounds totally made up honestly.

  20. Cb says – reply to this


    Seriously, would any man in his right mind choose Miley over Emma? He's 23 or something? Who can blame him?

  21. Bubbzisevil says – reply to this


    If I remember correctly he had a girlfriend (and proceeded to cheat on her) when he met Miley so why should this be any different??

  22. ohohrich says – reply to this


    who wrote this story? I seriously doubt Emma will NOT DO this, this is completely FALSE. emma wont attract to some shitty guys, she already has a boyfriend! if this is true I feel sorry to her, Liam is a maniac really, isn't it?

  23. Paulie says – reply to this


    Re: jenni – agree! all of her ex boyfriend has a professional job and with brains

  24. mario says – reply to this


    you're pathetic

  25. ll says – reply to this


    Re: piona_cloves
    Why would anyone bother or waste their time ? If you wanted anyone to read it you would have made it in english and learned how to spell BITCH right.

  26. Cody says – reply to this


    Emma looks better anyways