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Chelsea Handler Continues To BLAST Angelina Jolie

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Chelsea Handler and Angelina Jolie

Surprise, surprise!

Chelsea Handler STILL hates Angelina Jolie with a fiery passion.

Jennifer Aniston's bestie appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday and continued to throw shade over Brad Pitt's charitable baby mama and, as per usual, she got VERY heated.

Chelsea has taken her hatred to the NEXT LEVEL. Not only does she think the humanitarian is a "homewrecker" and the "opposite of a girl's girl," she also believes Angie's soul could use an exorcism!

The late-night host said:

"She seems like a demon. It has nothing to do with Jennifer. As a woman, I know when you see somebody walking across the room that's a bad girl. I just don't like Angelina Jolie. I don't think she's a girl's girl. I like girl's girls!"

Ooooo harsh.

Even though Jen has moved on, we highly doubt this feud will EVER die.

But lets be real. Angie? A demon?!

She used to have a vile of blood around her neck, but that doesn't mean she's satanic! Just make sure to keep your cute, rich boyfriend away from her. HA!

[Image via WENN.]

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96 comments to “Chelsea Handler Continues To BLAST Angelina Jolie”

  1. 1

    She needs to shut the hell up. Such ha hating b i t c h. She herself ain't no girls girl. She can't admit that she would like to have some hot steamy time with her, that's all. Ok.

  2. fid says – reply to this


    This has nothing to do with your pal Jen? Because it seems like you're harping on an individual you've never met. If it's just because she doesn't seem like a "girls girl" why not pick the other slew of actresses who seem the same way? Who the hell is Chelsea Handler anyways?

  3. 3

    I never understand ppl who constantly talk about people they hate? It's like she wants Angie to respond, but I doubt she gives 2 shits.

  4. 4

    She's an idiot. If she doesn't like her, that's fine..but why bring her up all the time? Sounds like this Chelsea girl is desperate to be famous and needs to use Angies name to be relevant.

  5. Jell says – reply to this


    Re: fidRe: fid – I so agree with you! She's also clearly jealous of angelina because she cannot stop talking about her. It seems like every interview she gives she mentions angelina Jolie's name.

  6. LolaP. says – reply to this


    It definitely DOES have to do with Jen. Which I can understand, her being friends with her and all. When a man is in a relationship or MARRIED he is off limits. Angie just saw what she wanted and could care less. I don't like Angie either, BUT she is very charitable I will give her that…..ps. Brad is an A hole, too….

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Have the two ever even met?

  8. Summernight says – reply to this


    Considering it is just Chelsea Handler, she is a piece of work with a mouth, BS that it has nothing to do with Jen, but keep it coming Chelsea you are looking more and more a jealous swamp sow

  9. Andrea says – reply to this


    Angelina jolie is overrated in terms of looks, and she constantly has that smug, -i'm-so-powerful-and-sexual look on her face. She's really very boring. Her films are boring, her acting is boring, her (increasinly skeletal) looks are boring (eat some healthy carbs, for god's sake!). I don't think she *stole* brad pitt; he wanted to be 'stolen'. Handler and Aniston need to get over it big time!

  10. mandm says – reply to this


    Does everyone forget that Jennifer STOLE this dumb a** Theroux from ANOTHER girl?
    SO what makes a girls girl??

  11. drollgirl says – reply to this


    Chelsea isn't really that funny, so she'll do anything to get attention, like bash someone such as Angelina Jolie that everyone already finds annoying. Chelsea makes herself and her paid staff laugh, and not many others. She is the least sophisticated comedian I can think of. Lame/tired repeat vag jokes are her main staple. LAME.

  12. ConsiderThis says – reply to this


    Why the hate on Chelsea? She's not the one who ruined a marriage. She's not the one who couldn't even own up to ruining a marriage. While it's true that her saying it's not about Jennifer, can you blame her? She hurt someone who she considers family by doing something that women consider wrong to do to other women, unless they don't care for the sake of being bad and sexy. About her being a demon? Don't know about that but someone who used to carry blood around their neck and would cut her lovers and have them cut her so she could "feel something" isn't quite normal, nor is being intimate with someone's own brother. Everyone wants to praise Angelina Jolie for being this compassionate humanitarian, but no one wants to address the elephant in the room that she DID destroy someone's marriage and seemed to have no qualm about it, making Jennifer's life hell in the media while she profited from it. All anyone wants to do is say what a good woman she is and how she's Hollywood royalty of an actress. Does she do good in the world? Absolutely. But that doesn't make her a good woman. Is she a good actress? Other than "Girl, Interrupted" which she was BRILLIANT in… she plays the same characters: a sexy ass-kicking mystery or a beautiful drug-fueled tragedy. Why is everyone so afraid to "blast" her? At least Chelsea has the balls to say what a lot of women want to say about her.

  13. Nome@home says – reply to this


    Good on you Chelsea!!! I hate the homewrecking bitch too!
    Angelina wanted to be a man eating vixen and these are the consequences; People who belive that relationships are built on trust will hate you.
    Love your work Chelsea!

  14. Leslie says – reply to this


    Chelsea is just saying what a million other people think.

  15. Mel says – reply to this


    Re: Nome@home – for the record Chelsea was not friends with Jennifer when this happened. Secondly how can you throw stone when you live in a glass house? Jennifer cheated and broke a 14 year relationship which was confirmed by Heidi's mother. And yet you dare to judge and attack Angelina for apparently cheating when there are proof. Courtney Cox herself said that Brad didn't cheat and that he told Jennifer the second he realised he had feelings for Angelina. Last but not least millions of women do not hate Angelina but intact admires her for her charity work, her love for her children and fiancé, her career. It is only a small number of women who are jealous and insecure who dislikes Angelina because she has everything from looks, career and family.

  16. 16

    Hate on the girl for 1 2 years later, but almost 10 years ago? The more she talks about it, the more it make Jen look pathetic.

  17. marie says – reply to this


    Why doesnt jen tell her to stop. Its because it is jen who is egging her on. Get over it you two. Angie has more class she never stoops to your level. She may not be a girlie girl but she is a classy lady.

  18. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: ConsiderThis – why hate on chelsea? because its been fucking YEARS!!! MOVE THE FUCK ON YOU JEALOUS BITCH

  19. cappy says – reply to this


    Oh please, I'm so sick of everyone thinking Angie broke up Brad & Jen when it's a known fact within the industry that those two were on the outs long before Angie entered the picture. If Brad was happy, he would have stayed put. I was never an Angie fan, but since she's become a mother and got together with Brad, she's become an amazing woman and deserves to be praised. So sick of everyone treating Jen likes she's America's Sweetheart when she isn't as fabulous as she's made out to be. As for Chelsea, she's not as cool as she thinks she is.

  20. 20

    Does anyone give a shit on what Chelsea has to say ?
    Her brash in your face humor was fun when she first started, but has worn very very thin
    I have a feeling E network is kicking themselves in the ass, for ever having signed her last deal

  21. Dollymadison says – reply to this


    Handler is gross. Aniston could put a muzzle on her if she wanted, in the name of friendship. It's kind of creepy, like Handler is Aniston's attack dog. And why does Handler always make fun of other women? Is that her idea of being a girl's girl? What a loser.

  22. 22

    You can't break up a genuine marriage. Obviously there was a disconnect with Brad & Jen. I'm betting he was bored senseless. I don't blame Angelina.

    Who cares about Chelsea's opinion? She's pretty trashy.

  23. Cannon says – reply to this


    Chelsea has a right to her opinion. I watched the show with the comments and Andy Cohen asked her about Angie, Chelsea didnt bring it up on her own. She clarified it has nothing to do with Jen, rather she just dislikes Angie and thinks she is evil and a demon. I agree, Angie does have a demonic way about her, Im actually very creeped out by her now.

  24. 24

    Ever since I heard about how Angelina slept with her mom's boyfriend (when she was a teen) I knew she was cruel. She slept with her mother's boyfriend in order to hurt her mother. For years they had a strained relationship because of it until they reconciled. Look it up people. Angelina has SEVERE mental issues and is a opiate addict.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    If Handler met her, actually talked to her and got to know her and then came up with this bit, then alrighty. How can you make assumptions like some high school clique that decides it doesn't like some other pretty girl because one of their ex boyfriends asked her out?

  26. jnyjny says – reply to this


    I dont care who likes whom. But you trash Leeann Rymes and glorify Brandy Glandville but no one talks about Angellina Jolie, or Tori Spelling, WHO DID THE SAME THING! Hyprocrit

  27. Gert says – reply to this


    I'm sure that the wife of the married man Chelsea cheated with so she could get her own show feels the exact same way about Chelsea. She is not funny just a bitter ol' hag.

  28. Kettle says – reply to this


    Re: ConsiderThis – Um. Chelsea cheated with a married man and low and behold she gets a show. Justin was with a long time lady and Jen broke up that relationship. Sit down and shut it.

  29. 29

    So true, love Chelsea always speaking her mind

  30. 30

    Re: ConsiderThis – I praised you feed, your so right

  31. nik says – reply to this


    Handler must have a serious girl on girl crush. She talks about her so often. Time to get over it and get back to hatin on Taylor Swift. Can't help but think Jen is still bitter and they sit around and bash her in a vodka filled evening with mascara smeared down their faces.

  32. chgome says – reply to this


    Chelsea Handler is shit. She is trying to brand herself as a bad girl who drinks and dates black guys. She is constantly reminding everyone she drinks and dates black men, shit get over it or become a Kardashian. I don't see her talent at all, where is it, not funny, not pretty, don't get it. She needs to leave Jolie alone, I think she is jealous cause Angelina has TALENT.

  33. 33

    So she not a demon because she's a "home wrecker" but she is one because she's not a girls girl? What the he11 kind of logic is that?? If this was high school Chelsea is that bitter jealous cheerleader picking on the strange pretty girl who doesn't fit in with her clique… No matter what age she's a bully. Plan and simple.

  34. hiba says – reply to this


    wow!! she is nasty..and just jealous of angelina cuz she has one of the kindest & biggest hearts in hollywood.

  35. J.J. says – reply to this


    Is there anyone who ain't jelous of Angelina Jolie? Give that woman a break! Love that woman for giving two hoots! No wonder she doesn't spend more time around these people … and spend her time being charitable instead. Chelsea is acting like Angelina did not steal Jen's man, but her own. Haha Chelsea if you want to bash Angelina, try to reach her level first please.

  36. 36

    Oh Shut Up Chelsea! Another jealous bitch here!! Angie is Beautiful and talented and desired and not to mention the Reigning Queen of Hollywood Betcha can't stand it. Your 15 minutes is a ticking trash mouth…

  37. Augur says – reply to this


    Angelina Jolie is a homewrecking crazy bitch with a good PR team. That's about it.

  38. Love ANISTON says – reply to this


    Hello.. Jen and Justin together after Justin split with his ex, BUT ANGIE AND BRAD TOGETHER WHILE JEN AND BRAD STILL MARRIED!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!

  39. 39

    Chelsea is just jealous of Angelina because Angie is drop dead beautiful and Chelsea…well….isn't. She needs to shut up already since she will never look like Angelina!

  40. 40

    I'd like to know why this chick even has a show. She isn't funny or cute. Just hateful.

  41. carbon says – reply to this


    It takes two to ruin a marriage! it's not only one person's fault bc if one is not interested they couldn't care less what the other person is doing. Brad didn't wanna be in that relationship with Jen anymore otherwise that would've been worked out between the two of them. So I don't believe it was solely angie's fault or vice versa. Re: ConsiderThis

  42. TIna says – reply to this


    You know Chelsea, why don't YOU GET A LIFE!….. Don't you have anything else better to talk about…… And to talk about innocent children.. You are a tru A*$@SSHOLE…. Oh, and a little known fact about your friend Jen, notice how she cant keep a man? Cause once she has them she does everything she can to try to change them into HER version of what they should be…..

  43. 43

    Handler thinks Jennifer Aniston is a 'girls girl'? Come on, Jennifer is over 40; not a 'girl' anymore. Angie is a 'woman's woman'. There are a lot of reasons to admire Angie Jolie including the fact she cares about a lot of things aside from being a rich celebrity.

  44. 44

    Why are you hating on such a successful woman!! Empower women, don't diss them! Jealousy is bad! I admire jolie so much. She NEVER opened her mouth about all that hate she's reciving. True Woman

  45. melissa says – reply to this


    Angelina is living her life! she don't care about Chelsea.. that old hag, if she did she would have responded already. And yes her hatred has to to with Jennifer.. get over it! Keep it real?

  46. Jess says – reply to this


    Yet insulting another woman you've never met makes you such a "girl's girl?" Yeah right! Jennifer and Angelina got over their feud a long, long time ago. I doubt they even think about each other anymore. Chelsea seems more upset about it then Jennifer ever did!

  47. J@NiLiCiOuS says – reply to this


    Why r u giving a s*** about all this anyway, ppl? Everyone hate someone for whatever reason. That's life. And Handler hates Jolie. Wtf is the big deal here? Earth still spinning I guess…

  48. 48

    Chelsea is a bitter, homely, nasty c@nt.

  49. ally says – reply to this


    And you Chelsea are a girl's girl by constantly bashing Angelina in public ?

  50. tavito says – reply to this


    and the sad thing..Jolie doesn't care at all

  51. Oops says – reply to this


    Frankly, no one likes a woman who wrecks homes. It has nothing to do with the time that has passed - it happened and that label will last forever. Angelina Jolie can collect all the orphans she wants to but it still won't change how she got Brad. For the record: she was asked about AJ. She didn't just bring her up out of nowhere. What women friends does AJ have? I'm betting none.

  52. Tainayosoyboricua says – reply to this


    Who cares! Has nothng to do with a woman being a homewrecker, it's the man if he wants something different and can't be a man about it and tell his wife/woman that he is not into her anymore and he wants something different and going to go and get it, no the man can't say that because he is too chicken to do that he is too scare to go up to his woman/wife and say "oh I'm not into you and I want to see someone else" or "I don't want to continue to see you", anything, but no men are stupid and they don't care about anyone but themselves, so to say it was Angelina, sorry, Brad had his hand in this, if he already told Jennifer, then it's up to her to take it and just realized that he has moved on, she should do same and I'm not saying it's easy but it's better to know now than to know later. Either way, to me Brad seems to be a wuss, he is not a man to me, he is just a man with lots of faults, the only reason it is being overlooked because he is a movie star that is all, other than that there are plenty of fine men that does so much better than Brad Pitt, again he is just an actor that is all, star, well that's going over board, stars today are not that great, not all serious, they just seems entitled to everything when in reality they have done nothing to contribute to this country, but still think they are entitled to everything, how lame these actors can be, so delusional.

  53. marla says – reply to this


    Chelsea is a piece of shit who is low life trash. Her comedy show is degrading. She of all people should not even talk smack. Angelina is by far a better person then her. She shouldnt be quick to call someone a demon when she should look at herself. She is a dumb mean fowl mouth ugly old hag. She deserves to go to hell. In fact she is so low and trashy that she is noteven worthy for Angelina jolie to wipe her butt with.

  54. Toy says – reply to this


    Re: Nome@home – horrible to say…just remember that you can't steal a husband…he leaves

  55. Toy says – reply to this


    You can't steal a man. He leaves.

  56. joselli bitchen says – reply to this


    WOW, Its really amazing that Ugly girls really hates Beautiful girls all the time!!!! Chelsea is only jealous because Angelina is so successful and effortlessly as a Celebrity Superstar and yet is a also a good humanitarian with a very compassionate heart!! In other words beautiful inside and out!!! While Chelsea and Jennifer still tries to prove that their are celebrity in their own way but so insecure because they very well know that they will never surpass Angelina kind of stardom!!! All I can say to Chelsea and her bestie it boils down to pure Jealousy!!!!!!! While Chelsea and Jennifer needs their girl power in a group. Angelina does not need any of those so called girly girls approval because she is so much insecure on the ways she looks and handle herself!!!! So, Chelsea eat your heart out because talent wise you have nothing………although We all know that the reason you got that spot in your station is because you did use your sluttiness to secure your hosting job by dating your boss, right ?? bicha safada!!!!!!!!

  57. 57

    @Mel, so if I dislike Angelina Jolie, I must be a jealous bitch? Lol, you sound like one of Bieber's demented little followers. How about if I think she's outrageously overrated? What if I think there are tons of women in the business who are much more talented and more attractive?What if I find her posing and preening on the red carpet to be laughable? Face it, she's one twisted chick who gets a lot more attention than her talent merits.

  58. floretta50 says – reply to this


    What Chelsea Handler rants on Angelina Jolie reveals, somebody even though they about to get married is still not happy and is still carrrying a torch. This is besties rant for besties current laments, After 7 years and six kids? Brad Pitt must be some kind of lover.

  59. 59

    i hate angelina and im glad shes losing her looks shes a disgusting human being shes not pretty and i dont like her jutting jaw or why they keep saying shes pretty …

  60. Kissofdeath says – reply to this


    Angelina has a mental disorder. She's a fraud and really boring.

  61. bracks says – reply to this


    for heavens sake woman Aniston is engaged to be married she has moved on and found a guy she loves who obviously loves her that she wants and will spend her life with. What is it with you maybe you thought you had your chance with her ex nah. No you are not as stunning as Jolie and never will be, it's time to put your potty mouth back in the toilet and please press double flush.You have become tediously boring which is unforgivable

  62. bracks says – reply to this


    Re: @v@
    Gee talk about a double standard her fiance was in a long term, relationship when they met on set shades of deja vu. If it gets done to me I will do it to someone else and then explain their relationship was over and forever more still play the injured party, but seems to still allow her close friend to trash others pot calling the kettle black muc h.

  63. fishooks says – reply to this


    Women can also tell a bright pea green jealous emotional sookie lala baby and handles you're it get over yourself

  64. iss says – reply to this


    i don't think it is jennifer aniston's fault…although haters believe that chelsea's action is her doing…is chelsea that stupid to follow whatever her bff wanted?

  65. lc says – reply to this


    And who actually care what Chelsea Handler says. She has zero impact on society. Poor jealous woman.

  66. doubleh says – reply to this


    I like Chelsea Handler she is the next Joan Rivers, HILARIOUS.. They call em like they see them

  67. doubleh says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru

  68. GA Peach says – reply to this


    Obviously Chelea is obsessed with Angelina! Such hate spewing from her mouth has to be a lot of jealousy!. Maybe bladder is right that she would like some time with Angie herself! I have never seen Chelsea as a girl's girl. Get over it Chelsea! No one gives a sh*t what yu think Angelina has proven herself to be a lady and no way would she lower herself to respond.

  69. boo says – reply to this


    Re: mandmRe: KissofdeathRe: mandm – Shut up jealous bitch

  70. cox says – reply to this


    Re: doubleh – Chelsea Handlers is a ugly whore

  71. FIN says – reply to this


    Chelsea Handlers is cheap whore and her mouth like asshole

  72. dave says – reply to this


    Re: Love ANISTON – Jenifer Aniston so fugly like man, No wonder men doesn't want her only Justin want to use her so he dated her

  73. coco says – reply to this


    Re: cappy – Idiots love Jen and Chelsea Both are fugly, jealous and cheap

  74. lina says – reply to this


    Re: mandm – Jolie can't force Brad love her. He like her, he come to her , he love her etc…. so what?. Stop jealous, look at your Jen so fugly and masculin he he he . Move on jealous bitters

  75. lina says – reply to this


    Re: Nome@homeRe: mandm – Jolie can't force Brad love her. He like her, he come to her , he love her etc…. so what?. Stop jealous, look at your Jen so fugly and masculin he he he . Move on jealous bitters

  76. tammy says – reply to this


    Re: doubleh – Huum! you like low-class cheap women like Chelsea

  77. shita says – reply to this


    Jen Aniston used Chelsea Handlers to revenged Jolie. Both these hags are so ugly inside and out. They just stop jealous to Jolie until they die

  78. jen says – reply to this


    Re: doubleh – Both are no talent and full of jealous mind

  79. tim says – reply to this


    Jen and Chelsea are ugly like ugly. Bad like bad

  80. Kicki says – reply to this


    I think Chelsea is av terrible person. I didn´t think bullying was allowed i the USA. And we wonder why kids are so mean??

  81. Shannon says – reply to this


    I assume not a one of you know Chelsea. Shut ur traps.

  82. Don says – reply to this


    Chelsea handler is a rude bitch . I don't why they don't cancel her show. Her jokes are all about insulting and judging other people she doesn't really know. She needs to stop putting dicks in her ass, its making her a bigger bitch every time I'm worried she'll even turn into a fucking dog one day.

  83. simple says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but what Angelina Jolie did is unforgivable. I am not saying she is a bad person. She does a lot of great things for a lot of people and hungry children. But.. that does not entitle her to anybodies forgiveness, we are creatures of free will. Once you do something "unforgivable" in my book, I just can't . I'm not one to say " I am bigger than that" b/c I'm not, I'm just human. And if it were my best friend that a person did that too that i see as a sister.. yep. I'd prob strongly dislike that female too. Nobody likes the leg spreader that stole your man. Once you commit a federal crime you can do the time but the choices you make follow you. It will still be on your record and employers can see it… Angelina is no exception. She prob doesn't care for Handler's opinion though so woo hoo for her. LOL

  84. tramg says – reply to this


    Fuck you ! it is you who is demon . only a demon can think other like that

  85. dgordon says – reply to this


    I like and respect anyone that can speak their minds. The reason that she probably talks about how much she dislikes her constantly @Zaida Bird, is because they talk about Angelina constantly. Every time you turn around in the press it's Angelina this, Brad that. Don't get it twisted, those two feed stories to the press. They fuel the machine and they like it. Brad's in GQ now talking about how unhappy he was in his marriage with Jennifer etc. He shouldn't be putting all his dirty laundry out there and talking about his ex constantly in a negative way. Yet, he does. He couldn't have been that miserable, he stayed married to her for SEVEN YEARS. Him putting this info out is just confirming that he cheated on Jennifer with Angelina. Now he want to put Angelina on this pedestal like she's so great. I think thou may have protest too much. But you know how the saying goes: How you get em is how you lose em!

  86. kate says – reply to this


    Chelsea Handler is a trailer park white trash whore! She and Jan spent ten of thousands dollars on drinking, vacationing, and drug. Angie has donated one-third of her wealth to help war-zone children and women. IF ANYONE IS A DEMON, IT IS CHELSEA HANDLER. If she doesn't go to hell, nobody would. Go f-ck yourself, Chelsea Handler!

  87. Taiwo says – reply to this


    this bitch chelsea should just admit that angelina is way out of her league and she is jealous of that. chelsea sounds like a bitch ass muthafucka!

  88. a says – reply to this


    Everyone's entitled to an opinion; express it once and move on she sound like a fucking broken record!

  89. me says – reply to this



  90. me says – reply to this


    I wish Brad would kick Chelsea's ass or slap her with a defamation law suit. Chelsea is such a demon.

  91. woman says – reply to this


    Re: Nome@home – why don't you blast brad. he was the one who broke the vow of marriage. you bitter women are all the same. tire and lonely, and always blaming someone else for your miserable life.

  92. fabulosa says – reply to this


    Re: Mel – Totally agree with you, and another thing is the more Chelsea complaints about Angeline, the more pathetic Jen looks. Because who is injecting Chelsea with this, other than Jen herself?. When is she going to tell her friend to stop and get over it. And when are they going to understand that Angie did not took Pitt away from Jen, she did, and he was feeling a looser in that relations, so he did what any normal people would do…walk away. For heaven sake is more than 10 years already, this is nonsense.

  93. watchin' says – reply to this


    I agree with Chelsea. While I do not hate Angelina, I've always been "on to" her. She has always been a troubled person but is now trying to repair her karma by doing good works and that is great. But, people should always be aware that she really doesn't care about what others think. She will always do what she pleases. Brad isn't all that smart, either. Someday, he'll catch on to her games.

  94. jilly says – reply to this


    Their marriage was already over before he met Jolie, a marriage doesn't end overnight.

  95. eljeran says – reply to this


    CHelsea is a Hollywood insider and probably knows way more about the truth about Jolie and Pitt than will ever be known by the public. we only know what Brad and Angie authorize us to know and their lives have been more fabricated for our approval than Tom and Katie or Beyonce and Jay Z. I just wonder if Jolie ever looks at Brad and thinks …DAMN!..I wish I had broken up Rachel Weisz's marriage instead. Everyone is acting like is the olympic gold medal or something. GAG ME! He's dumber than a bag of hair and hast been cute since Fight CLub.

  96. eljeran says – reply to this


    Look at the photo of Angie above. Her eyes are wide open. Yet every time she is on the red carpet she does this thing with her eyes where she hold them only half way open in some pre-coital "I am gonna fuck you" way. She is such a douche. Brad is such a douche. They make me laugh with their ridiculous image.