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Taylor Swift Is A Disgruntled Virgin, Or So Says Chelsea Handler!

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While we will forever adore the lovely Taylor Swift, she should probably know better than to insult such HIGHlarious women as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Mostly because comments like: "There is a special place in hell for women who don't support other women" will DEFINIETELY catch the attention of another female comedian, Chelsea Handler!

The saucy Chelsea Lately host got a tad cheeky recently when asked about Taylor's heated Vanity Fair interview….

Chelsea expressed:

"I think that was a bold statement, but I'm not on anyone's side because I just don't care enough. I like that she's being that vociferous about something that she thinks they were out to get her. They were clearly making a joke just about her demeanor, which is embarrassing. I mean, she's just dated so many men."

But Mz. Handler did NOT stop there… Chelsea continued to SLAM Taylor for driving away boys because she refuses to give up her VIRGIN status!

Chelsea continued to blast:

"My theory about Taylor Swift is that she's a virgin, that everyone breaks up with her because they date her for two weeks and she's like, 'I'm not gonna do it.' And they're like, 'Oh, well, forget it. Then I don't want to date you,'Every guy thinks they're going to devirginize her, and they're not. She's never going to get devirginized, ever, ever, ever, ever."

A virgin? Taylor? Hmm.

And even though Chelsea is obviously joking (at least we assume she is) after taking what she said into consideration, we concede that it's possible…

But what awful dudes is Taylor dating who would breakup with her for not letting them have sex with her?!

Cause obviously, that's the lamest of sauces.

Virgin or not, screw ANY man who makes a woman believe he likes her soul, when in fact, they only want a lady for her lady parts!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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32 comments to “Taylor Swift Is A Disgruntled Virgin, Or So Says Chelsea Handler!”

  1. 1

    1) I think she´s a virgin too.
    2) And I think is 100% right that guys dumo her because of that. She´s not 14, she´s 22. If u dont wanna fuck, dont date…or go and date jesus-freaks.

  2. fid says – reply to this


    Unless she finds some normal guy who would be cool with her not wanting to give it up she's going to run into the same problems. Yes please ask a guy that's probably had sex with a slew of women to wait until you get married. That'll work.

  3. 3

    Perez, why don't you do something wonderful? How about sponsoring a Week Without Taylor? How about all the online gossip blogs getting together for this campaign? We go a whole week, 7 days and we don't see her photos and we don't see her name, no one talks about her, and there are no videos or taylormuzak anywhere in the media. Nada. You would become a hero!If it catches on maybe we can get radio stations to not play her music for a week. Just one damned week. I'm begging you.

  4. suzy says – reply to this


    eww, chelsea handler is talentless. who cares what she says. everyone needs to shut up about taylor and let her live. girls her age are doing much worse things. seriously. digusting. (not you perez, im talking about chelsea)

  5. k says – reply to this


    Haha. exactly my thought abt Taylor swift. ;]

  6. ggg says – reply to this


    Ummm what the hell, i support a girl who stands for what she believes in, cuz of girls givig it up so easily is why we have more sluts day bybday. Victorias secret super model adriana lima was a virgin until marriage so i say go ahead

  7. 7

    Chelsea Handler is a God damn genius.

  8. vavavoom says – reply to this


    shes being made fun of because shes a virgin? so what we're suppose to glamourize whores? and once we do we bash them like kim kardashian.

    people dont know what they want anymore!!!!

    taylor, if she is a a virgin, good stuff for not whoring around like kim

    people need to be true to themselves and not slut around

  9. 9

    That's what I thought too. She seems very sweet and very sensitive in interviews.

  10. Lauren says – reply to this


    Who cares if she's a virgin or not??? When men jump from girl to girl we don't question their levels of sexual promiscuity. Seriously, who cares? If you like her music, listen to it. If you don't like her music, don't listen to it. But don't worry about the happenings of her vagina. Ugh and this society is supposed to be pro women. What a joke.

  11. kathy says – reply to this


    Re: fid – she is 23 actually and some people like to save sex till marriage because they don't just want to sleep with anyone who comes along.

  12. says who says – reply to this


    If she is a virgin-great-don't date these guys for publicity…it's annoying!

    Find a male virgin and have fun. What I find irritating (nauseating) about Taylor is her phoniness, lack of talent, attention whoring ways and yet she insists I should think she's a virginal saint..doesn't work that way sweety.

  13. naira says – reply to this


    chelsey could be her grandmother, now go find ppl ur own age to bully…

  14. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Suzy, Why is Taylor a fake, ugly whor* and cannot stand this girl.

  15. 15

    It actually makes perfect sense that she would be a virgin. Now the problem I see with this is she dated John Mayer! Seriously if she thought he would settle down and start a family with her, the girl is dumb. Maybe she should try dating people that aren't in the public eye. I personally believe if she's looking for certain values, she's not going to find it within most celebs.

  16. ridiculous says – reply to this


    As a girl who was trying to keep her v-card until marriage, I think Chelsea is spot on, because I ran into the same issues. Guys don't want to date girls who don't put out! And the "Jesus-freaks" are already married to other "Jesus-freaks" at 18, because they want to get busy, too! Some guys see it as a challenge -I can make her change her mind…but mostly it's just very disappointing. Taylor needs to swoop up Tim Tebow before it's too late, because he is an anomaly! Lol

  17. amaia says – reply to this


    Oh my god chelsea's such a two-faced bitch. WHO CARES WHAT SHE THINKS ABOUT TAYLOR if she's a virgin so what. i doubt she is, she went out with john mayer for about 4 months and jake gyllenhall for about 5.

  18. 18

    i agree with her, i do think she is a virgin, because she tries to be sexy, but it looks she still doesnt get it right, she's a bit akward, even though she is very pretty there's still a lot of insecurity from her when she tries to look sexier, also the guys she dates in hollywood, the typical womanizers, they give her more to write than a normal guy, and i think that's why she dated guys who were much younger than her, probably virgins too, because they are too young.

  19. Dirk says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is a bitter old fruit cake. His lady parts smell as bad as Taylor Swift's.

  20. lola says – reply to this


    there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin but I don't think she is one. I think she has a fakeness about her and likes people to think she is one tho.

  21. Halley says – reply to this


    She has not dated "so many men." Taylor said in her interview with Vanity Fair that she's dated two guys since 2010. Is two guys really considered a lot? I don't think so.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    So. Is this an example of Chelsea (demon Angie-phobe) just being a 'girls girl' here?

  23. Dollymadison says – reply to this


    Chelsea looks like she's 60 years old! But let's see… Chelsea has never been married… She has one relationship after another…so hmmmm…. A virgin? Naw. They just can't stand her for very long. And that Jennifer Aniston thing she's got going….

  24. 24

    I'm sure Taylor is a lovely girl. She cannot sing.

  25. heather says – reply to this


    I thought Chelsey liked Taylor? She was on her show. Shame on you Chelsey Taylor is a fan of yours. So she is a "prude" if she hasn't had sex and will never find anyone if she doesn't but if she has sex according to everyone on this post she is slut? Yea that makes perfect sense. Yea you all sound brilliant! Whether she has sex or not is her business and no one elses.

  26. colleen says – reply to this


    Re: suzy – oh yes please no Taylor Swift for a week. That would be awesome

  27. 27

    Meh, it's fine and dandy for wanting to remain a virgin. But don't attack men for breaking up for said girl after they learn she is "saving herself for marriage".

  28. Elle says – reply to this


    I think it's great of Perez to show support for women… or anyone who may not want to have sex yet or before marriage. I know it's become an expectation, but it shouldn't be. You have to let people feel comfortable!

  29. 29

    My theory about Chelsea Handler is if she didn't give it away she'd be forever dateless. Just look at the ugly mouthy bitch.

  30. Ashley says – reply to this


    So being a virgin is a bad thing now? Everybody is just supposed to be a whore…

    Fuck anybody that thinks there is something wrong with her just because she's 22 and [could still be] a virgin! That is what's wrong with this country everything is about sex, and if you are some hoe then there is something wrong with you. It SHOULD be the other way around!!

  31. Marie says – reply to this


    If she is a virgin, than it could make sense. Not that there is anything wrong with her, it just means that she wants something to "mean something." Anyone can "boff" anyone - it's easy and …goofy. if it is what she is, than it explains a lot. I hope she finds peace.

  32. eazy duz it says – reply to this


    taylor, girl honestly FUCK wat dem say eh girl if you want to be so you could say so remember da thing between yuh legs is yours so whenever ya ready to lost it is your choice