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Justin Bieber? Is that you under those scurry layers of plastic and rubber?! JK, we know it's the man who once made Selena Gomez swoon, but we're SO utt… Read more…

25 comments to “Justin Bieber Dons Creepy Gas Mask AGAIN In London Town! Thinks He's In WWII?!”

  1. 1

    he's a twerp…

  2. mikevfi says – reply to this


    relax he just forgot his makeup

  3. G says – reply to this


    JB is trying to pull an MJ with the mask stuff. He's never been original and will imitate MJ's career, so ppl will think he's interesting. The only problem is that MJ actually had talent to back up the odd behavior.

  4. 4

    Can't wait until he tries cocaine.

  5. 5

    Why can't he stand up straight? Does he have to bend over so his pants won't fall down? He is starting to look like Mr. Burns.

  6. lala says – reply to this


    What a disrespectful twat.

  7. 7

    "Are you my mummy?" Anyone? Anyone? Whovians?

  8. J says – reply to this


    Oh my, this kid… Can't he just stop? We don't want to hear about him anymore!! If you haven't noticed, he's been going downhill bad since Selena dumped him. Who can blame her,t hough? He seems awful

  9. A7X says – reply to this


    Re: SPNfangirl83 – exactly what i thought when i saw it haha

  10. 10

    These are the actions of a dying fad that's quickly running out of his 15 minutes. The whole Selena thing carried him on a bit longer. When will young girls stop making useless, talentless idiots like this rich and famous? When in 5 years they will forget who he is. Just like the Jonas brothers and every other boybander before him. JB has been replaced by those fruity british bands, in which in a year or so they'll die out just as well.

  11. 11

    Yep, that's a Bieber under that mask… woman's hoodie: check. woman's blouse: check. walking like her cherry just got popped by a huge one: check.

  12. Marc says – reply to this


    Another "Michael Jackson" in the making…I wonder how long it will take before the nervous breakdown…

  13. lala says – reply to this


    Re: Marc – Not really another MJ, atleast MJ had talent.

  14. Sanne Karlsen says – reply to this


    He uses it so the creepy, annoying paparazzies in London won't get a picture of his face. The poor guy doesn't even get two seconds away from the cameras.
    To all you people saying mean things about this and about him, just shut the f**k up, and put yourselves in his situation. I mean, it's not dangerous to act kind, and say nice things about other human beings for a change. Am I the only one who can stay positive and don't believe all the crazy rumors and jugde people by it?

  15. V says – reply to this


    Re: SPNfangirl83

    YES! that is exactly what I was thinking!

  16. 16

    Not only the mask, but why is he always hunching over like an idiot?

  17. gabs says – reply to this


    Re: SPNfangirl83 – YESSSS my thoughts exactly!!!! he's been watching the doctor lately lolz

  18. 18

    Re: Sanne Karlsen – You do realize there are MUCH easier ways to hide his face from the paparazzi? All he would really have to do is pull his shirt up and his hood down, and we all know he has no problem pulling up his shirt. That kid is lost; he needs help and all the denial surrounding him won't help him at all. I'm willing to cut him a lot of slack simply because of what he did last year for that little girl who later died from cancer. His pretending to marry her and enlisting his fans to send her supportive messages was a tremendous gift to her and her family. I just don't think he's that guy anymore.

  19. Leslie says – reply to this


    Poor uneducated little kid. I feel bad for him.

  20. 20

    Re: SPNfangirl83 – Haha, that's exactly what I thought. I was like "someone's been watching too much Doctor Who."

  21. kim says – reply to this


    are you my mummy?

  22. terija says – reply to this


    This is what Selena meant when she just said he is 'embarrassing' since they broke up, and she now wants a man not a toddler!

  23. felish says – reply to this


    we definitely know what he's using that for …… smoking that ganja

  24. In The Know says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who knows about gas mask bong rips? It's a real thing. Just attach the bong piece to the mouth piece of the mask and bang, engulfed in smoke and you must inhale all of it. Maybe he bought it for fun, but I'm pretty certain he has used it recreationally as well. :)

  25. Person says – reply to this


    There's no filter so if the Germans were to use a gas weapon from Calais, he'd still be screwed.