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You make Ashton Kutcher PAY for that wandering peen of his, Demi Moore! Even though Demi is a millionaire in her own right and doesn't NEED mo' money fr… Read more…

9 comments to “Ashton Kutcher Giving Demi Moore How Many MILLIONS In Divorce?!”

  1. fid says – reply to this


    Ah yes, America, where you get money for doing absolutely nothing. So does this mean that according to California law Demi is entitled to half of Ashton's earnings (during the period of time they were married) AND spousal support?

  2. Lover55 says – reply to this


    I hope Demi finds happiness.This has been going on way too long.Really if the story is true, me as a female would devastate me.So if everything thats posted is true.I believe she deserves a big pay out.Look what he did to her.Cheating,lying,& the fact he hooked up with his new hoe.They both got together way to quick,comments being made about her from these two

  3. Lover55 says – reply to this


    ,How would anyone feel? Going thru the pain of divorce,knowing your husband was rubbing her nose in it and acting in public that he didn't care anything about her.How immature, for him & Mila,must have thought it was pretty cool, splattering their makeout sessions all over the place.AIN'T SO COOL NOW!! LOL!!! I hope she gets everything she is going after and finds a real man soon.She should kiss the ground she got rid of her trash.

  4. jk says – reply to this


    Ashton deserrved money for living with a drug addicted, plastic surgery queen who was an unfit mother Only interested in gettingladi and younger men and drugs and partying with her daughters for cripes sakes. She took Bruce for a pretty penny too now Ashton. It is not against the law to cheat on your drug addicted wife. He had his reasons for wanting out and that is why he cheated he knew she would find out . BUT thye were alrady seperated when he cheated the last time to she needs to take the bank rolkl she got from Bruce and move on down the road to the next guy to make a chunk of change off of,

  5. Lover55 says – reply to this


    RE:JK,what kind of moron are you? Cheating on your mate is never acceptable.I can't tolerate people like you.First off how do you know if she was a druggie & bad mother.Nothing like that was never broughtup in the seven years togethers.The pictures of them together prove rhey were happy.And her girls look like they had a good upbringing.You never hear really anything bad in the news about them.Spoiled brats am thinking.And her plastic surgery.SHUT UP! Coz shes like the first one in Ballywood to have it.GEEZ, well put her in front of a firing squad.Asston is a frickin useless actor who gained fame thru her.Nothing about him is impressive,cheating is a fu*-%kin coward's way out.So lets give HIM a big pat on the back.She really loved him, so lets all make fun of her mental breakdown, after he broke her heart.I hope he pays big time for being a dirtbag.Serves him right & you can go to hell!!!!!!!

  6. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Coke head Demi Whore deserves NOTHING….Disgusting SKANK !

  7. Lover55 says – reply to this


    RE:BE-ATCH,Why isn't she entitled to anything? The male whore cheated on her,and I read comments from his past girlfriends on some web site that he can be a mean ignorant bastard.So I don't think Demi M.is all to blame.I'll say it again, nothing bad was ever brought up about her until he shattered her life.My theory is, true or not is that him and the bulging eye hoe he's with now had this all planned out.It all seems so werid how fast they got together.

  8. ver55 says – reply to this


    I think the both of them are so phony, and act all kinds of sweet in front of the public.But I feel they are just cruel &heartless.If they has any class at all and at least be somewhat respectful towards his soon to be ex.Instead they hang off each other like apes in heat.And Mr.Asston is a no talent actor,coward &***CHEATER****! And his girlfriend is a sneak.Who cares how much their worth, still scumbags!

  9. Sculdugary says – reply to this


    As someone who worked for Demi over many years during Bruce time, The constant moral contradictions, her need to create and stay 28 with implants and other work, then capping it off with a guy who would never be able to stay with someone with all her hang-ups, and her age. Did anyone really think he wouldn't eventually switch to someone who he could have 10 or 20 young years with? She's actually boring… Kids had nothing to do with it. He's lucky he didn't have any kids with her, not that she could have. This money issue is sour grapes. If she had any class she'd just walk away. This situation is her doing, when she wants what she wants she gets it, until……When are women going to learn that guys cannot be faithful in 95% of the cases. Sorry girls. Ask Hunter if I'm wrong.