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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving The View Too! Reportedly 'Fired' For Being 'Too Extreme!'

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elisabeth hasselbeck leaving the view

No more Joy! And now no more Sass-A-Hass!?

Just ONE DAY following the news of Joy Behar's exit from The View, reports confirm that Elisabeth Hasselbeck will not be returning next season.

Though Joy's exit seemed to be her own decision, we're hearing Elisabeth was FIRED for being too extreme in Republican politics for viewers.

Insiders say:

"The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing. People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed."

Meanwhile, a rep from the show will only state:

"Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of The View and has a long term contract."

Sounds like they wanna let her leave as gracefully as possible!

Who should replace her??

[Image via WENN.]

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120 comments to “Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving The View Too! Reportedly 'Fired' For Being 'Too Extreme!'”

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  1. CPar says – reply to this


    Luckily I have a PVR and could fast forward every time she spoke. Nice to hear I won't have to anymore.

  2. michael says – reply to this


    glad to see her go, sorry but she is very narrow minded when it came to politics plus she seems to be a know it all and no one knows everything about every subject. sorry to see joy go, really enjoy her.

  3. Jingles says – reply to this


    If the viewers polled said she was to right winged then that proves that the majority of the viewers are sheep. AS far as Joy leaving Good ridence to bad rubbish.

  4. Beth says – reply to this


    I hate Elisabeth being fired. It is not fair. I watch everyday and like them all. I am not a big fan of Joy, but I like them all. This is ridiculous. If the ratings have not gone down, what is the problem?

  5. Sandi says – reply to this


    Lizzie is rude, even to BW, has to have the last word, acts as if she's the only one who ever had kids & knows best. Honestly I always have my finger on the mute button, which is the majority of the time, because she thinks her "view" is the only right view. She slams Democrats then sucks up to them when they come on the show. I watched Survivor & wanted her on the show but it didn't take long to see a "fame monger" running amok. Happy she's leaving. Now if we can Sherry to calm down. She's too loud!

  6. Pam says – reply to this


    Re: Jess – My sentiments exactly!

  7. Snarkey says – reply to this


    This nitwit brings nothing to the show. She has no sense of humor, plays out her role as a babbling fool. How she ever got this job is beyond reason. There are hundreds of better qualified women for this job.

  8. Susan B. says – reply to this


    Re: sheri – Woo hoo!!!!!!! A huge ditto here! Elisabeth is the ONLY REASON TO EVEN TUNE INTO THAT SHOW. Ah, the media.Let's see Joy,Whoopi and the old lady,are extreme left,BUT YOU DO NOT HEAR ANY ONE FROM THE SHOW OR POLLS COMPLAINING ABOUT THEM.Mmmmmmmmm! So RACISTS!!!

  9. Amanda says – reply to this


    I love your comment it is so true. Elisabeth did nothing but state an opinion many wont I hate to see her go

  10. Happy Happy Happy says – reply to this


    Its about time Elizabeth is getting away from this show. Its a shame that just because she wont kiss butt like the rest do, she is singled out. I hope nothiong but the best for her in the future. Put Walters in a home and impeach Obama!!!!!!!!

  11. thebuddhadharma says – reply to this


    I won't watch the 'show' because of ALL of them- they have no idea how to interview important guests -completely absorbed in their own Views and ego's- it's boring and not newsworthy….cancel it already.

  12. Mother says – reply to this


    First of all let me just say when power is given to anyone I believe we as a people should never forget just where we began. I just didn't like her rude and sometimes hard to understand her ways to express herself. Well I guess it's like the saying, don't ever get to high. Because falling from it could be a very hard fall.

  13. already_enuff_spice says – reply to this


    Stopped watching years ago.Good luck to Elisabeth.

  14. Susan McPherson says – reply to this


    I agree with so many others……I am thrilled to hear (if it's true) that Elizabeth will be leaving or getting fired or whatever, I cannot stand her and therefore hardly ever watched the show solely b/c I couldn't tolerate HER.

  15. Marushka says – reply to this


    Re: sheri – I'm able to watch the show, not because I live off the government, but because I work 2nd shift. I also stopped watching the show because of her. Everyone has a right to their own openions, but she jams it down your throat.

  16. Alicia says – reply to this


    Elizabeth is a voice of reason and a singular one on the show. I like her because she thinks as i do, but I also enjoy all the other stars and their comments. The idea of the show is to share ideas. If all the women are the same the show will get boring. We need free thinking.

  17. Grace says – reply to this


    Well thank God Elisabeth is finally getting the boot. I can't watch that show anymore with her IN it. Major pain in the ass, doesn't add anything but myopic negativity and self promotion. Good riddance. LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG over due!!!!

  18. Stephiro says – reply to this


    Re: sheri – manymoms- so every individual that stays at home for raise their children, have a spouse or part er that makes enough money , handicapped, works from home, etc , etc is lazy? I am so sorry that you were born ignorant and with out a functioning brain … That must be difficult to function in society. You must not have children or be in a comfortable economic situation because if you did/ had either you wouldn't think syltwyijg at joke equals laziness. It is people like you that reiterates the ignorance in our society. I am so sorry to hear that you are incapable of having intelligen/ rational thoughts about ppl that are in a different situation then you are. There is a reason why communism was abolished in most modern societies but then again you probably never heard of communism. Please feel free to reply as I can may explain this concept you in a way that your uneducated mind could wrap around. By the way MANYMOMS are you one of those millions moms against intelligence … Or whatever they are called???

  19. Diane says – reply to this


    Her comments never held substance. She took the right just for the sake of an argument. Unbelievable that the web is filled with comments on her employment. She stayed on the view for nearly a decade because she had no where else to go. Fox news can be tagged idiots to hire her. She would not be able to argue child pornograghy. She has no background in journalism and needs to just go home and raise money for charities with her name

  20. amd says – reply to this


    It was probably working for her to talk about politics at some point, so she did more and more of it, to the point of excluding a lot of viewers.

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