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34 comments to “facebook-just-got-these-in-the-mail-yeah”

  1. head says – reply to this


    so happy to see you read to him in spanish:)

  2. EmCee says – reply to this


    Did the same thing… built a library for my newborn in just 2 weeks! Subscribed to children's book club and kept getting books in the mail. Six years later, it was all worth it! She reads the books to me now. :)

  3. Jordan says – reply to this


    What about the boy with Pink hair? Love it Perez ;)

  4. sil says – reply to this


    you live in america where English is the language,

  5. Kay says – reply to this


    When it comes to books and reading, there should be no moderation.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    When they're older, they like new stories. I hit up the local library every three weeks for the 27 book max, lol. New story every night, with four repeats. Ten bucks a year, and limitless selection and you keep your money.

  7. 7

    Not for books Perez! Let us know which ones you like so we can share them with our kids. Local libraries love donations of books, especially in honor of new babies! :)

  8. Sherilyn says – reply to this


    A child can never have too many books - I hope Good Night Moon is in the collection!

  9. share says – reply to this


    Reading is so very important. Some of the brightest elementary students I've ever taught were read to them very early!

  10. tayrawrrr says – reply to this


    You're an amazing father. When I was younger, my mom would read us To Kill A Mockingbird and Robinson Curose! When you're little one is a bit older, I would DEFINITELY recommend. Love you, Perez! SO EFFING HAPPY FOR YOU!

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    You can get kid's stories on tape, too. Once in a while if you're really zonked and tired, you can plug them in and get your kid read to with usually great sound effects. They fall asleep, and you come in and turn out the light.

  12. elisa cataline says – reply to this


    Oh true, I forgot you purchased a child. How Bruno of you.

  13. tasha says – reply to this


    hey hey,,, been a fan for yearsss and this is my first comment=) books, i feel, are the only thing in life that do not need to be moderated. when i was born, my mother subscribed to disney books that came with the tape. she played them every night while i was in my crib to help me sleep. by the time i was three, i could read. in pre-school i could read up to a third grade level. books have been my constant companions and i am sooooo thankful to my mother for having great foresight and getting those books on tape. im currently pregnant with my first baby and have already started purchasing a collection of books on cd. lol… no more tapes. good luck hun=)

  14. Mike says – reply to this

  15. Whitney says – reply to this


    I have the same problem as you! Its so hard not to go crazy when buying baby stuff! My husband is French so we have tons of books in French and English. I think its great to teach your child 2 languages!

  16. Kymster says – reply to this


    I don't know you, but it warms my heart to see you taking on this new chapter of your life. Good for you! You seem so warm, and kind, and loving… That's all you need to raise a great kid. Good luck to you, and God bless you in your endeavour.

  17. 17

    No way. One can never have too many books! If I had the money, I'd buy books, books and more books…and I frequently do. Buy more books.

  18. bionicduck says – reply to this


    But this is America. Those books are printed in a different language. You might want to return them.

  19. MichJB says – reply to this


    It might be a good idea to teach your kid English.

  20. 20

    my dad read to us and we could all read and write before we went to school a bit ..

  21. Angela Hodgson says – reply to this


    Mouse Paint!!! great book!!!!

  22. Monica says – reply to this


    You can never have too many books for your baby!

  23. 23

    hahal, good luck with moderation!!! my house is stuffed with baby items.

  24. 24

    You are very wise to keep up the Spanish. He'll learn English perfectly anyways. Don't forget your heritage! Reading to your kids is so much fun!! :D

  25. 25

    No moderation when it comes to books! The more the better :-)

  26. 26

    Books and a love of reading is one of the greatest things you can give your son!

  27. 27

    You should get some Sandra Boynton books. They are board books, but very catchy, and precious. Our favorite was Snuggle Puppy.

  28. 28

    My son is now two and a half and his favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see. Its got nice flow and its very colourful for sensory development. :)

  29. sickofit says – reply to this


    Pase yourself Perezito, you have a life time ahead of you. I am soooooo happy for all of you,
    Besos, abrazos y mucho amor. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  30. Solinda says – reply to this


    Perez, if you are a book junkie for your baby, you must get "Counting Kisses" by Karen Katz. My son loved it and I love reading it to him.

  31. marythemerfairy says – reply to this


    All he needs iz u.

  32. Kirstin says – reply to this


    Great book choices Perez! I see a few of our faves! "The Bad Case of the Stipes" book is a must have as well as "If you Give a Pig a Pancake!" You need to get all of the books from that series! Another favorite when my daughter was younger was "The Belly Button Book" by Sandra Boyton. Check that one out! Two more you need to check out are "Bad Kitty" and "Poor Puppy" by Nick Bruel. Reading is so important so I love to see when people invest in books..keep on reading!

  33. JuJuJu says – reply to this


    For those of you ignorant minds that are complaining about how this is America so he should only give him books in English, YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!!! America has become a ridiculous, lazy country that nobody takes serious anymore due to ignorant people such as yourselves. You are lazy and close minded and refuse to learn and explore different languages and ideas. Did you know that bilingual individuals are more likely to get the better job vs. the only English speaker? No, it is not only if your second language is Spanish, other languages are valued as well. a large percentage of this one great country are now doing the minimum to get by. Nobody strives to be excellent at anything anymore. I applaud Hilton for teaching his child to expand his brain at an early age and hopefully get him to love learning as he grows up. Educate yourselves people!!!!

  34. MichJB says – reply to this


    Re: JuJuJu – If people would learn English then there would not be a need to be bilingual. Every nationality in the past had to learn English as part of becoming citizens. Now the Hispanics think they are so entitled that they believe that we have to learn their language.