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We've said it once. And we've got to say it again... Things are NOT lookin' good for Miley Cyrus right now!! While insiders insist the Mileybird hasn… Read more…

24 comments to “January Jones INTERROGATED About Liam Hemsworth 'Hook-Up' But She Doesn't Deny A Thing!”

  1. 1

    Glad he traded up. That teen star's teenage cuteness was fading fast.

  2. 2

    if i had that pap in my face being a fuckign idiot i'd do the same. i'm not a big fan of justin but i know he was sick all night and he doesnt look too good here. when i'm exhaused i have no filter. sure he was running out and pushing passed those dudes but these are grown men taking pictures of a sick guy leaving the hospital. back the fuck down and get a life and do something else with it instead of stalking a 19 year old kid.

  3. ne says – reply to this


    January is kinda ho-ish. Wasn't there controversy over who her baby daddy was.

  4. Leslie says – reply to this


    How do you expect a Hollywood Ho to react? Maybe she'll have another baby and this one will look like Liam.

  5. Dd says – reply to this


    Or she doesn't give a f*ck…

  6. 6

    She is WAY better than Miley 'never was' Cyrus….. Miley is has had mental breakdown… With all the drugs and what ever the fuck she did to her head…I'm not a Liam fan, but he can do better than Miley 100 times over

  7. devin says – reply to this


    she freaking 35 years old! GET LOST i never even heard of her until now.. she just wants attention.

  8. 8

    Re: carolinelaurie – think you commented on wrong story….

  9. 9

    Liam was only using Miley to further his career. I knew that they would never get married.

  10. Daily says – reply to this


    I like January and Liam together. Hope they become a couple.

  11. 11

    Mileybird? All speculation call me when u get some of the truth!

  12. Susan says – reply to this


    Hey, she has hair! Can you blame te guy?!?

  13. angela says – reply to this


    january jones' face is so disgustingly thin. it looks so bad. she needs to gain some weight

  14. cc says – reply to this


    Anyone who has ever met her knows she is a total BITCH!!!! Her ego is so ginormous I can smell it from here. She's a total hoe and a total egomaniac. She thinks she's better then everyone else. Her one movie I saw her in SUCKED and I don't know anyone that watches Mad Men. She really needs to get over herself. Such a skank!!!

  15. carlie says – reply to this


    I"m sure this loose vag-ed bitch isn't gonna give birth to a baby Thor in about 9 months

  16. dahlia says – reply to this


    This ho loves breaking up relationships, she'd be nothing without her fake fun bags , just a boring becky

  17. DOWN mothafucken GRADE says – reply to this


    Lol, wtf. What a downgrade. January Jones you ugly home wrecking bitch. :D

  18. 18

    Who is January Jones? It sounds familiar but i just don't care enough to look it up myself.

  19. Rachel Bauer says – reply to this


    If you watch the video she didn't say much of anything. She probably doesn't want to even comment on her personal life, even if it is to deny a rumor.

  20. misty jensen says – reply to this


    anyone who says they've never heard of January Jones before now should be taken out to pasture and shot like old yeller. JJ was in x-men first class and one of the greatest TV shows to date (mad men) and that alone speaks volumes. miley was on Hannah Montana (joke) and her music makes me want to cut my ears off. flashing her diamond engagement ring around, saying in interviews about "her" wedding and how "she" wants it to be is selfish. she doesn't love Liam she loves the idea of him. she's got some growing up to do and I wouldn't be surprised to see her cut herself again. sorry miley your days are numbered and frankly I can't wait till your 15 minutes is up. bye Felicia

  21. 21

    Re: misty jensen – thats pretty mean. im not a fan of either of them, but i can definitely sympathize with someone who has been cheated on. she's a young girl, why so cruel?? and still no clue who jj is. the only funny thing abput your post is "bye felicia". good one!

  22. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    A leopard never loses its spots. He cheated on his Australian girlfriend with Miley who cheated on Nick, so won't be surprised if he is cheating again.

  23. Shelly says – reply to this


    Re: TheLookingGlass – Shut the heck up. She never did drugs or smoke, and her hair was donated to charity. So while you are not brave enough to do the same thing, she actually went out there and supported a great cause.

  24. Ligahtonwdd says – reply to this


    Re: Fuzzy