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159 comments to “Justin Bieber LOSES IT, Threatens To "F*cking Beat The F*ck Out Of" London Papz, Then Tweets About It! WATCH EXPLICIT VIDEO HERE!”

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  1. tasha says – reply to this


    The paps are like this with everyone. They try to press their triggers cause it makes better pics and video's. The problem come with people like Bieber or Chris Brown, his good buddy btw, kanye etc. who can't control their own tempers so they feed right into it. He didn't need to get back out of the vehicle to yell at the pap. Time to grow up or just keep getting the rep of being a douche.

  2. Sax ax says – reply to this


    Did anyone actually watch the video?? The pap doing all the mouthing of was doing to the bodyguard for pushing him back, bieber just assumed it was about him and reacting like the diva he is

  3. mushy says – reply to this


    Now if he was Chris Brown you all would be digging up all of Chris Brown's past experiences like he is a serial killer or something. Why is that?

  4. kylas says – reply to this


    Yes Justin could have ignored the paps and went about his business but he had JUST gotten out of the hospital and they were hounding him. None of us could ever understand what its like to be in the spotlight every second of every day, so we are in no place to judge his mind set. Yes paps do follow around other celebrities but NEVER to the extent the do with him. I feel sorry for him this has been a rough year so far. His breakup with Selena, got busted with drugs, collapsing on stage and many more. Paps don't do anything but egg on the situation. He probably wouldn't be so hot and bothered if they just took pics not scream nasty things at him and he ONLY got mad after the dude called him a bunch of names. I would've done the exact same thing

  5. alba says – reply to this


    WTH is wrong with Justin Bieber these days he thinks he can come out of a restaurant and just start pushing people out of the way, it doesnt matter that they where paparazzi they are stil people and hes not the King of London, he needs to learn some manners,and go to an anger management class.

  6. ....yeah. fuck off. says – reply to this


    Re: Kathy – Young men and women!? I swear about 99% of his fans are girls no older than 14. The older generation don't like his music, as much as he tries to get them on his side. I'm 20 and never hear anyone my age rate him highly

  7. Will says – reply to this


    Re: BELIEBER! – He almost died? LOL He 'fainted' it was a publicity stunt, to make people like you feel sorry for him after the news broke that he spent 3 hours playing video games instead of being at his own damn concert! Justin pushed the pap! He isn't even in his way and he pushed him, that's why he yelled stuff at him, he pissed cause Justin put his hands on him! Why is it okay for Justin to be mad and threaten him (after assulting him) over what he said, but it's not okay for the guy to get mad after being pushed by that brat? You don't treat people that like, especially when you're a guest in their country.

  8. 108

    i feel sad for him hope he feels better did tht pier guy betrayed JB

  9. GetReal says – reply to this


    Boy is Selena Gomez thinking that she dodged a bullet… He's falling apart right in front of us. He's a child and has no clue what it means to be a man.

  10. Crystal says – reply to this


    He's just a boy! I feel so bad for the child stars and he is the one that truly connects with the heart. It seems the media will continue to attack and provoke him until…

  11. Tiana says – reply to this


    Re: sskiles – Christians aren't perfectTi

  12. CallousB says – reply to this


    This angle doesn't tell the full story. Looking from a different angle Bieber went out of his way to shove a pap who did nothing wrong (there was plenty of room for Bieber to get through)….the paps didn't say one bad word until after Bieber launched an unprovoked attack on them…..clip here-

  13. john says – reply to this


    What a little punk…I think him trying to be tough is just funny!

  14. 114

    JUst another example of this little prick thinking who the fuck he is. Who was going to beat the fuck out of? I didn't see any 2 year olds around….lol

  15. 115

    Re: onefinn – When Chris Brown goes off women get bitten or a chair is thrown out of a window…..Justin Bieber goes off and just pushes his own bodyguard….Do you see the difference?? Retard.

  16. sara says – reply to this


    oh yea that pap must feel so good about himself calling a 19 yr old boy all the names out of the book and this pap is probably old enough to be his dad.. someone that old should know better then to use that type of language.. the pap was acting like a dumb spoiled 5 yr old.. this just blows my mind that someone would use that type of language towards someone.. especially JB!! He is such a good guy and hard working boy. He is so young and so successful!! He came from nothing and with his hard work look where he is now. The pap had no right to say those things to him..

  17. Buzz says – reply to this


    It's hilarious how his bodyguard is holding the little midget down like a cockroach, him making desperate attemps to move! Haha.

  18. Max says – reply to this


    Paparazzis are fkn assholes. Calling them cocks and pricks. What a career you have hey mum must be proud. He's trying to protect him self from being hurt far out

  19. Jaimie Z says – reply to this


    Leave him alone! He's been through so much and you think he needs help! You're so inconsiderate! He's a normal person like you and I and he's reached his breaking point! Do you people not understand that! If people were in your face 24/7 and didn't give you any personal space and screamed rude hateful things that were unessisary, don't you think you'd get upset! He's clearly had enough of it and doesn't wanna let anyone walk all over him. Get tht through your thick skull!

  20. Jaimie says – reply to this


    You guys are annoying saying he needs to grow up! How about you grow up! He odviouly wants to shut them up because they are rude. He can do whatever he wants. Stop judging him because if you were in his situation you'd probably do the same. You have no clue how much the papparizi have put him through!

  21. 121

    Re: sara – I bet he does feel good, he got headlines out of it

  22. 122

    Re: CrystalRe: Jaimie – Give me a break, stop making excuses for him. Yes the paps are ridiculous and relentless and should be thrown in jail, but he uses his fame to push the limits, like he is better than everyone else.

  23. 123

    Too bad his bodyguard didn't let the little tough guy go, I would have loved to see him get his 98lb ass get kicked all over the street!

  24. Danny says – reply to this


    When you watch other angles you will see that the photographers were respectful and moved out the way. Justin had all the room in the world to get to his car, but for some odd reason Justin leaped a good 6 to 10 feet to assault the guy, he was standing miles away from Justin and the open car door. The Photographer replied "Hey Justin that was assault" and wasn't swearing at Justin at that point. It was when Justins bodyguards then say he shouldn't of been standing in the way when he clearly wasn't, then not even an apology from Justin. I can fully understand the photographer losing his cool the way he did. If I had an arrogant 19yr old push me like that i'd be pretty pissed too!

  25. Danny says – reply to this


    Re: VT – It's not the only job they can get, they take it because it's VERY well paid.

  26. Kayl says – reply to this


    What did the paps say that set him off?

  27. 127

    Well, Justin wasn't feeling too well and he just wanted to relax before his concert. People with cameras follwing him around and calling him bad names, I understand him getting angry. But if it were me, I would've handled it a little better than he did. Just sayin'!

  28. 128

    uk is not being kind to him

  29. Yuki says – reply to this


    Re: onefinn – Justin is not a woman beater like chris brown.

  30. angie says – reply to this


    he needs to grow up, i know hes human but it comes to the fame he should be able to present himself even under the stress but what the pap did wasnt cool, but he shouldnt of reacted that way; try to stay cool justin! From recent images you can see his change.. and its not in a good way. :\

  31. CVG says – reply to this


    I love how everyone keeps saying "its not easy being an american in another country"
    This is why people hate americans to begin with. The kids canadian not american, but americans think they own whatever they exploit.
    In any case, as a CANADIAN i hooe this momo gets his teeth kicked in. Big man wants to act untouchable cus hes a wimpy little snatch.
    Maybe you should remember your days on the steps in stratford beggin for change you grubby little orphan!
    Btw, nice shirtless pics, good to have fresh evidence that puberty hasnt taken hold yet.

  32. Heyyyy y'all says – reply to this


    Can anyone give him a break, poor Justin

  33. 133

    No Bieber fan but I would fkn kill the bouncer. whata low life pommy prick. Get a real job.

  34. Claire says – reply to this


    he doesn't 'lose it'. its a normal response to those fuckin low life paparazzis. im glad he defended himself. those fuckin pricks are so annoying. Taking pictures of everything you do. and unlike Chris Brown, he doesnt actually act in violence. he just threatened a bit. and i think being Justin Bieber, he has more papz annoying the fuck out of him than Chris and most celebs.

  35. robrob says – reply to this


    oh shoot… watch out we got a badass over here. lol

  36. Sara says – reply to this


    Don't really like the kid, but those guys had it coming. Show some respect, and not cause he's a star, cause he's human. How many would take that treatment and just smile and fucking nod? Not me that's for sure. And sure, he would have probably gotten his ass kicked, but there's something really sad about older people being all jealous and picking on a teenager. That includes all the bashing he gets by people calling him a girl and such, honestly lets see you do what he does.

  37. Lee says – reply to this


    Wow. loving the "not a good christian" comments here. Take a look at history.

  38. Yvonne says – reply to this


    "but but but Justin is a nice boy who never does nothing bad to anyone or says anything bad ever."
    Except that he's a total god squad homophobic, slut shaming, asshole who told women that rape happens for a reason and therefore abortion in cases in rape are wrong. RAPE. HAPPENS. FOR. A. REASON. Sorry, not sorry for this little asshole.

  39. will smith says – reply to this


    All the commenters on this video are fucking stupid. Lol bye idiots justins perf and bamf and ahem still just a 19 year old boy who for some stupid reason people think is perfect and still the little kid who sang baby. You all need to wake up and realise he's a real person who has cameras in his face 24/7.

  40. Burgha says – reply to this


    Re: BELIEBER – What the fuck has Justin Bieber even done for you personally? Please sit your ass down over hear defending someone who doesn't even know you fucking exist. Lmao.

  41. J says – reply to this


    Haha what a knobhead! He's so annoying trying to be all gangster when really he's just a stupid little boy that pulls a tantrum when he can't get his own way! Go smoke more weed crackhead!

  42. leah rodriguez says – reply to this


    2. Dudes i mean, cut the guy some slack!! He's world seems to be crashing down ever since his big break up with Selena Gomez and the death of an amazing 6 year old little girl Avalanna Routh. I mean if you were a celebrity would you like it if there were 40,000 camaras trying to take a picture of you and stalking your every move?? No! MY POINT EXACTLY!!! But seriously cut the guy some slack, he just wants to be a regular 19 year old guy who does what he loves to do, sing!

  43. leah rodriguez says – reply to this


    I also forgot to mention:

  44. :-) says – reply to this


    Re: Chanoc
    Hey stop!
    What would u do if some one started pushing u around? :-(
    He's just human!!!!!

  45. Daniel E says – reply to this


    Bieber is always ranting about how the paparazzi are his pet peeve, like he's ignorant and rationalizing to himself he thinks he's fighting some sort of "good fight" … but the difference between paparazzi harassing Bieber vs. Princess Diana is that the paparazzi didn't "make" Diana, nor did she need them. Bieber comes across as a fruit.

  46. 146

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  47. 147

    That little bitch couldn't hurt a flea…..

  48. Belieber says – reply to this


    Every since Justin had steeped foot in UK they were starting with him and he bite his tongue until he couldn't anymore. Try living his life for a month and you'll understand the harsh world of a celebrity. And for those of you who want to see him have a Britney Spears think again cause we won't let it happen. So give him a break he never does anything wrong and the one time he does its all Bieber is a prick. Where is all the good thing he's done why not have that on here. Is it because it'll ame him look good and not bad they way you want him too. FUCK OFF ALL OF TOU AND LEAVE OUR BOY ALONE.

  49. Synn O. Menn says – reply to this


    I suspect it's just a matter of time before both Justin B. and Chris B. get a heapin helpin of comeuppance! Justin has been in that tiny realm of top paid entertainers where everything they do is praised and/or gushed and gasped over. Everybody can be replaced and eventually will be replaced or displaced. Remember how extremely famous Paris Hilton was a couple of years ago? She still is and will always be famous to some degree, sort of like her distant elderly cousin Zsa Zsa (she who will not die). Perhaps the demanding strength of character that some celebrities develop allows certain ones to stay alive way beyond any doctor's prediction…..Anyway, both BOYS are becoming the very public bully, whose public destruction is going to be loudly cheered by exasperated former fans.

  50. Andrea says – reply to this


    Re: cookoo4no1 – You are dumb. Just because you don't approve of their work does NOT make them pedophiles. Moron

  51. confused says – reply to this


    Wait… Canadians cuss? What else is there "aboot" them we don't know???

  52. torres says – reply to this


    Why did they tell him to go back to America. That hot mess belongs to Canada, not us. We have enough things to be embarrassed of already.

  53. 153

    Re: Andrea – shut up u fat ugly whore! hahahahahaha! taking pictures of celebs isn't "work" bitch. and neither is what u do for a 'living'…sucking dick to pay for ur comcast bill ISN't WORK U WHORE!! AHAHAHAHAAH

  54. Murphtang says – reply to this


    Re: ness – except he's Canadian….

    also being American doesn't entitle you to be a title…esp if you are meant to be a role model for young kids

  55. Murphtang says – reply to this


    Re: Murphtang – *entitle you to be a tit…not title. Stupid tablet…

  56. Sue says – reply to this


    LOL Im glad most of England think he is from America as right now I am pretty embarrased being from Stratford, Canada!

  57. Julie says – reply to this


    I hate Paps! They are so stupid, they really don't have a life. But you know what? Get one! IT will help you (Paps) !! :/

  58. Dick Buttkiss says – reply to this


    It's always raining in london

  59. neveah says – reply to this


    justin i feel so bad i never thought he coursed

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