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Pregnancy Advice For Kim Kardashian!

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Some helpful tips to keep the Kimbryo healthy and happy!
Some helpful tips to keep the Kimbryo healthy and happy!
Some helpful tips to keep the Kimbryo healthy and happy!

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38 comments to “Pregnancy Advice For Kim Kardashian!”

  1. CourtSummers says – reply to this


    Take it easy!!!! Your body is not meant to undergo all the stress that flying puts on it while pregnant, once, let alone the several times she has flown!! She needs to stay stateside and relax!!! Also, the intense workouts she is doing are not healthy because they'll mess up her hormones, which are already out of whack due to being pregnant! Basically, she needs to chill out!!!! We all want to see a healthy baby come out of this situation!

  2. Ruie says – reply to this


    Kim Kim Kim your hot !! Relax it up a bit girlie !! Don't drop glam never ever but maybe some flats and cute jeans. No one will drop you if you pop your hair in a ponytail and ditch the falsies for a day. Enjoy time with your man your girls and yourself before you stops being a singular !

  3. tigerlili says – reply to this


    As the mom of 4 (in between 12 miscarriages) if the doc says " TAKE IT EASY", then please take it easy. Alot of rest, including pelvic rest is important anf hydrate!

  4. Vanessa G says – reply to this


    Kim Kardashian .. where do I begin?
    obviously you should take it easy.
    duhhhhh stupid biiitch.. ;P

  5. Cannon says – reply to this


    There is nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing, your baby is using yoour body as a vehicle to grow. If you put all this superficial stress on yourself, then The stress will take its toll and you will likely have post partum depression and will have problems bonding with your baby because of the PPD…all of which will be a result of out of wack hormones, exaggerated by stress.

  6. 6

    Take it easy Kim. Stop Traveling so much and start focusing on your baby. Take a Much needed Hiatus from Business….You will be happy you did. While Kourtney seemed to have the easiest pregnancies and deliveries EVER…..Every pregnancy and delivery is different. So go in with an open mind and for god sake don't make a Birth plan….you'll Jinx yourself:)
    Most of all…..Enjoy your pregnancy….
    OB TECH ♥

  7. Daria says – reply to this


    Re: Vanessa G – Wow, Vanessa. Congrats on your four blessings. 12 miscarriages is a lot for any one person to go through. *hugs*

  8. 8

    Testify It's a big bump not convey eye brow

  9. 9

    Please don't wear tight dresses, especially color blocked vertically. Kourtney was so fun as a pregnant lady, get inspired!

  10. 10

    lol. whose c**t did purrEzz tickle to get all that medical info??! xDD

  11. Val says – reply to this


    eat till your satisfied, not until your full. avoid salt as much as possible, it could make you swell up everywhere.

  12. Mrsknowitall says – reply to this


    SIT YOUR ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE. My goodness. WORK is NOT that serious when you're already filthy rich.

  13. chioma egboka says – reply to this


    why cant this lady for once stop thinking about making money and being everywhere? why cant she just sit back and relax for the sake of her baby? i just dont understand how she thinks.

  14. ali says – reply to this


    Rest! Rest! Rest! Give your body the rest it needs because when you have the baby, rest will not be in your vocabulary. Light exercise is good but dont do 7 days a wk especially if you werent that active before pregnancy.

  15. JRG myspin says – reply to this


    Get use to putting yourself second and baby first!!! Kanye last….. ha

  16. Ky says – reply to this


    Kim: "I'm doing fine." What about how THE BABY is doing, u self-centered b!tch! Grant your effing husband an annulment, and give your freakin' baby a chance at life by having Khloe adopt the poor thing! Ughhhhh

  17. Pet says – reply to this


    hope you take good care of your self and baby We are praying for you

  18. Danielle says – reply to this


    I have a 14 month old son and currently 8 months pregnant with baby #2. My advice would be take it easy as best as you can. I am sure you think you are doing nothing wrong and that your body can handle it but in all honestly its all about your baby now not YOU. Take this time to enjoy being pregnant because it will be over in a blink of an eye. I am sure all the glitze and glam and all the travelling to these awesome places are all nice and all but think about holding that HEALTHY baby. Dont be selfish and think about that for once :)

  19. ANdre says – reply to this


    Stop being selfish and rest for your baby's sake. Being a mom means putting your child's needs above yours- I suggest you start learning how to do that.

  20. 20

    Kim HYDRATE YOURSELF!! You might be low on fluids, it's important to rest and stay hydrated with healthy water, dlluted fruit juices, and eat a lot of fresh fruit and plenty of salads with an adequate amount of protein. Stay away from a lot of fat, you can have lean meats or even veggie burgers! Keep the food "clean" lots of herbal teas and fluids, please!!

  21. Mom of Soon 2B 3 says – reply to this


    Take it easy, nap when you can and stop running around to all the appearances that you think you need to make. I know it is her way of making money but really what is more important? A bigger bank account or a healthy little baby? REST REST AND MORE REST! Oh and ditch that Black and White dress thing for a comfy pair of jeans and some flats…high heels like that will kill your back further along in the pregnancy if you keep wearing them =) Good luck!

  22. Megan G says – reply to this


    I have a bone to pick with you Kim. You were suppossed to come to Florida a couple of months ago to style my boss, but your assistant told her that since you are pregnant you want to take it easy and that you won't be flying unless its to New York, so they planned to meet there. Your assistant keeps giving her the runaround, meanwhile you can fly all over the world and its no problem. I don't know what kind of arrangement is going on between you and my boss at work, (if she's paying you or not) but she knows someone that knows you that hooked this whole thing up. If you don't want to do it then just say so, don't have your assistant lie for you. I love you Kim but I'm starting not to like you very much. Just calm the f*** down, get back down to earth.

  23. 23

    Re: tigerlili – I am so sorry for your losses!
    Agree she needs to quit traveling so much.

  24. justsayin says – reply to this


    Re: Megan G – I'm sorry Megan but it sounds like someone is pulling your leg or just lying to you. Do you seriously think she's going to come style your boss. She gets paid serious money for her appearances which makes me question this scenario you put forth. You sound like a nice person so I just want to suggest youlet your boss contact Kim and let her worry about it.

  25. Bren says – reply to this


    She looks like Shamu

  26. jay says – reply to this


    I'm so happy that you are doing this because it may help other pregnant women who might be going through same thing. I just want to say to Kim that you have to relax. I know this pregnancy wasn't planned and you had a lot of work commitments already set up. Kanye is going tpo have to chill out. I think he brings a lot of pressure with ranting at people that are your friends as well. H\'s asking you to look a certain way which doesn't suit your body(in turn getting criticized mercilessly). He's also expecting you to run to his side at any given time in every corner of the world. As of today you can only answer to your BABY.Its too bad if Kanye or your mom don't like it. As for the divorce you have repeat the Serenity prayer. Like you said "let go and let God". Good luck and our prayers are with you.

  27. jay says – reply to this


    Re: Bren – That's just mean. Why do you bother seeking her out if you don't like her. I hope no one ever says a nasty thing like that to you, your mom, your sister, your aunt, your friend, or even your grandma.

  28. Penny says – reply to this


    Stop the "Celebrity Crap" and sit down and think that you're bringing a "real life" into the world! It seems like you're in competition with your sister because she has two children out of wedlock. It's because you want attention! Get over the "K" crap, and realize that raising a child is more than YOU began for. "Get Real" babe. You are clueless!

  29. Mamatobe says – reply to this


    I'm pregnant right now and I cannot imagine jet-setting the way Kim does. I'm freaking exhausted all the time! I had a miscarriage in the fall, so I am taking things super easy and making sure I follow all of the guidelines my doctors have set for me. This isn't about you right now, it's about that little person who is depending on you to do the right thing.

  30. 30

    I don't know maybe Kim needs to drink some blood, look at who's the father. The baby must be requiring a sacrifice to plz the dad.

  31. Starla says – reply to this


    She needs to REST, nap as often as she can and cut back on all the traveling that is def not good for the baby. Plus working out 2 times a day to stay in shape isnt good either, she should do more pregnancy based workouts and CHILL. Let your body change and be happy you can always bust ass to get back in shape after.
    BTW Congrats Perez on your bundle of joy :)

  32. 32

    Re: tigerlili – OMG and you still kept going. What a strong woman. Bless you and all your kids. The ones in heaven too. Kim just needs to rest and be pampered.

  33. jntypie says – reply to this


    Coming from someone right now who is 36 weeks pregnant, all I can really advise Kim to do is not be doing what she is doing. Stay at home, and relax. The less stress you put on the body, the better it is for you and the baby. Any stress that you feel, your baby is going to feel as well. That is one of the leading causes to miscarriages. So you need to be calm, and just enjoy yourself some time at home. That doesn't mean you should be on lockdown at home, but traveling all over the world should be out completely.

  34. 34

    cut the VANITY and be pregnant …its not much longer then u can all the demented vain things u normally do for now u got to stop it …

    look what happen to the kitten in the name of accessories ,be a real person for a day and CUT THE BS…

    sit on ur ass eat properly rest properly.. be a lazy fat ass .. ur body is not a amusement park or a viewing at the wax museum u are not a fashion model ..stop the demented exercising too much..sit down shut up and have the baby

  35. 35

    Re: Megan G – she cant style anyone she cant even style herself …be glad …ur boss is better off..

  36. 36

    i didnt go thru a pregnancy i had a miscarraige..

    i have no kids

  37. tonya says – reply to this


    hi love the comments u make perez earthly man lol kim shuld really stop travln especillay on plane u could realy do damage to your baby do zumba and eat for one mabey eat for two once a week and stay away from deli food n only eat freah chiken and sea food caught that day thats all lmao

  38. tonya says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – aww sorry to hear it will come mabey it ur body was used for the vessel to give a lil life to a sprit child they r probly watchn over u xx sorry Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777