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Ugh... We might as well put some moisturizer on our palm as much as it's hitting our face right now! Following the viral spread of his misogynistic Read more…

18 comments to “Chris Brown DEFENDS His P*ssy-Possessive Rant; Doesn't Apologize For Sending Message That He OWNS Rihanna!”

  1. heather says – reply to this


    These two are both horrible role models. I don't so much blame Rhianna because anyone dating Chris would be crazy but someone seriously needs to sit her down and tell her to get her head together. I am so sick of Chris Brown fans defending his behavior.

  2. Copper Bonz says – reply to this


    He doesn't have to justify it because he didn't do anything wrong. Not only is it still America, not only did he not say he was talking about Rhianna or anybody else specifically, it's a fukking song. Eminem said he was gonna kill his wife in a song. Have you ever heard an R&B song? It's not the first time "don't give my puzzy away" has been uttered.

    Face the fact that you guys are gonna hound Chris until he either dies, kills himself, or goes to jail like OJ….and call it "getting him back for what he did".

  3. whatever says – reply to this


    I can't believe it's the same "cutie" who sang "With you"…

    I hope that people stop buying his reccord, stop taking an interest in him, and that he vanishes back into obscurity.
    I don't particularily like Rihanna, nor do I feel that she is very bright, but nobody (even an airhead like her) deserves that kind of punishment as a Boyfriend.

  4. no thanks says – reply to this


    ^ Yes I have heard shitty songs about "don't give my puzzy away" and you know what those are crap songs too. Almost all rap and hip hop is now a days anyways. Eminem is a jerk for saying he wanted to kill his wife. Just because its in a song doesnt make it right. If a rapist makes a song about his victims is it okay to air on BET because some girls are bent over shaking their ass and "its just a song". Get real its sexist and disgusting.

  5. blueness says – reply to this


    Beating Rhianna is his schtick. If you have a problem with it, or with him, you could simply stop promoting him by posting stories like this. He gets publicity with this crap and you feed the beast.

  6. 6

    are you also outraged with all of the other singers with similar lyrics or just him? get outraged peepee, get outraged!

  7. Oscar says – reply to this


    Re: whatever

    If you are stupid enough to go back or stay with an abusive boyfriend, you most definitely deserve everything you are getting. I'm sick of hearing about 'poor' women 'trapped' in 'abusive' relationships. They can leave him. He's not going to change. Men don't change 'just because'.

  8. tcdbp@yahoo.comTricia says – reply to this


    I can't believe tbe actual word would
    be printed in the headline last saturday.
    What is wrong with you people?

  9. 9

    who cares. that's rap for you. rap sucks, most of the lyrics suck. don't like it, don't listen.

  10. 10

    First of all it was just a song he same song back in December in Dublin on tour wish people would get off his back he is constantly vilified in the media on a daily basis it doesn't matter what he says he gets constant grief he has apologised numerous times and had many interviews on what happened in 2009 he can not take back what happened and he will have to live with that for the rest of his life people need to move on he made a mistake he has tried to put it right but you just wont leave it alone he pays for it on a daily basis with the shit in the media always having a evil angle on everything he does he himself as a child was exposed to domestic abuse and not to use it as an excuse it does affect peoples behaviour the only 2 people who know what really happened that night is the 2 people involved maybe people should also start looking at the behaviour of Rihanna she says 1 thing then does another the full story has never been shown

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's a song? Well, then, it's just fiction and might mirror some guy's inner strong feelings
    (which the brain hopefully over rides intellectually for the real world.)

  12. Magan says – reply to this


    The damage is done. Chris has shown himself to be a jackass comment after comment, action after action, and people believe that he's sorry when apologize. Please! This is the way the man thinks. If Chris wants people think he's changed, then he needs to stop doing shit like this and turn his damn life around, be better person, treat his gf's better! Even his friends. I doubt that will ever happen because he does whatever the hell he wants. If we all stop talking about him, reporting about him, then he's not relevant anymore and he go hide and we can forget about him! And even if it's a song, it's not a song I'd be proud to be listening to. It sends the WRONG type of message to people.

  13. Skipping Valley Mouse says – reply to this


    Listen up Chris Brown Perez and his cohorts smell and wants blood! CB clearly you and fam should be aware of their trajectory by now. Question, what's your game plan? Are you going to fall prey to their concerted,premeditated lynching or are you going to rise above the occasions? Chris Brown the ball is in your court to change course.

  14. St says – reply to this


    We will always buy his music Mr jealouse Whatever. You are sick

  15. CHRIS BROWN NO 1 FAN says – reply to this



  16. 16

    People should really stop being so judgemental he made a mistake it is replayed over and over again and he is constantly provoked and nearly always taken out of context look at the Adele incident for example other celebrities have said and done a lot worse but don't get as much hassle as he gets not everything is black and white as it seems Cheryl Cole was convicted of a vicious and violent assault but this was all swept under the carpet via Simon Cowell or look at Charlie Sheen he has done a lot worse but gets paid millions for a TV show people are biased in their opinion and do not see both sides everybody nobody who they are has a breaking point and if pushed to it could react in a violent manner especially if you have been exposed to violence as a child which he was on a daily basis for a number of years his personal life is his and is not the same as his career its nobodies business or right to judge him if they haven't experienced some of the things he has had to deal with in both childhood and in the aftermath of 2009.

  17. Yvette says – reply to this


    What? Did you say Chris Brown has made numerous apologies. You really are going to have to be more careful. You must have forgotten the game plan. You really can't afford to give him an inch. I'm glad after reading some of the comments that people are seeing through all of the crap and are using their common sense in figuring things out and looking at the big picture. If Chris spits on the ground his haters get together in committee and try to find some way to vilify him, then try to link it to the unfortunate incident of 2009. Point blank. Similar to the republicans. You keep saying something over and over and hope that it sticks regardless if there is credence in it. You add one and one together and you get eleven. On the surface it seems right, but there is something wrong with the calculation. And for those who are superficial and can't look at things objectively, they jump on the band wagon. And others perform the true calculation and come up with the right answer. It has nothing to do with if we like Chris Brown or not. It's nothing more than a set up. It's very clear.

  18. Yvette says – reply to this


    He never said one time that he "owned" Rihanna. Will you please stop lying. Go back to the "Chris Haters Committee" and try to come up with something different. Those of us that utilize common sense are not buying it. We can see that you are adding one and one and coming up with eleven. I think it appropriate to rap a final comment: "How you gon' hate from outside the club? You can't even get in."