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20 comments to “Harry Styles' One Night Stand Gets Pounded With Death Threats From Directioners!”

  1. whatever822 says – reply to this


    teens really need to grow up. when i was their age no one send death threats!

  2. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Bullying! Finally, something you know well enough.

  3. shanghai says – reply to this


    Nothing new there = Jonas fans used to do the same and so do Biebers "fans" they just hate on anyone who gets near them. Bit scary for the poor girls though.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Tweeners are so stupid that they don't know that a death threat is ILLEGAL. I hope they're all waiting at their homes for their very own personal visit from the police.
    It could happen. So could juvey.

  5. Laura says – reply to this


    I'm a huge directioner but I would never send death threats to anyone. WHen I'm dating one of the boys, I won't want to get harassed, so I won't do that to any current girlfriends/one night stands right now. Although I bloody hated haylor. Anywho, I'm not saying that I'm prettier, but she's not as hot as I thought she'd be. Her jugs are massive though so I can see why haz wants her:c

  6. Melly says – reply to this


    Re: Laura – I am a total hetero girl…but not hot??? Lolll she has a stunning body and a very cute face! Stop trying to convince yourself girl! The thing is that I'm probably sure those who send deaththreads are just little girls of 18 and less who still live in their heads and imagine that they would marry those guys! But NO. Need to realize that they (OD) are freakin' 18-19-20 years old boys who are freakin' rich and popular and they just wanna have fun! And do whatever they want with all the girls they want! Thats it!

  7. Em J says – reply to this


    See these are the Directioners that give Directioners a bad name I however am not a Directioner but I know alot of them is more mature then these ones. I do not like when people give death threats! It's very unnecessary!

  8. whatever says – reply to this


    Some silly tweens not realizing that this is actually serious to send death threats… It's sad (and proves that they should not be allowed unsupervised on the internet), and it gives the fandom a bad name!

  9. 9

    If I was 1D or Lady Gaga or someone else w/crazy fans I'd check their asses real quick. Get out of your fking fantasy land idiots. You're never gonna be w/him. He had sex w/this girl. Get over it. Death threats are stupid & childish & just plain mean. Fking crazy bit ches. Grow the fk up, seriously. Wack jobs.

  10. 10

    It's funny how women complain men sexualize them and men are the stupid ones. Apparently this is false. Where are these girls parents? They do know they have -100% chance of even seeing this guy in person right? Everyone is brave with anonymity and the internet. Would be funny watching the look on some girls face when the cops show up. She would cry to her mom. Are these moronic girls even aware what they are doing is illegal? Something needs to start being done about this and judges need to throw the book at some of them. How stupid and immature are these girls. 5 years from now, they will throw their CDs in the trash, rip their posters done and look back and say "wow they were lame" when they inevitably fade into oblivion. It HAS HAPPENED EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME. New Kids? Backstreet boys? Nsync? Jonas brothers? I mean really..

  11. Lance says – reply to this


    I know this girl through friends and she is devastated at the threats she's getting. She's a strong girl and is laughing it off. Harry is a 18 year old lad just trying to have a good time. Let him do what he wants. Also she is far more prettier than what that photo shows. Seriously.

  12. 12

    looks like thats not all she got pounded with

    some rancid stinky 12 yr olds in their rooms giving death threats when they cant even afford chewing gum lol

  13. 13

    Guys, stop being immature, just love the guys and respect what they do or the people they are with. Real directioners would do that.

  14. Crazy says – reply to this


    This is just stupid. I cant believe 12 year old directioners actually think they have a chance with Harry, so whenever he is supposidly with a girl, they have to hate on her and actually go to extremes by sending her death threats. Poor girl

  15. 15

    These fans are fucking lunatics. Tone down the craziness. Nobody's going to give you bitches your own reality show.

  16. Keyera says – reply to this


    I'll say i don't ship them as a couple never will maybe
    but I won't send her hate because no one deserves hate …

  17. Ro says – reply to this


    He's gay…

  18. 18


  19. anyhooo says – reply to this


    wow death threats, stupiiiddd lol probably jealous that she got as close to the boy as much of them would like to be. Any way are people joking she's hot and Im a straight girl, let the guy have some fun, afterall he is only going to be young once. I just don't get where they think louis is his secret lover, lol.

  20. insertcatchynamehere says – reply to this


    Hey guess what? I'm 12, 13 in a week, and I've never sent anyone death threats. I'm not perverted, I don't expect to marry Harry, or anyone in 1D for that matter. I say this on behalf of all the 12 year olds who don't have their heads up their asses and are mature and calm. A lot of people give me hate for being the age that I am. Its the immature, hate-sending 12 year olds who ruin the GOOD younger fans' reputations! I've got many older friends, even though this argument is over-used and somewhat pathetic. But it's the truth!

    And besides…Danielle didn't judge Liam for his age ;D, so why should you, or anyone?